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Travian: Legends 9.3 rate Step back in time to when the Romans and Gauls fought for control of Europe and choose your tribe in a stunning MMO Strategy Game.Build your town, defense and army and then take on all comers, or create alliances on your way to mastery of the land. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With a definite historical twist you are traveling back in time to around 50 BC and take part in the epic battles between the Romans and the Gauls. Here you choose from one of 3 tribes and then begin to mark your own stamp on this chaotic time. Raise a settlement and carve your place in history as you conquer the lands around you, and defend from those who would take it from you.


When you first log into Travian you are given the choice between 3 different factions, or tribes. The Gauls, Romans and Teutons. Each of these has a specific set of bonuses and play style which will affect how fast, or aggressive you can be in the game. The recommended start for a new player is the Gauls, as they get some good defensive bonuses, fast cavalry and merchants. For a more balanced game the Romans come with the ability to upgrade buildings faster, expensive but powerful troops and merchants with a low capacity. Finally the Teutons are for more experienced players, they have relatively cheap troops but a lot of them and slow, but high capacity merchants.

There are also 2 non player tribes that provide places for you to attack, or to defend yourself from without fighting other players. These are the Natars and Nature. The Natars run their own villages, that slowly develop and they also conduct raids, the Natures defend Oasis points on the map and can be captured to help you defend your settlement.

As you start to play you will have a brief tutorial where you will be shown the basics of the game, and earn a few buildings and coins along the way too. One of the first things you need to learn to manage, as with all strategy style games is your resources, in Travian you have 4: Wood, Clay, Iron and Crops. Each of these is spent on your buildings, troops and adding or upgrading your town. To collect resources you will need to visit the resources tab and then upgrade an empty plot. You can also upgrade an existing plot as well, which will increase production. Your Crops is also important as it dictates your upkeep on buildings, and feeding your soldiers. One other useful thing is that your hero (which we will come to later) can also provide you with resources, and you can select and change them at any time so if you are low on wood, they can provide you with a boost for a while.

Once you have some resources you can begin to develop your town into something a lot bigger, and meaner. You begin by upgrading the main building, and making a rally point for your troops and hero. You also build a warehouse for your storage and then you are able to make up anything you want. There is however a limit to the number of plots that you have on your settlement though you can still build at least 1 of everything you need.

You will also learn about your hero, here is a character that does a lot for you in the game, as well as helping with resources they can also be sent on missions for rewards, help inspire, train and rally your troops as well as represent you in the game. Just like in an RPG they also have equipment that can be used, as well as bonuses in battle. The management of your hero is pretty easy, they have their own tab and can be sent on 3 missions a day.

When you have started to build up your settlement and army you can start to take over territory surrounding you. For the first 3 days you are immune to the attacks of other players and can use that time to build yourself up and take over some of the NPC areas of your map. Conquest will give you resources, troops and items that your hero can use. But beware it can also hurt your armies too. Once your 3 days are up you can then initiate attacks on fellow players, and be attacked in return.

To help you survive there is the opportunity to forge alliances in the game, and join an Alliance, this gives you several benefits in the game as well as a group of players to chat to and play with. Once in an Alliance you can see shared combat reports, share resources and send military aid too. Alliances can also sign non aggression pacts with others to create peaceful situations and solutions. Of course, you can also go to war with each other too, which can be really fun.

As you would expect in any strategy game, how you deploy your forces, when and where to attack are all important decisions that you make. There is an end game to Travian too, where there are Wonders that can be constricted. If you have a Wonder you have a powerful magic item that gives you good bonuses, but getting and keeping one is very difficult. Played over 260 days (or faster if you use a speed game) the first player to complete a Wonder wins, and then the season restarts after a certain period of time.

The controls for Travian are pretty easy, and though the game is over 10 years old it does not feel dated or out of touch. In fact it was one of the first in depth player versus player strategy games around, and has continued to be strong and updated by the developers. Once inside the game it feels fun to play and there is a lot you can do and lots to manage. The resources gathering map and settlement map are nicely divided and managing your hero is easy to do as well as deciding where and when to attack. The added feature of Alliances is also really nice and comes with some good perks.


There are over 5 million people playing Travian world wide, and you can see why when you take a look at the community, once described as “refreshingly brutal” because of the aggressive nature of playing. While this may put you off the first time you hear it you realize it makes for a really compelling and interactive gameplay that you don't often see elsewhere. The Alliance system gives you the opportunity to share information, as well as providing free message boards and forums in game for you to communicate.


The design of Travian is pretty simple and the graphics have a very distinct style, but this actually works really well. There is a vague comic styling to the game reminiscent of the much loved Asterix & Friends series. This really adds a comfortable feeling to the game and everything all rolls very well together. There are no sounds to the game which can be both good and bad. At the end of it you can pick your own soundtrack as you bring war to your enemies, which is great when you think about it.


Travian has been around for years, and has a very loyal following. When you get into it and play the game for yourself you can see why. There is a huge amount of people for you to play with, and there is a depth to the game that is sometimes lacking in more modern strategy games. With an interesting setting, fun gameplay and active community there is no reason not to step into one of the single best strategy games you will ever see.

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