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Travel Mania 9 rate The mysterious dark fellow is plotting revenge against the boy who took his window seat on the plane regardless of where the backpacking boy is in the world. Help the boy solve the many problems that this dark fellow has caused by playing various levels of match-3 games in Travel Mania! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love to travel but you just don’t have the time or the cash? Well, you can virtually travel the world in this thrilling match-3 game, Travel Mania! Join the heroic backpacking boy as he travels from country to country across the world. However, the evil and mysterious dark fellow is always hot on his tail, causing one trouble after the other in an attempt to discourage the boy from ever travelling again. So, help the boy solve the many problems that this dark fellow has caused by playing various levels of match-3 games in Travel Mania! Hopefully, one day, the dark fellow will discover his folly and stop harassing the backpacking boy ever again!


A mysterious dark fellow lost his chance to get the window seat on his flight to a young travel-loving boy. He was so mad that he plotted revenge against the boy. He tried to destroy the boy’s luggage by smashing the luggage into a wall. However, a baby who was playing near to the edge of the platform right above the wall fell down during the impact. Thankfully, the baby landed safely on the tall pile of ruined luggage. Help the heroic boy save the baby!


Similar to other match-3 games, in Travel Mania, you’ll need to match up at least 3 adjacent gems (it can be more) of the same type together by moving the gems around in order to clear them from the board. These gems can only be matched vertically or horizontally. The game also provides quite a range of special gems that you can obtain by matching up more gems. For instance, by matching 4 gems togetehr, you’ll get a special gem called lightning that clears either an entire row or column of gems, depending on the direction of the arrow icons on this special gem.

For match-5s, you’ll get something even more interesting. For example, when matching 5 gems together in either T-shaped or L-shaped configuration, a lightning gem that can clear both row and column it is on when matched, will be produced. However, if you managed to match 5 gems in a straight line (can be vertical or horizontal, it doesn’t really matter), you’ll get a bomb that can clear gems in a 3x3 radius instead! If you can somehow get more than 5 matches in a row or column, lo and behold... you’ll get the amazing rainbow bomb! When swapped with a colored gem, the rainbow bomb will detonate all gems of the same color on the board. Incredible, right?

Besides these helpful special gems, there are also plenty of obstacles that the game throws at you to bump up the difficulty of the game by a notch. One example is the directional gems or the gems with small white arrows on the bottom right corner of the gem. The arrow shows the only direction that the marked gem can be move in and the game will keep respawning these gems even when you’ve cleared them from the board. Another obstacle is the immovable crates. You’ll need to match gems nearby in order to destroy them and clear them from the board. However, do take note that you’re not required to clear them completely from the board, just enough for you to complete the objective.

There are also other interesting stuff that spices up the gameplay in Travel Mania. One prime example is the teleporters. All teleporters have 2 gates – an entrance and an exit. A gem dropped into the entrance will pop out from the exit, wherever that may be on the board. Sometimes, the portals are twisted around on the board so that you can get rather confused, but that’s what makes the game so interestingly challenging.

In every level you play, you’ll need to reach the objectives required in order to “win” the level. Usually, the level goals include reaching a certain score as well as collecting the required number and type of gems. The games are thankfully not time-based, so you can slowly consider which move to take, but you are provided with limited moves per level. If you couldn’t complete a level with the moves available, you’ll then lose a life. There are 5 lives in total that you can lose before you’ll have to wait for the lives to regenerate themselves. However, if you managed to complete a level with some moves to spare, well, these leftover moves will earn you some bonus points. Any remaining lightning gems or bombs on the board will also be activated.

Your score points are important in Travel Mania as they will determine how many stars you’ll earn for each level. You’ll need to get at least 1 star in order to proceed to the next level. There are also bonus levels placed at intervals in your progression path that will allow you to earn premium currency for free by merely spinning the bonus wheel of fortune.

Need any help with a particularly difficult level? Well, Travel Mania has plenty of boosters on offer just for you! There are a variety of startup items, namely all the special gems and bombs that was mentioned before, which you can buy, to give yourself a leg’s up even before the game begins! While in-game though, you can buy other booster items like the slingshot which removes 1 gem of your choice and exchange that replaces a gem with the gem of your choice. There are other interesting boosters, such as the tornado, as well!

As you progress from level to level and from country to country, you’ll also accumulate loads of curious fun facts about various countries (you’ll get 1 fun fact per level). If you find them interesting or shocking, do feel free to share it to your friends and let them know!


Travel Mania is a fairly new game. It was released about 2 months ago and already has about 2 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. The community over at the fan page is pretty active and if you have any questions, you’ll definitely find answers there. Meet your fellow players and make some new friends along the way! After all, friends can gift lives to each other in this game.

Graphics/ Sound

Travel Mania provides casual music that is pleasant, but rather unmemorable, in the game. Since the music is on loop, if you get tired of it, you could easily switch it off. In terms of graphics, the game has some really appealing and colorful visuals, especially the gems and the background images.


In summary, Travel Mania is a typical match-3 game that allows you to join the courageous backpacking boy as he travels the world. However, he is being tailed by a malevolent dark fellow who is determined to cause as much trouble for the boy as possible. Solve challenging match-3 puzzles as the boy takes on the many problems caused by the dark fellow, such as saving a baby from the top of a pile of luggage or saving a drowning panda bear using a crane. The game also provides some interesting boosters to help you along the way, if needed. Travel Mania will take you on an exciting match-3 adventure across the various countries around the world, so don’t wait and join now!

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New Game Added: Travel Mania

by Aethyna Jul 26, 2015
The mysterious dark fellow is plotting revenge against the boy who took his window seat on the plane regardless of where the backpacking boy is in the world. Help the boy solve the many problems that this dark fellow has caused by playing various levels of match-3 games in Travel Mania! Baby kangaroos in Travel Mania Travel Mania: Vertical match Rainbow bomb in Travel Mania Read More
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