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Trail Out 10 rate Trail Out is a single-player action-racing game where you play as Mihalych, a racer with humble beginnings aiming to make it to the top. Take part in action-packed races where speed and destruction are vital. Off the track, collect various cars, and give them upgrades to prep them for the races ahead! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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To be honest, pure racing games don’t appeal that much anymore. Sure, breezing through the finish line and going toe-to-toe with opponents in “clean” races can undoubtedly raise one’s adrenaline, but, to be blunt, it’s not as thrilling as games that let you break stuff.

Trail Out is one of the newest racing games where explosive crashes, high-speed races, and precise drifts are the main staples. Much like Wreckfest and FlatOut, it’s a demolition derby where you compete with many competitors in speed-type races and destruction-based ordeals. Featuring over 40 cars and a robust upgrade system, you will have a lot of options if you’re looking for your next ride.

With that said, is Trail Out a game that deserves a spot in your library? Before you put your pedal on the metal, let’s check out what it has to offer:


Trail Out is a single-player game, and its story centers around Mihalych, a racer who aspires to be on top of the Trail Out Blacklist rankings. If you’re hoping for an inspiring story of redemption, don’t. Mihaly is a relatively funny protagonist; he dances inside his garage with his dog while his gas mask-wearing best friend fixes up his cars. There isn’t much of a story to be told in the game, making it relatively easy to follow so you can focus on the races.

The overall plot simply follows his journey to the top. Your goal is to defeat the Blacklist bosses that act as both your antagonists and competition. They aren’t supervillains and are pretty eccentric. For example, there’s Sonya Mass, a policewoman who only wears a bulletproof vest on top, and Big Cheese, who looks to have been inspired by a GTA character.


Trail Out is a racing game with many modes, giving you lots to enjoy. There are standard racing modes like the lapped Cross races, where precision and speed go hand-in-hand, and the Rush race, where you sprint to the finish line on a much larger track. As for destruction-based modes, Derby Classic and Derby Domination will keep you occupied. Apart from these, others involve escaping an armed aircraft, performing stunts and minigames, and one-on-one duels with Blacklist Bosses. However, before you can challenge the bosses, you need to have enough fans which you can earn by performing well in races. Finally, there’s also the mono class mode, where you drive a specific type of vehicle, like a sedan or an SUV.

Driving feels a bit heavy in Trail Out. It was a bit imprecise when doing sharp turns on many occasions, and I always overblew it when drifting. However, this can be attributed to my lack of skill or my vehicle’s limitations. The physics are arcade-ish but feel grounded, especially when your vehicle takes to the air after driving off a ledge or crashing into several opponents. Newbies and those who rarely play racing games may initially find the “feel” quite challenging, but it grows on you as you progress. The game is playable on a controller or mouse and keyboard, but it’s way better to play using the former. Moreover, you can also switch between different camera modes, including a third-person view, or one from behind the steering wheel.

Trail Out boasts a decent amount of car customization, enabling you to give your vehicles a unique look. In a nutshell, you’ll first need to buy the chassis (or body) and, after which, purchase the parts, which include wheels, suspension, and nitrous. Most factors affect your car’s stats, like its durability, speed, and acceleration. There is little in the way of tradeoffs, so buying the most advanced part is best. Also, note that you will earn cash through races in the career mode. Though the grind isn’t too lengthy, obtaining the car of your dreams may take several hours.

The races are exhilarating, and Trail Out isn’t shy about giving you a challenge. It doesn’t hold your hand; I rarely finished first in my first few hours of playing. Unfortunately, some races felt one-sided immediately after the start of every race. Usually, there’s a stockpile at the starting line, which slows everybody down except racers in front of the pack. This makes playing catch-up, especially in short circuit races, pretty daunting and, at times, impossible. Nevertheless, the Rush Races and demolition derbies are ridiculously exciting.


Trail Out is a single-player experience which is a bit sad given its massive potential for team-based modes. Fortunately, you can play it via shared or split-screen co-op. Moreover, it has a robust online community on Discord.


Trail Out’s visuals are astonishingly detailed, comparable to its peers like Forza Horizon. Although the in-game cutscenes and voice acting are a little iffy, the tracks and environments are on par with most triple-A experiences. It also runs smoothly on max settings even when using a somewhat dated GTX 1060-6GB, as there were no graphical issues or framerate drops during my playthrough. The soundtrack is, in Gen Z terms, bussin’. The in-game race music features the likes of Onlap, New Vegas, and Nick Eyra.


Overall, Trail Out delivers a fantastic racing experience. It’s action-packed, exciting, outstanding, and never monotonous, thanks to its varied game modes. Though you will likely have particular game mode favorites, you’ll have fun fiddling with them all.

Now available on Steam, give Trail Out a shot!

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New Game Added: Trail Out

by Mikhail Sep 23, 2022
Trail Out is a single-player action-racing game where you play as Mihalych, a racer with humble beginnings aiming to make it to the top. Take part in action-packed races where speed and destruction are vital. Off the track, collect various cars, and give them upgrades to prep them for the races ahead! Buggy in Trail Out Game modes in Trail Out Customization in Trail Out Read More
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