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Track Racing Online 9 rate Play against AI racers, in multiplayer with other online players or even with the person beside you via the splitscreen mode in Track Racing Online! The game offers a plethora of tracks of varying difficulties and a huge range of cool race cars. There is also an in-depth level editor to create your own tracks and share them! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Track Racing Online is a single developer’s pet project that has grown into something huge! A truly free-to-play game, everything in the game, including single player, online multiplayer and splitscreen racing mode as well as a level editor, are provided for free by the developer. Track Racing Online provides plenty of cool race cars that you can unlock by winning races in single player. The game also offers a huge range of maps and custom maps created by players from all around the world! If you like short, incredibly fast-paced and challenging races, Track Racing Online is definitely the game you must try! Give it a go today! You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!


After signing up, you will be prompted to enter a name, select an avatar picture and you’re ready to go! However, if you don’t want to sign up, that’s fine as well! You can just select the “play as a guest” option and you’re set to play the game. Awesome, right? Unfortunately though, there is no tutorial provided. However, if you’re an experienced player of racing games, or any game in fact, you should be able to figure out the controls rather quickly.

Before you can head into a race, you should definitely check out the various game modes that track Racing Online has to offer! This includes single player races, multiplayer races or pursuit matches, and a 2-player splitscreen mode for racing with a friend on the same PC (like in the old times or like playing on a console). It’s best to start with single player to get the feel of the game first!

Once the mode is selected, you’ll then need to choose a map. There is seriously a ridiculous number of maps in this game and all these maps can be unlocked for free by winning the currently available maps. These maps are helpfully separated into various difficulties ranging from very easy to extreme. You can also play your or other people’s custom maps via the “user” difficulty option. By conquering the different tracks, you will also earn medals which you can use later to unlock new cars!

After a map is chosen, you can then choose the number of opponents and their difficulty– easy, normal or hard that you prefer. You could also add or remove other options, such as rain, night, collision (which means that your car will not be able to pass through another’s car) and bombcar (explosions everywhere!). Everything’s in place? Well, then, get your gear ready – it’s time to race!

The controls in Track Racing Online, as aforementioned, are very easy to figure out, but well, for simplicity’s sake, you can control your car by using the WASD keys. The game doesn’t provide nitros that you can activate for races, so there isn’t any key to activate your car’s nitro. The controls in Track Racing Online are extremely smooth and it’s really amazing to see your car drifting around corners perfectly if, of course, you timed your turn correctly.

So, you’ve won multiple races and have earned plenty of medals... what now? Well, with these medals, you can unlock new cars! Each race car has their respective stats, namely top speed, acceleration, handling and drift. These stats are rated with stars (up to 5 max) and of course, the more stars, the better it is! These cars are unfortunately non-customizable, but for your starter car, you could swap its skin. There is a total of 9 colorful skins (all of the skins are free and are designed based on flags of their respective countries) that you can choose from, excluding the default skin that you currently have on your car. Remember that you can unlock even better cars by winning races, so this means that you will need to conquer as many maps as you can, including those maps that you think are beneath you, such as the “very easy” and “easy” maps – you are, after all, a much better racer!

Going back to the types of game modes, you may have noticed that for multiplayer, there’s an additional pursuit sub-mode that you can choose. In pursuit mode, all participants are separated equally into 2 groups – cops and racers. Since multiplayer mode can support up to 10 players at a time, you’ll get 5 players on each side. Once the game starts, the cops will attempt to apprehend the racers by ramming and damaging the racers’ car until the cars are destroyed, while the racers will try to escape the long arm of justice for the 5 minutes allocated to each game. Every time a racer is “apprehended”, the cop that did the deed will earn points and the racer will be respawned as a cop instead! So, the game will be over when all racers have been converted into cops.

However, racers are unable to convert cops and are only allowed to try to use whatever maneuvers they have up their sleeves to outrun and outwit the cop cars that are closing in! If the time is up and there is still at least a racer that remained in the game, then the racers will win! Moreover, you can earn extra points by knocking over the many respawnable zombies that litter the ground below the tracks. Each zombie gives you a mere 1 point, but since the score is accumulated, you can rack up plenty of points as you play as many multiplayer matches as you like!

The best part in Track Racing Online is perhaps the level editor, whereby you are given free rein to design your own challenging tracks and race courses! The editor can be a tad bit complex to the beginner, thus, the game provides a link to a YouTube tutorial that you can view if you like. If you’re the sort who enjoys figuring stuff out on your own, well, you will have plenty of fun with this level editor! There are many options that you can change and customize to your liking, such as the terrain of the map (including stuff like elevation, ground type, etc), road shapes (including “special roads” like ramps and loops) as well as models for buildings and other structures, like barriers and crowd stands. There are also achievements that you can strive for in Track Racing Online!

The game is entirely free to play as the single developer, who developed the game, didn’t do it to earn any profits – it is a pet project that he cherished and shared with the world. You will not see any in-game cash shop and that everything in the game can be unlocked as you enjoy the game. Games such as this one are indeed really rare in the over-saturated, microtransaction-filled, “free-to-play” world!


Due to being a self-published game, Track Racing Online doesn’t have a lot of publicity and hence, its community is mainly consisted of members of the games developing community where the game and its developer is very active in. However, this game does deserve so much more attention, so be sure to get your friends and family to play along with you. There’s a splitscreen mode where you can race with them and have a great time as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Track Racing Online may not be top-notch like Need for Speed: World, but it is excellent for a browser-based game! There’s a nice blur effect as you speed your way through the course as well! However, do take note that although the game will automatically open up each match in full screen, you can disable that option when the game is loading if you prefer to play it with a smaller screen instead. In terms of sound, Track Racing Online provides no music, but has plenty of ambient sounds, such as the powerful roar of your race car’s engines and the cheer of the crowd, which sound realistic enough. There are also ambient sounds for the weather, like during a rainy day, too! You can hear the pitter-patter sound of raindrops hitting the race tracks.


In summary, Track Racing Online is a thrilling and completely free-to-play browser car racing game that allows you to play along against AI racers, in multiplayer with other players from around the world or even with the person beside you via the splitscreen mode. The game offers a plethora of maps and tracks of varying difficulties as well as a huge range of cool-looking race car models that you can unlock by winning races in single player. There are no ranks or leaderboard, but the game over-compensate for the missing features with an in-depth level editor, which allows you to create your own race tracks and courses! The design options that you are given are incredible, allowing you to create some truly complex yet amazing tracks. When you’re done, you could even share your work so that other players can race on your tracks and rate them! Sounds like some serious fun, right? So, don’t wait! Strap on your helmet and head on over to the race tracks in Track Racing Online today!

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New Game Added: Track Racing Online

by Aethyna Jun 3, 2015
Play against AI racers, in multiplayer with other online players or even with the person beside you via the splitscreen mode in Track Racing Online! The game offers a plethora of tracks of varying difficulties and a huge range of cool race cars. There is also an in-depth level editor to create your own tracks and share them! Beautiful terrain in Track Racing Online Track Racing Online: Car skins Catching up in Track Racing Online Read More
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