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Toy Defense 9 rate Have fun defending your base using toy soldiers and artillery in this challenging and exciting “tower” defense game, Toy Defense! Place towers at the most optimal places on the map to counter the variety of enemy forces that the game will throw at you! Upgrade your troops when you have enough money and don't forget to repair the towers as needed too! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Can’t get enough out of tower defense games? Well, you’re in luck! Have fun defending your base using toy soldiers and artillery in a World War I setting in this challenging and exciting “tower” defense game, Toy Defense! The game offers several different map types along with plenty of tricky paths that make placing towers at the most optimal places challenging as well as interesting enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade your soldiers, in-game, after they’ve earned enough experience points from killing enemy troops and tanks, provided that you have enough money! “Towers” can also be attacked by the enemy so be sure to replace or repair them when needed. You should also use the stars you’ve earned to improve the stats of the different types of soldiers that you have. Have fun playing with power-up features in order to crush your enemies more easily as well! Best of all? It is free to play! So, don’t wait – try it today!


Excited to start? Awesome! Let’s begin with the “how to play” part of the game. You will need to “build towers” like any other normal tower defense games to prevent the enemy troops from entering your base and destroying it. However, instead of actual towers, you’ll be placing small toy soldiers or artillery onto the map. There are allocated positions on the map for you to place your towers, but you are free to decide which toy goes to which position. To build towers though, you’ll need to have the necessary amount of money. The money can be easily earned by killing enemies... masses of them. Furthermore, you are allowed to fast-forward the game, but unlike in other tower defense games, you cannot call the next wave earlier.

Toy Defense offers 4 different types of ‘towers”, namely the riflemen, cannons, flamethrowers and the anti-aircraft guns (or as the game adorably calls them, the “ack-acks”). Riflemen are the most versatile “tower” among the rest as they can attack both air and ground targets and has a very high fire rate. They can also be later upgraded to either have more armor as well as increase anti-air damage or to increase their damage overall. Cannons are the most useful “tower” against ground targets as they deal huge splash damage but their fire rate is pitiful when compared to the other “towers”. They can relatively easily take out heavily armored enemies, such as armored tanks or armored personnel carriers (APCs).

Flamethrowers are very useful against huge groups of enemy infantry and when placed in the middle of tight turns, they can wreak quite a lot of damage. The “ack-acks” are towers that you’ll only need if you’re up against a level with plenty of aircrafts. In the earlier levels, your riflemen should be sufficient for any aircrafts, but eventually, you’ll need to place at least a few of these anti-aircraft guns to help gun down fleets of bombers or blimps as they are a lot harder to destroy. Similarly to riflemen, their fire rate is rather high, but they, like the name states, can only attack air targets.

These towers can be upgraded via the upgrades shop. Every upgrade that you can buy will, in turn, unlock 3 more ranks for you to upgrade your towers to during battle. Towers can be upgraded to a maximum of 12 ranks. Each upgrade will cost you a certain amount of stars and stars can be obtained depending on how much life you have left after you’ve won a level/ battle. You can also earn additional stars by sharing and liking the game’s social media pages. Stars are really hard to come by though, unless you are very patient.

You can also use your stars to purchase more money (for building new towers or for tower upgrades) and also health. This means that if you somehow managed to let a few enemy slip pass your defenses, it is still not too late to get maximum stars for that level. You just need to spend a bit of stars to buy some health so that your health at the end of the game will be at 100 or more.

Moreover, the enemies you face in Toy Defense are not meek fellows walking down their predestined paths. Instead, they often retaliate by throwing grenade or firing on your own troops. Thus, your “towers” can be damaged and also destroyed. So, you have to keep an eye out for damaged towers to try to get them repaired as soon as you can afford it. It’s always best to focus your repairs on the higher level towers first. If you lose a high level tower, you will lose all upgrades along with it... and that will suck... a lot! Furthermore, if you plan on upgrading a tower but it was somehow damaged before you can do so, your upgrade cost will automatically take in account of the repair cost as well and hence, the total cost you have to pay to upgrade your tower will be increased.

In addition, the maps in Toy Defense are often recycled, meaning that the paths on the map are retained, but the available tower positions are different in every map. Most of the time, the positions are reduced or are changed such that it is a lot harder for you to cover more area with your towers with every subsequently recycled map. In other words, the maps may be reused, but the difficulty for the reused maps is increasingly higher.

If you encountered any trouble with any of the levels, you can also purchase power-ups, such as repairmen, resurrection and protective barrage to help you out! The “repairmen” power-up will automatically repair your towers without your assistance; while resurrection will help you revive a ruined tower so it can take part in the battle again. Protective barrage, on the other hand, can be used to crush all enemies within the area of effect of the power-up with powerful blast waves!

The most unique feature in Toy Defense is the “Saving Heroes” feature. After every level, you are allowed to choose toy soldiers that you would like to “save” for the next battle. This means that the troops you’ve saved will retain their experience points earned, although you still have to spend money to increase their ranks. In other words, you can straightaway upgrade your saved towers due to the saved experience points unlike new towers that you’ve placed in a new level.


Toy Defense has almost 420 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, signifying how popular this game is! Toy Defense is not exactly a new game especially taking account that the game already has 4 sequels in its name. Thus, the community in the game is reducing gradually. The game used to be buy-to-play, but ever since it went free-to-play, the game was given a breath of new life along with new levels.

Graphics/ Sound

Being a toy-themed game, Toy Defense provides plenty of cute toy infantry, tanks, planes and artilleries. Instead of the usual green color, the troops are all grey in color though and are in stark contrast to the brightly colored surroundings. Toy Defense provides a quirky and amusing military-themed music at the menu interface. However, the music doesn’t follow you into the game. Instead, it is replaced with plenty of interesting sound effects, such as the funny gibberish sounds that the enemy infantry makes when they die under the hail of bullets you rain on them. You’ll also be treated to a cacophony of gun fire (such as the ack-ack sound from your anti-aircraft guns), flames from your flamethrowers and explosions from the shells from your cannons.


In short, Toy Defense is a very nicely-designed and fun tower defense game with unique features and an awesome toy/ World War I-theme that allows it to stand apart from the other tower defense games. In this game, you’ll be managing your tight funds to place toy soldiers in the allocated positions on the map to defend your base from the enemies. You can also upgrade your troops using stars and it even allow you to specialize your towers by choosing to upgrade either their armor) or damage. Since your towers will be taking damage from the enemy, you mustn’t forget to constantly repair your damaged towers as well! Experience the explosive gameplay of a great tower defense game set in World War I today for free in Toy Defense!

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New Game Added: Toy Defense

by Aethyna May 7, 2015
Have fun defending your base using toy soldiers and artillery in this challenging and exciting “tower” defense game, Toy Defense! Place towers at the most optimal places on the map to counter the variety of enemy forces that the game will throw at you! Upgrade your troops when you have enough money and don't forget to repair the towers as needed too! Toy Defense: Winter map Death from above in Toy Defense Toy Defense: Desert map Read More
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