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Township 10 rate Build yourself a beautiful city full of homes and fun buildings for your residents in a brilliant virtual simulation game. Look after your population and keep them happy as they walk the streets of your very own amazing 3D city. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Build yourself a beautiful city full of homes and fun buildings for your residents in a brilliant virtual simulation game. Look after your population and keep them happy as they walk the streets of your very own amazing 3D city.


When you first enter Township you are able to pick the name of your home city and there is a really comprehensive tutorial to help you get going. Here you will learn how to build, farm, use factories and sell your items. Ernie is your neighbor and he is going to show you around your town and help you out a little bit with materials too.

During the tutorial you will have a few quests to complete, these appear on the right hand side of the screen, and you will continue to get quests throughout the whole game. These are actually really useful as they not only give you rewards but they also guide you in what to build next. You are not limited to only building what the quests tell you they are just a guideline.

You begin with a few small houses and a materials plant. This plant will give you one of the unique materials every day, this can be a factory for Bricks, Glass, Wood, Beams and Slabs. These special materials are used to build your community buildings and factories, so they are quite important. The bigger the building, or more advanced the more materials you will need.

As well as this factory you also have a few fields where you can grow crops, at the start you can grow wheat and it takes only 3 minutes to fully mature when you plant it. Once you have some wheat you can then use it in your windmill to make flour. You can make 3 at a time and this is then placed in your inventory. After a short time you will have a quest to make a bread factory which will use your flour and bake bread. Once you have the bread you can sell it for coins.

With coins you can buy new houses and community buildings. Community buildings are very useful for you in a couple of different ways. Firstly they give you gold which you need to buy crops or new building,s but they also add to your populations happiness. The happier your population the more people will be in your town and the more you can build.

Each community building will give you a certain amount of coins every few minutes, with the cafe giving you 50 coins every 10 minutes, while the circus gives you 500 coins every 3 hours. When you make one of these buildings your happiness will also increase by the amount you get for the building, though this benefit applies when you complete it.

Each time you complete a quest you will gain experience, you also gain experience each time you grow a crop or collect money from a building. This all adds up to your level, and the higher your level the more buildings you can have and use. You also unlock new crops to grow, factories to build and better and bigger houses for your people.

There are also lots of special buildings that are available during the holidays through the year. These are special houses and community buildings with unique looks and they will often have good gold rewards and give you a lot of happiness for your population. With these buildings also being a quest you can make a lot from them. Once you have these buildings they also stay in your town for the whole year to remind you of the seasonal events.

One of the best ways to earn materials is to play with your friends. Each day you can visit your friends town, collect coins from their buildings and crops as well as take one material from their special factory. These factories will often be different from your own so you may have a Glass factory, but your friend has a Wood factory so you can collect one each day. You can also ask your friends for materials and help upgrading buildings too.

As you progress through the game you will find that you have more and more coins to spend, which you can use on building more than one copy of a building, a city can not run on just 1 cafe after all. This gives you a huge range of options when designing your town and you can come up with some really cool areas, a nice luxury beach or quiet parkland area.

With it’s simple controls there is actually a really cute feeling to the game, not only do you have lots of choices but you can easily see where everything is, and how to make things. One of the cutest things is that you see your people walking around the streets, fire trucks, police cars school kids with balloons. There is always something going on in Township, and it is really fun to see.


There are a lot of players all over the world that enjoy this game, and there is a pretty active community page and wiki surrounding Township. The best way to build your town fast for free is to have lots of friends in the game, this has lead to a large amount of players on your friends list and its quite nice to see such an active game.


Township is a really pretty game, with a huge range of unique and fun buildings. From the circus, complete with a clown floating over your city with balloons to really cute houses or immense castles. Everything flows very smoothly and the 3D effects work really well. There is a background music that is quite pleasant to listen to, and whenever you harvest, build or collect items you hear it too.


If you are looking to build yourself a huge city then Township is the game for you, with cute graphics, lots to do and quests to help you along you will never run out of things to do here. The holiday events add a really nice twist to the gme and provide some pretty unique buildings for you to enjoy too. For a simulation game Township really has it all.

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Dec 24, 2014
Build yourself a beautiful city full of homes and fun buildings for your residents in a brilliant virtual simulation game. Look after your population and keep them happy as they walk the streets of your very own amazing 3D city. Township Castle Beach Resort in Township Township Ready for Collection Read More
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