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Tower Blast 8.3 rate Match to obtain special blocks, complete the level goals and collect up to 3 stars per level. Use the variety of power-ups available to complete tricky levels as well! If you’re looking for a unique block-buster game, be sure to check Tower Blast out. You surely won’t be disappointed! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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One day, stars started falling down from the skies. No one knows why, but it is up to you to collect all these fallen stars and return them to the skies in this challenging and yet fun block-buster/ match-3, Tower Blast. Combine gems by swapping or clicking on 3 or more of them to clear them from the board. Gain special blocks, such as the club block, heart block and the spades block, by matching 5 or more blocks. Complete the level goals and collect up to 3 stars per level in order to proceed to the next level. Use the variety of power-ups available to complete tricky levels as well! If you’re looking for a unique block-buster game, be sure to check Tower Blast out. You surely won’t be disappointed!


The game starts up with a brief tutorial to teach you how to play the game. It may not be exactly detailed, but block-buster games tend to be simple games, so there shouldn’t be any problem picking stuff as you play the game as well.

Generally though, what you’ll need to do in Tower Blast is to swap to match up 3 or more gems of the same color to collect them from the board. The games may be differently shaped, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the gems are of the same color. There will be times when you can just click on a bunch of gems (of the same color, mind you!) to collect them from the board as well. So, in other words, Tower Blast is a very unique blend of match-3 and block-buster games. It may get awhile to get used to its gameplay, but once you do, you’ll be delighted with the change of gameplay in this game. It is no mere “Candy Crush Saga” clone, that’s for sure!

Tower Blast also offers plenty of exciting “special blocks” for you to obtain by matching up a minimum of 5 gems. For 5-gem matches, you’ll get a block with a heart icon in front. Called the “heart block”, it can clear an entire column of gems when activated. To activate it, you will need to click on it. Swapping it with another gem will not activate it. For 6-gem matches, you’ll get a block with a club icon in front instead. This club block will clear a whole row of gems when clicked on. Furthermore, by matching 7 gems together, you’ll get a block with a “spades” icon in front. It functions like a bomb and will clear all gems around it in a 3x3 radius when activated.

By now, you may have noticed that these blocks are labeled based on the suits of a deck of playing cards. However, the last type of special block, obtained by matching 9 gems together is, unfortunately, not a “diamond block”. In its place, you’ll get a gemmed block. The gem embedded on the front of the block depends on the color of the gems you’ve collected. This special block will collect all gems of the same color as the embedded gem from the board. You may notice that these special blocks are vital in many levels in the game as they, and only them, can clear certain trickily placed gem on the board. Interestingly, you can also combine special blocks together to obtain a greater effect.

The level objectives in Tower Blast is pretty the usual stuff, such as collecting certain number of specifically colored gems, dropping treasure chests to the bottom or clearing certain obstacles from the board. Talking about obstacles, there are quite a lot of them, such as round stones, ice, branches, chains and stone blocks, which will be introduced as you progress through the game. Most of them can be cleared by matching them up or by making a match nearby.

You are given a limited number of moves to complete these objectives though and sometimes, you might not be able to make it. If so, you’re given a choice to purchase 5 extra moves using 25 coins (earned by successfully completing levels) or losing a life. You are given 5 lives to start with and when that number goes down to 0, you’ll no longer be able to play. Thankfully, lives regenerate over time by themselves, so you’ll just need to wait for them to do so. You could also buy more lives using real cash. That being said, if you managed to complete a level goals with some extra moves, these leftover moves will then trigger special effects (like the heart, ace and club blocks) at the end of the level, earning you bonus points.

There are up to 3 stars that you can earn per level. It can be pretty easy to earn 3 stars at first, but the difficulty of the puzzles will increase as you progress. However, you just need to get at least 1 star to be able to proceed to the next level. In addition, Tower Blast offers many levels that will gradually become unlock as you climb up the level. Occasionally, you may even encounter chests or gems on the steps that, when collected, will give you free coins.

These coins can then be spent on buying power-ups. Power-ups are extremely useful for some of the tricky levels available in Tower Blast. Some of these power-ups include the Magic Hammer which allows you to clear 1 gem or obstacle from the board; the Fire Spell that can be used to “melt” an entire column of gems; and the Thief Crossbow which can instead be used to clear a whole row of gems. There is also the Holy Shield which uses lightning to break all gems of the same color and the Shuffle Bag that, when used, will shuffle the entire board of gems.


Tower Blast is a game that is fresh from the oven! So far, the game has almost 300 likes on its Facebook fan page and has registered over 5000 players who are playing the game consistently. So, don’t dally – be the one of the first among your friends to play the game!

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics in this game are pretty well done for a browser-based game. The gems are also very nicely rendered in 3D. The sound for Tower Blast, on the other hand, features an Egyptian-influenced music with some pretty nice beats. However, the music does sound familiar though. Perhaps it is because the music is the same or similar to their other game, Bubble Quest 2. That being said, the quality of the music is still good and is not at all distracting while you’re playing.


All in all, Tower Blast is an excellently developed block-buster game that offers levels of brain-teasing fun. The game may start off simple, but the difficulty does ramp up as you proceed to the later levels, especially when the game introduces evermore obstacles to spice up the gameplay. The special blocks are really critical in these obstacle-ridden situations, and having a good eye for good matches will really help you to clear many levels in this game. If you’re stuck, you can always purchase power-ups or extra moves using the in-game coins you earn. Sounds like fun? It sure does! So, be sure to add the game to your Facebook game library and check Tower Blast out today!

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New Game Added: Tower Blast

by Aethyna Oct 5, 2015
Match to obtain special blocks, complete the level goals and collect up to 3 stars per level. Use the variety of power-ups available to complete tricky levels as well! If you’re looking for a unique block-buster game, be sure to check Tower Blast out. You surely won’t be disappointed! Round stones Colorful gems Ice Read More
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