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Top Eleven 8 rate Do you want to be the next Sir Alex Ferguson and take a team of talented young lads to world club champions? At Top Eleven, you can! Enjoy the building your ideal team of football players from the ground up! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you want to be the next Sir Alex Ferguson and take a team of talented young lads to world club champions? At Top Eleven, you can! Enjoy the building your ideal team of football players from the ground up! Upgrade your home stadium with facilities to help your team be the best that they could be and to attract new young talents. Take the other teams by storm as you charge your way to that shiny trophy at the end of the Champions League! Sign up and be the ultimate Top Eleven football manager today!


Itching to start? That’s the spirit! Create your first football club (FC) by giving it a name as well as picking a nationality that you would like (it doesn't actually have to be your true nationality). Whichever nationality you chose, it will affect the majority of the players’ nationality in your football squad.

Next, you will be heading over to meet your squad, the beating heart of every football club. In the squad’s tab, you can manage your team’s formation and tactics. Here, you can see the age of your players as well as their conditions, whether they are too fatigued, have low morale, gotten themselves a yellow or red card or are injured. You can also view how many seasons are left in a player’s contract and when a player is going to retire. There is even a column where players’ special abilities are listed, such as penalty-kick, corner and free kick specialists. Do note that only certain players will have these special abilities and it is certainly best to have a team of players who all have 1 of these special abilities each.

Furthermore, the quality of your players is also rated in a number of stars in your squad tab. More stars translate into better quality players, up to a maximum of 5 stars. However, if you prefer looking at numbers, you can switch your squad display to Defending skills, Attacking skills or Physical and Mental, whereby you can see each player’s stats in various important football skills like tackling, heading, dribbling, passing, and many others, along with their fitness (strength, agility, speed, etc)

In addition, each player will also have 1 or 2 designated roles that they are good at. You will have to place these players into positions that fit their roles so that they could show their worth and be at their best. Different team tactics will require different player roles too! So, before changing to a new tactic, ensure that you have players who can fit the roles that the new tactic will require.

Nevertheless, if you lack any particular player role, you can easily recruit more players at the auction. Player transfers are handled through intense competitive bidding and you will need tokens to bid on these players (as opposed to money). If you somehow managed to win a player over to your team, you will then need to pay his wages (until he retires or is transferred again) and, of course, the transfer fees. In addition, your talent scouts will also provide a list of elite candidates (players with 6 stars) who have their own special abilities. These elite players can be recruited at a much higher cost: 50 tokens and a stack of money.

How can you get that many tokens and that much money? It’s really easy! By signing suitable contracts with various media outlets (TV rights), you can earn a steady amount of tokens. Tokens can also be used to buy premium items, such as treatment and morale boosters or rest packs, from the club shop to hasten, for example, player recovery from fatigue or from injury.

For earning money, you can sign sponsorship deals with various companies or you can set the price of tickets for home-based matches (matches that will be held in your club’s private stadium). Bear in mind that when the price of tickets increase, you will get less ticket sales. So, you may need to do some trial and error before you can find a middle point where you can earn the maximum amount of cash for your club.

Having a team of good players is only half the battle won, you will need to provide good training for them too! There are mainly 3 types of training that you can choose from in Top Eleven: stretching (easy), cardio (average) and practice match (hard). Each training session will award your players with experience points that, once filled, can be translated into skill points. These skills points can be then auto-assigned to its respective player to increase his stats. However, for every training session you performed, your players will experience fatigue and this will reduce their condition. Unless you use a rest pack, your players will only gain 5% condition back for every 3 hours.

Ready for your first match? After giving your team an inspirational speech, it’s time to get your boys out into the field! Instead of having animated and narrated matches Top Eleven’s matches only display lines of texts about what is happening in the field. It’s up to your imagination to visualize the actual match. It, unfortunately, lacks the excitement and the infectious atmosphere of actual football matches and it’s mainly just stats and numbers on the screen. In addition, league matches are automatically and randomly-assigned to your club, but you are free to arrange friendly matches with your Facebook friends.

Moreover, being a football club manager in Top Eleven, you can have your very own stadium! You can also set up auxiliary buildings that can provide some bonuses to your team. For example, you can build medical facilities so that your injured players can recover faster or youth facilities to attract young players to your team. There are many other facilities, such as training amenities (your players will earn skill points from training faster) and improved parking places (increase ticket sales), or utilities (to earn extra money from fans), such as a merchandise store and restaurants, that you can build!

Top Eleven provides a fun experience for its players to enjoy managing a football club. Players who managed to bring their clubs from bottom-class to world-renowned certainly deserve their pride and fame!


The community of Top Eleven mainly consists of passionate football fans, so if you’re a football fan yourself, you will definitely fit right in! These gamers usually congregate in Top Eleven forums and discuss (or argue) over everything football!

In fact, Top Eleven’s community is so passionate about the game that they have grouped together to open a Facebook fan page for Top Eleven as well! Longing to be a part of this football-crazy community? Join today!


In terms of graphics, the game looks nice and acceptable for a Facebook game. However, since the game focuses more on stats and numbers, there isn’t as much pretty pictures to look at. The game has absolutely no sound not even sound effects, mind you! However, this may be a good thing as you may want to fully concentrate on managing your team.


Top Eleven is an excellent game for players who envision themselves as the next Sir Alex Ferguson and require a place to hone their skills! The game provides every detail about the football players in your team, so you can easily swap out poor performing players for better players that you have won from the auction. Sign contracts to earn your club some much needed money and tokens, and don’t forget to upgrade your stadium and its surrounding buildings for extra bonuses. Compete with other football clubs for that top spot in your league and as you level up, you can unlock access to higher and way tougher leagues and even championships. Do you have what it takes to be the unrivaled FC manager in Top Eleven? Take up the challenge today and find out!

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