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Thundercall 8 rate Demons have crawled from pits of hell and are invading the realm in force in this brand new casual MMORPG published by R2 Games, Thundercall. Grow your hero’s powers along with your team of pets, your goddess and your mount and challenge yourself in the many PvE and PvP dungeons and arenas. Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Demons have crawled from pits of hell and are invading the realm in force in this brand new casual MMORPG published by R2 Games, Thundercall. In this game, you’ll need to grow your hero’s abilities and powers, along with your team of pets, your goddess companion and your mount. Hop into the many challenging dungeons and fight against powerful foes in hopes of getting equipments, upgrade materials, in-game cash and of course, free experience in return. Put your team to the test by pitting them against other players in an exciting 1-on-1 arena match. There are many events and freebies that you can get your hands on too. Thundercall is most certainly a game most casual MMO gamers would enjoy playing. Try it today!


Being a casual MMORPG, Thundercall contains a rather generic “demons versus goddesses and heroes” storyline. The game starts off with the kidnapping of the Goddess Fortuna and being the hero or heroine that you are, you are determined to save her. Apparently, the world in the game was about to succumb into chaos due to the emergence of hordes of demons from the pits of hell. They are ravaging the realm while slowing making their way to the City of Light, the last refuge for the good people of the world. Ultimately, they intend to conquer the last bastion of light and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

You are the only hero who has the potential and power to put an end to their merciless rampage. Will you be able to save the world before it is too late?


To start playing, you’ll first need to create a character. Despite being an MMORPG, Thundercall doesn’t exactly have enough character classes or customization for you to choose from. You’ll only get to pick between a male warrior and a female mage, and that’s about it! However, the game compensates for the lack of character variety with a pretty interesting and fun gameplay.

Thundercall’s gameplay is in some ways quite unlike most casual MMORPGs out there on the internet. Instead of making it easy for you by providing auto-combat from the get-go, you actually need to manually use your character’s abilities and in certain cases, manually move your character from one place to another. You can even click on any enemy to single them out. This makes the game feel like an honest-to-goodness isometric RPG. However, if you prefer to use auto-combat, you can spend some real cash to buy VIP status in order to access this feature. Combat in Thundercall is also combo-based. Thus, it’s best to round up as many mobs as you can handle before bombarding them with your area of effect spells.

Being the heart of any MMORPG, questing is almost always the main (and fastest) way for players to advance quickly through the game. In Thundercall, the game makes the questing process easier by segmenting the “questing locations” into “dungeons” that you can instantly teleport to from the main city. These dungeons are grouped into chapters and will cost you 10 stamina points per entry.

Each dungeon offers up to 3 mastery stars that you can attain and if you managed to get it, you will unlock the Blitz function, allowing you to skip through all the combat and reap your reward. In order to get a 3-star rating, you’ll need to clear the dungeon as quickly as you can while making sure all the enemies are properly “disposed” of. There’s also an auto-pathing system in place that allows you to accept and turn in quests more quickly. Once you reached a certain level, you’ll unlock daily quests that will reward you with valuable bound premium gems as well.

Besides quest-related dungeons, Thundercall has quite a variety of boss dungeons, such as Tartarus, and also daily dungeons where you have to stop waves after waves of mobs from killing the goddess you are supposed to protect. There’s even a palace filled with rapidly respawning mobs that you can kill over and over again for some extra experience points. However, if you’re more of the PvP sort, you’ll be happy to know that Thundercall provides PvP arenas whereby you can challenge other players to a duel that is auto-resolved. If you win, you can take over your opponent’s rank on the rank ladder.

To ensure victory, you’ll need to build up the battle rating of your character and you can do so via a myriad of ways. First and foremost, you can upgrade your character’s skills and talents provided that you have the necessary upgrade materials and game cash ready. Interestingly, you can even augment your abilities with special tomes acquired through talent chests or as a reward in boss rush events.

Equipments also play a rather huge role in boosting up your character’s battle rating in Thundercall. Due to this, you are given many ways to improve your gear, such as enhancing it to increase its item rating and forging it to increase item grade. You can add virtues to your equipments, enchant them and socket gems into them as well.

Aside from your own character, your goddess companion, your pets and your mount will be able to give your battle rating quite a boost if you keep them upgraded at all times. For the rather scantily clad goddesses, you can worship them to increase their stats or bond with them using Goddess’s Tear. Mounts, on the other hand, can be upgraded as long as you have enough mount jewels to do so. With more upgrades, you will be able to eventually transform your basic bear mount into something much cooler, such as an alligator, a quilbeast (whatever that is), an elk or even a wolverine. Mounts can also be equipped with some armor further ramping up the battle rating you’ll get from it once you reached level 50 in the game.

Let’s not forget about the pets that you can hatch in Thundercall! These cute creatures can be hatched for a few times per day for free, though if you want to hatch more of these “pet eggs”, you could always spend some premium cash to do so. These pets will need to be deployed into your very own team of up to 4 pets. The game even allows you to pick one of the 4 pets deployed so that it will follow you wherever you go in the game world. Of course, there are also premium pets that have special and very helpful abilities such as a pet that can help you pick up all the loot you get from killing demons.

Thundercall has so many other features, such as its daily check-ins, alchemy (where you can earn some free game cash), and more, to the point that it is simply short of impossible to cover them all. However, if you’d like to know more, do consider giving this game a try!


Being a brand new MMORPG, Thundercall has a rapidly growing community of MMO gamers and they tend to segregate into guild. In fact, signing up for a guild can be a very beneficial thing to do in this game as you’ll immediately gain access to quite a range of new guild-related options, such as guild quests, sacred tree watering, guild boss events, and of course, the guild store. So unless you want to miss out on any of these features, be sure to join a guild the first chance you get!

Graphics/ Sound

Thundercall presents a really soothing music, which definitely play a huge role in creating the nice ambience in the game. That being said, the music sounds rather familiar and might be copied from another casual MMORPG. In terms of graphics, they aren’t as unique as to make Thundercall stand out among the other similar-looking MMORPGs on the internet. This is actually an aspect that most casual MMORPGs have to work on.


In short, Thundercall is a pretty fun casual MMORPG that will definitely appeal to casual MMO players from all age ranges. Although it features a rather generic storyline of demons versus goddesses, and a no-so-unique art style, the game allows you to be more in control of your character. There are simply so many dungeons, arenas and events that you can enjoy while you do your best to improve your character’s battle rating. It does feel more like an actual RPG than the other similar games out there. If you enjoy playing a casual MMORPG that’s special in this aspect, you should definitely check out Thundercall.

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New Game Added: Thundercall

by Aethyna Apr 14, 2016
Demons have crawled from pits of hell and are invading the realm in force in this brand new casual MMORPG published by R2 Games, Thundercall. Grow your hero’s powers along with your team of pets, your goddess and your mount and challenge yourself in the many PvE and PvP dungeons and arenas. Play now! Bear mount in Thundercall Thundercall: AoE spell Fighting the dark dragon in Thundercall Read More
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