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Throne: Kingdom at War 10 rate Develop your kingdom and build your army as you set off on your campaign of conquest across the land. Join an Order and work with other rulers to make sure no one messes with any one of your kind. Prove your right to rule in Plarium’s brand-new MMORTS game, Throne: Kingdoms at War! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Prove your right to rule in Plarium’s brand-new MMORTS game, Throne: Kingdoms at War! Develop your kingdom and build your army as you set off on your campaign of conquest across the land. Join an Order and work with other rulers to not only capture critical structures on the map but also to make sure no one messes with any one of your kind. Rise up once again and show the world your leadership and skills as you dominate the world and claim it as your own in Throne: Kingdoms at War!


Similar to the other games developed by Plarium, Throne: Kingdom at War doesn’t exactly offer a lot of background as to how you get your hands on the castle or have any Game of Thrones-like drama. Instead, all the info you’re given is that you came from a line of noblemen or perhaps even royalty and that you are required to prove yourself by showing the other Lords none other than your family shall have the right to rule over these lands.

Although this is easier said than done, you’re off to a pretty good start since you already have a castle to call your own as well as a bunch of resources to begin developing your town.


For players who are very familiar with the game formula that Plarium uses for most of its games, you may get those pangs of nostalgia as you first start developing your town in Throne: Kingdoms at War. Many aspects of the game, since they are of the same genre, are quite similar.

For example, in the beginning, you are required to follow through with the game’s tutorial which will guide you as you set up a basic yet functional kingdom. The tutorial’s compulsory though and it does last for quite some time. However, once you are done with the tutorial, the game provides you with optional quests that can help you by giving you additional resources for stuff that you’ll probably be doing anyway.

Resources, like any MMO strategy game, are of utmost importance. You’ll need to build sufficient farms, mines, lumber mills, stone quarries, and houses so you can earn enough food, iron, lumber, stone, and silver respectively. These resources are required to do literally anything in the game, from upgrading your buildings to recruiting soldiers to fill your army.

You can get some free resources by collecting the online rewards or by completing Errands too, but the best way to truly boost your resource gain is by upgrading your resource-producing buildings. Once you’ve unlocked the Port, you can also trade resources that you have in excess of resources that you lack.

When it comes to upgrades though, Throne: Kingdoms at War has something unique to offer. Unlike the other games under the Plarium umbrella of games, we love the new and very helpful upgrade system added to this game where you can simply press the “Go To” button to complete all the prerequisite upgrades before improving the building you actually want. You no longer have to manually search for the buildings in question!

That said, you are only given 1 construction slot to build and to upgrade, so although your town may develop rather fast at first, you’ll quickly find yourself running out of free speed-ups soon enough. Even with the free 24-hour VIP, you are still stuck with 1 building slot.

This is the same case for recruiting soldiers as well – each player can only recruit 1 type of unit at a time regardless of how many barracks you build. Not to mention, since the units you can recruit are now grouped based on tiers rather than types, you can’t really be recruiting a bunch of troops of different types since you only have 1 recruitment slot for the entire tier. It is a more simplified way of building up an army but it does make building an army take a bit more time.

To give your army an edge during combat, you can upgrade them through Military Studies at the Academy. You can boost the speed of recruitment by investing your resources in Training Studies as well. However, if your kingdom is in dire need of extra resources, investing some resources to permanently boost your production rates via studies can be incredibly helpful in the long term. Of course, through studies, you can even unlock new units, such as the Informers – a.k.a. the “spies” of the game, or access to attack special roaming bands of Assailants on the kingdom map.

Aside from troops, you’ll also have a hero that you can equip with gear. The items he can use can be crafted via the workshop. Equipment can be improved here as well. Like most RPG heroes, your hero will have skill trees where you can invest skill points in too. These skills will usually boost either your town’s economy or your army’s military might. So depending on your playstyle, you may want to focus more on either one of the two aspects, or you can attempt to develop a more balanced hero.

Ready to start dominating the map? Well, most of your attacks will be carried out on the kingdom map. Here, you can choose to capture a bonus resource location, attack groups of roaming Assailants like fugitives and Saracens, as well as invade the kingdoms of your fellow men. Combat is automatically resolved, so it’s always best to bring more troops just so you can hopefully bump up your chances of success. Of course, having the stronger units on the battlefield helps to tip the battle to your favor as well.

Interestingly, Throne: Kingdoms at War has some penalties in place to discourage higher level players from “bullying” lower level players. Players are usually given a leeway of plus/minus 5 levels so if you attack a player who is 6 levels below you, you won’t get to plunder any resource, making the whole attack rather pointless.

In addition to resource locations and rival kingdoms, there are also special Eternal Strongholds that you can capture provided that you’re a member of an Order. The master or owner of the Stronghold will then be able to assign the Stronghold’s special bonuses to other players they are allied with.

If you have the money, and in turn, the premium gold coins, to spare, you can also turbo-charge your gaming experience in Throne: Kingdoms at War by spending gold or cash on bonuses, resources, boosts as well as unique packages that will include free troops, boosts and more. You can even buy an invulnerability shield for your town for those moments where you can’t log in to play along with special military boosts to increase offense and defense of your troops, improve your hero’s stamina, and others.


Similar to most MMORTS games, guilds, or in this case, Orders, is a crucial aspect in Throne: Kingdoms at War. It is almost impossible to get the full experience of the game if you play alone.

Not to mention, you’ll also gain access to Order-only features such as the Order Citadel where you can help to build, develop and defend your Order’s Citadel by sending resources or troops, the Order Store, and more. You can even help the players in your Order with their building upgrades and get Personal and Order points in return. These points can then be used to buy boosts and useful items at the Order Store.

Graphics/ Sound

The developers behind Throne: Kingdoms at War doesn’t skimp when it comes to providing their players with the very best graphics and sound. The visuals are absolutely amazing and I personally like how the appearance of a building changes after you upgrade them to a certain level.

And don’t get me started on the game’s excellent soundtrack. The soothing and, what seems to be, Celtic-inspired music fits perfectly with the game’s fantasy, medieval theme. Couple that with brilliant sound effects and you’ll get a game with a nice ambiance.


Throne: Kingdoms at War is definitely an MMO strategy game that manages to keep the best features found in most Plarium games while adding in some special “sauce” of its own. Despite the somewhat generic theme, the gaming experience this game has to offer is rather unique even for avid players of their other games. So, if you are interested to once again show the power of your leadership and conquer the land, then don’t wait – start playing Throne: Kingdoms at War now!

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New Game Added: Throne: Kingdom at War

by Aethyna May 11, 2017
Develop your kingdom and build your army as you set off on your campaign of conquest across the land. Join an Order and work with other rulers to make sure no one messes with any one of your kind. Prove your right to rule in Plarium’s brand-new MMORTS game, Throne: Kingdoms at War! Throne: Kingdom at War: Captured gold mine on kingdom map Hero in Throne: Kingdom at War Throne: Kingdom at War: Develop your town Read More
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