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Thrive Island: Survival 10 rate Experience the thrill of surviving in the wild in Thrive Island through your phone in the comfort of your home. Be resourceful, hunt and collect resources from the wild, and build shelters, and do whatever it takes to survive in the wild and become the fittest survivor on the island! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What comes to your mind when you hear survival in the wild? The thought is almost unimaginable in the 21st century. However, you can now experience the thrill of surviving in the wild in Thrive Island through your phone in the comfort of your home. In this game, you need to try your very best to live in a hostile environment. You have to explore the island, gather resources, hunt wildlife, craft items, and build things to increase your survivability. In other words, you have to do whatever it takes to survive in the wild and become the fittest survivor on the island!


In Thrive Island, you are a survivor of an unknown disaster who got stranded on a lost island and don’t remember how you got there in the first place. The objective of this game is simple – survive and thrive in this hostile environment! Use your building, crafting, exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost!


Thrive Island is an open-world survival simulation game. Players who are stranded on this lost island are going to explore this vast island alone. You are the only human on the island as there is no civilization here. Thus, you have to build everything from scratch. The starting phase of the game is quite baffling and slow because you have no idea what to do. There is no quest or tutorial. Players have to open their inventory bag and screen through every item group to get a hang of it. Luckily there are descriptions for crafting tools and buildings, so you merely need to explore around and collect the items you need.

In Thrive Island, your main objective is to survive. On the top left corner of the screen, you can see the important criteria to stay alive in the game, i.e. health, hunger, thirst, stamina, temperature and radiation. Your health bar drops when you suffer damage from fighting wild animals or from hunger and thirst. Health can be healed over time or by eating. Hunger and thirst drop slowly, and can be recovered by eating and drinking. Stamina is consumed when running and fighting, so it is best to have some in reserve in case of a surprise attack by a more powerful wild animal. Temperature drops during the night while you suffer from radiation in a cave. When these criteria drop to zero (except for stamina), your character will die.

The map of the game is easily accessible through the Map button on the left of the screen. The main island is divided into three small land masses separated by a canal. The starting ground for players is on the biggest southern land mass that has a waterfall and giant tree. Most of the logs, sugarcane, various types of berries, and common wildlife, such as cow, rabbit, goat, and wild boar, are on this island. You can get ores, such as iron, coal, and lead, in the cave on the north east island. There are goats and more dangerous wildlife such as bears and wolves on this island too. Resources seem pretty scarce on the north west island. You can find some woods and stone there. The beasts that roam on this island are lions and wild boars. There are also two more islands in the map, they are volcano island and desert island.

Like other survival game, one of the main focuses of Thrive Island is crafting and building. You should craft a hatchet and pickaxe as soon as you gather enough stones and logs that can be found on the field. With the hatchet, you can chop down trees to get logs in a faster and more efficient way. You can mine stones and metal ores using a pickaxe. When you have other materials like iron and steel, it would be best to craft the iron or steel version of the hatchet and pickaxe as they are more durable. When you face fierce beasts, hunting with bare hands is very difficult. You can craft weapons such as machete and bow to make your hunting process easier and safer.

Being almost naked when you start the game, you can craft some clothes to provide a slight boost on the armor, other than keeping yourself warm. Other miscellaneous items are also important. For instance, you can craft wooden chests to store extra items that you can’t fit into your inventory bag, a bed for you to sleep and skip through the night straight away, a wooden bucket to fill water, a torch that let you light up the night, and so on. Other things such as forge and anvil too are important for you to smelt and smith metals into ingots so that you can use them to craft metal tools.

It is hard to survive in the wild without shelter, especially the night is dark and hostile. You can utilize your creativity to build all kinds of buildings. Whether it is a treehouse of a few floors, a small but fully-equipped cabin, or even a fortress with walls. You can build a few safe houses or storage houses near the spot of certain resources so that you can find them easily next time and it is easier to process or store them on the spot without traveling all the easy back to your primary base.


Thrive Island is a single player game that has no multiplayer features. But it has the potential to become a multiplayer cooperative survival game like Ark Survival Evolved, or even a battle royale mode.

Graphics/ Sound

Thrive Island uses the Unity Engine to render 3D graphics that is not too bad looking for a mobile game. However, the user interface requires some refining, but is quite clear for users. There is no background music in the game, but the bird chirping and nature sound effects are quite convincing and immersive for the players.


All in all, Thrive Island is a potential survival simulation game with its fairly good 3D graphic that makes it quite realistic. Players can even enjoy the environment along with seasons and weather while they explore and thrive on the island. Although it is a solo game, you will never be bored as there are many things to do and it will take time to grind for resources. For those who like building games, Thrive Island is one of the worthy choices to consider. Are you capable of surviving in a stranded world? Let’s test your survival skills in Thrive Island!

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New Game Added: Thrive Island: Survival

by tbleong Jan 1, 2022
Experience the thrill of surviving in the wild in Thrive Island through your phone in the comfort of your home. Be resourceful, hunt and collect resources from the wild, and build shelters, and do whatever it takes to survive in the wild and become the fittest survivor on the island! Mining stones in Thrive Island Hunting wolf in Thrive Island Chopping trees in Thrive Island Read More
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