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The West 8.5 rate Follow the tracks of Jesse James and Billy the Kid in this fun Wild West adventure in The West! Play as a gunslinger and challenge bandits and other players to duels! Work together with other players to conquer huge forts and even to establish your very own western town! Experience your own exciting Wild West adventures today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Starting from being a greenhorn, you get to follow the tracks of Jesse James and Billy the Kid in this Wild West adventure of a lifetime, The West! Play as a gunslinger and challenge bandits and other players to duels! Work cooperatively with other players to conquer heavily fortified forts and even to establish your very own western town! Complete tasks and jobs to earn money and level up, and with every level up, you get to assign skill and attribute points to further develop your badass cowboy or girl character! If you’re a fan of the exploits of the old west, well, why not virtually experience your own exciting Wild West adventures today in The West!


The game starts off with a tutorial in the form of a chain of quests which is vital for you to understand how the game works – it can be pretty complicated due to the intricacies of the game. So be sure to pay full attention to the tutorial if you plan on settling for the long run with this game!

You may want to start by customizing your character first! Head over to character profile and change to an avatar profile picture that you like! There are plenty of customizations provided in The West, including customizations for various body parts, clothes, background picture and even the stance your avatar is posing in! Furthermore, once you reached level 15, you’ll be able to select your own character class. There are 4 different classes namely adventurer, dueler, worker and soldier. Different classes grant various bonuses. For instance, the soldier class gets health point bonus, lower level requirement for jobs, tactic bonus and a fort battle bonus.

Every time your avatar leveled up, he or she will gain an attribute point and 3 skill points to be distributed. Each player has attributes that can be separated into 4 categories – strength, mobility, dexterity and charisma, while each category can be further broken down into 5 different skills. For example, for mobility, there are horseback riding, reflex, dodging, hiding, and swimming which are listed under it as its skills. Whenever you allocate an attribute point, all skills under the attribute will be increased by 1, but the same couldn’t be said for skill points though! You should always remember to improve your skills and get better in different aspects of the game or you’ll start to lose out in duels sooner or later. A tip though – you should invest enough points into health as in duels or when working a job, you can quickly lose health.

Like all good Wild West scenes, a standoff between the good guys and bad is inevitable. Thus, you’ll very soon encounter your first gun fight with a notorious small-time bandit and his henchmen who are terrorizing a town (Fairbank) you’re at. Combat in The West can be separated into 2 types – duels and fort battles. Duels in this game require you to knock out your opponent as quickly as you can in a turn-based combat. This means your enemy and you’ll be firing shots alternately and whoever gets passed out first will lose the duel!

All duels are automatically resolved and the outcome depends on your skills, tactics and equipment. The better skills, tactics and equipment you have, the higher chance of you emerging victorious in a duel! If you are hit, you’ll lose health points, but the damage is not permanent. You will regain your health after you’ve concluded a duel.

Duels themselves can be further classified into 2 types as well – quest duels and bandit duels. In quest duels, you’ll earn nothing from the duel if you win except the completion of your quest. Duels against bandits cost energy and motivation, both of which you have limited amounts of. However, on the plus side, if you beat a bandit, you will gain experience points and dollars.

You can also duel other players by challenging them to a showdown too! However, in order to initiate a duel, the challenger has to be a member of a town first and the town should also have a mortician. The defender should also have a town (not the same one), but if he has a bounty on his head, then no town is required. After spending 12 energy points, the challenger will travel to the location of the defender for the duel. Even if you lose the duel, you will still earn experience points, but of course, if you win, you’ll earn more!

Besides duels, The West also provides exciting and massive player-vs-player fort battles! After the town’s founder or councilor declared war against another fort, two teams comprised of tens to hundreds of players for both the attackers and defenders will then fight over a series of rounds. Once victorious, the victors will take over a fort owned by the other town. Fort battles can be pretty costly though since the attacker will have to shell out thousands of in-game dollars before a fort battle can be initiated.

Don’t like all the bloodshed? Well, how about carrying out some honest-to-goodness jobs that will help the digital people in The West? Jobs are at the heart of the whole western economy, offering valuable experience, cash and products to players. Starting with the more basic jobs, as you level up and gain more skills, you will be able to perform a whole lot of jobs. There are a total of 127 jobs in this game and thee jobs are sorted in groups of 3 to 6, depending on their type. For instance, silver, sulphur, lead and salt peter mining as well as digging for rare gemstones and prospecting are all found in the same work area ( “mining jobs”). You can find a particular job by using the minimap.

Jobs cost time and energy, and the duration of your job will also include a transit time for your character to travel to the location. You will, on the other hand, regenerate 3 energy points every hour. You can also set how many times you want to carry out the job and the game will queue up the number of jobs for you. For free-to-play players, you can queue up to 4 jobs, but if you want, you can use nuggets to buy up to 9 slots.

You may have noticed that different jobs require different skill requirements and if you don’t have the necessary skills, you won’t be able to carry out the job. However, if you do have some of the skills needed (you don’t need to have all of them) and you’ve spent a lot of points on these skills, the pickaxe bar on the job will fill up. The more the bar is filled, the higher are your rewards from this job. It’s that simple!

Similarly to any MMORPG, equipment, gear and even your ride are very important in The West. You’ll need to be on the constant lookout for superior items that you can pick up during your adventures. In fact, your gear do not only ensure your survival in duels, but the clothes you wear while doing a certain job will also give you a nice bonus to the pickaxe bar if the work clothes are the correct ones to wear! You can also save your equipments into equipment sets for easy swapping whenever you want to get that pickaxe bonus that was mentioned.

At level 20, you will be able to use all the products and materials you’ve gathered from working at jobs in crafting professions, such as field cook, tonic peddler, blacksmith and master saddler... you can only choose one. These vocations allow you to create useful items that your character can wear, use or sell to other players via the market. However, once you’ve selected a craft, it is permanent. So, do choose wisely!


The West boasts of having 18 million registered players and there are always hundreds to thousands of players in any particular town in the game. Considering that the game is pretty much text-based, the popularity that this game enjoys is astonishing! If you would like to meet up with your fellow players, feel free to head on over to the game’s Facebook fan page. With its around 140 thousand likes, you’ll surely be able to find and make new friends if you wish! You can also sign up with a town, and subsequently, an alliance in-game, and work together with your new buddies to take down an enemy fort in an exciting fort battle!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty good taking into account that The West is a rather old game and that it is a free-to-play and browser-based game. The game is leaning towards text-based (but it contains plenty of animations) and thus, besides the many different faces of bandits that you’ll facedown with, there aren’t exactly a lot of visuals in the game. The West does not provide any background music, but it contains sound effects. For instance, when you’re dueling, you can hear the to-and-fro sound of gunfire and that’s pretty cool!


In a nutshell, The West is an interesting text- (somewhat) and browser-based MMORPG that sends you back in time to the tough and grimy Wild West period where you can experience thrilling showdowns with bandits or other players, fight with your alliance in massive fort battles and help the society in the ol’ west grow by completing jobs! Make your character stronger by leveling him or her up and beefing up your character’s attributes, skills as well as the gear on his/ her back! Have fun crafting new items using the materials you’ve painstakingly gathered and sell them at the market to other players. The endless prairie awaits you - Rise to become the most infamous bounty hunter in The West today!

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New Game Added: The West

by Aethyna May 20, 2015
Follow the tracks of Jesse James and Billy the Kid in this fun Wild West adventure in The West! Play as a gunslinger and challenge bandits and other players to duels! Work together with other players to conquer huge forts and even to establish your very own western town! Experience your own exciting Wild West adventures today! The West: Saloon Bandits in The West The West: Showdown Read More
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