The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

by Aethyna
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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 10 rate Assemble a team of strong survivors and make a living for you and your people in the zombie-infested world of The Walking Dead. Be sure to stay on your toes though! Rival players and the undead alike would be more than happy to knock everything you’ve built down with every chance they get. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a fun and addictive party-based strategy/RPG where you’ll get to assemble a team of survivors and build a town that’s safe from the zombie problem outside the walls. Aside from being able to recruit familiar survivors from the popular TV show, you’ll even be able to train new fighters from among the survivors you’ve rescued, level them up and equip them with the most lethal weapons. Besides killing zombies, you can even duel other players’ teams as you raid their places for resources.


Featuring a brand-new storyline that is inspired (in terms of the moral dilemma and brutality) by the insanely-popular TV series, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival will not only introduce you to a whole host of characters; the game will also force you to make crucial decisions which will have immediate impact on the path of your storyline. You don’t exactly get a lot of choices when it comes to these types of decisions – only 2 in fact – but your choices will have a really profound effect on the part of the story that subsequently plays out after the decision has been made.


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is really simple to get into and fun to play once you know generally what you need to do. It starts off with a nice tutorial which highlights all the important aspects of the game, from “how you can recruit new survivors” to “how to do battle”. New mini-tutorials will pop up as you advance through the game since new features will be unlocked then.

Generally, you’ll be getting new survivors/fighters via the Gacha-styled Recruitment process, the training ground or sometimes, via loot drops after completing a mission. The best fighters come from Recruitment (premium recruitment to be exact) though since you can sometimes get survivors with up to 5 stars there, but you’ll need to spend premium currency to have a spin at the Gacha machine, unless you’ve got some free tokens that is.

Each fighter you get has their own Traits. There are 4 Traits in this game and they counteract each other in a Paper-Scissors-Stone manner. For instance, Tough fighters will gain bonus damage when facing down Fast enemies but they will suffer a penalty when attacking or taking damage from enemies with the Alert Trait.

These survivors each has their own adrenaline-fueled and powerful Special Skill too. This Skill can only become active when a fighter has accumulated enough adrenaline points by dishing out a certain amount of damage. When you choose to activate said Skill is entirely up to you though. This gives players some measure of control over this very strategic tool during combat.

Aside from skills and traits, these fighters can also be upgraded in a few ways. You can “consume” extra fighters that you have to “level up” a strong fighter or you can simply equip him or her with the best weapons you have. Weapon cards can be obtained through Recruitment or loot drops as well.

Interestingly, the game even provides you with little advantages through your survivor lineup. The fighter you placed in the first slot will automatically become the “Leader” of the team and as such, will radiate his/her leader’s skill throughout the entire team, usually bolstering their combat efficiency by a tiny but significant fraction.

Although you technically can bring 5 survivors max on any supply runs or expeditions you make, there’s a 6th slot where the game will sometimes grant you a free ally. Usually the ally is related to the mission you’re about to embark on in some capacity, but there will also be times when the game doesn’t provide you with any allies. If that’s the case, you can summon a friend from your Faction (a.k.a. guild) instead.

After you’re done with your lineup, you can choose which Battle Item you want to bring as well. Battle Items are generally items that can help you either by healing your team or by providing boosts. Some Battle Items can even be used on the enemy to reduce their stats for a couple of rounds.

Combat in this game is turn-based, but unlike many turn-based games where turns are determined individually, there is only 2 turns in this game – one for you and one for your opponent. In other words, all your, and your opponent’s, actions will be carried out in a single turn rather than having them interspersed among your opponent’s turns. It does simplify the playing process by a great deal.

Although I would not recommend this unless you are very well decked out, the game offers an auto-combat option that you can use to “speed” through the easier stages. You can’t exactly customize the behavior of your fighters while in this mode, however, and thus, your survivors may die in a battle. Of course, if you have had played that battle manually, your fighters might not have died… I’m just sayin’. This is just a risk of using auto-combat after all.

The game has tons of PvE content, ranging from a story-driven campaign that plays out on the world map to the limited-time events held on the roadmap. There are PvP activities as well, such as Raids where you can raid an opponent’s base for resources, and territories in which presumably, you’ll have to fight alongside your allies in the same Faction against players of another Faction in an attempt to secure control over pieces of land.

Being a freemium game, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has an in-app store selling a myriad of “advantages”, which includes stuff like extra premium currency, special value packages, and more. You can even subscribe to the game’s 30-day pass to be considered as a VIP in the game. As a VIP, you’ll be privy to a ton of perks that normal, free-to-play players won’t have.


Like most strategy/RPGs, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival provides players with Factions to join as part of their effort to encourage community-building. Being part of a Faction can be really beneficial for you as well. Aside from being able to access special Faction-only activities such as the Faction tournaments, you can also bring along your Faction’s best survivors as an additional ally when setting off on your missions. You can even ask for help with a rival player who had just raided your base.

Graphics/ Sound

The game has some really nice graphics which reminds me a bit of the comic-like effects used in Telltale’s The Walking Dead interactive story series. The music is really fitting as well. It can be quite intense – this is particularly true of the combat music used – and it simply manages to bring out the atmosphere of the game’s post-apocalyptic theme.


All in all, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is one of those rare TV-inspired games that just work! The game is truly fun to play and there are just so many things that you can do. The game is pretty fair to non-spenders too, though if you aim to be among the best players in the game, it’ll take a lot more effort on your part. So, if you love The Walking Dead and would like to play a mobile RPG with a storyline that deals in the same form of “harsh reality” that the show is so famous for, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a great choice.

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New Game Added: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

by Aethyna Jun 6, 2018
Assemble a team of strong survivors and make a living for you and your people in the zombie-infested world of The Walking Dead. Be sure to stay on your toes though! Rival players and the undead alike would be more than happy to knock everything you’ve built down with every chance they get. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival: Leveling up survivors Collection in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival The Walking Dead: Road to Survival: World map Read More
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