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The Settlers Online 10 rate Despite being 5 year old and counting, The Settlers Online is the epitome of a timeless and yet innovative MMO strategy game. Find out why The Settlers Online is among the top casual MMO strategy games there is on the internet today by playing the game now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Despite being 5 year old and counting, The Settlers Online, developed and published by Ubisoft, is the epitome of a timeless and yet innovative MMO strategy game. The game places a lot of emphasis on resource and land management, along with crafting and trading, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for you to use that army you’ve built in the game to go off on exciting adventures, fighting against hordes of bandits to acquire great rewards. You can capture colonies, or head off on PvP expeditions as well. Don’t forget to sign up and join a guild while you’re at it and work together with other players to advance your guild up the ranks. So, find out why The Settlers Online is among the top casual MMO strategy games there is on the internet today by playing the game!


After signing up as well as choosing an avatar and a server, you can instantly hop right into the game. As The Settlers Online has grown into a rather large game, there is quite a lot of stuff that you’ll need to learn. Thankfully, the game has a very organized tutorial system, in the form of quests to guide you through the intricacies of this wonderfully complex game.

The Settlers Online is a casual type of MMO strategy game and hence, the game places a lot of emphasis on resource management... perhaps a tad bit more than what you’re used to. There are many types of resources that you can harvest from the environment such as marble, stone, various types of logs, food like fishes, wildlife that you can hunt, and farm; and water from wells you put up around your island.

However, unlike some strategy games, the resources you gather can be depleted and due to this, you’ll need to keep replenishing your resources. For instance, for trees, you’ll need to set up foresters to keep your forests growing as you are cutting them down for lumber. It is a rather delicate balance to keep and in Settlers Online, you can easily keep an eye on this precarious balance via the economic overview. The economic overview may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s really easy to understand if you do spend some time on it and if you spend close attention during the tutorial.

For ore deposits, on the other hand, you will need to find new deposits using geologists which you can hire via the Tavern. These geologists will take some time to complete their assigned task, especially if the ore is more valuable. You can recruit several geologists and each individual geologist can be upgraded to reduce the search time or to increase the amount of ore in the deposit they found via their skill tree. The skill tree allows up to 31 skills that you can invest your upgrade books (manuscript, tome and codex) in and naturally, you’ll need to use better quality upgrade books for higher level skills. These books can be crafted, but you may now notice that they require some advanced materials that you can’t just pluck it off from the in-game environment.

This is why you’ll need buildings such as sawmill, finesmith and brewery to convert the basic resources you’ve gathered into more advanced resources and materials, like wood planks, metal bars, alcoholic beverages, paper and also weapons. Almost all of the buildings in this game require people to operate them and thus, you will need to increase your population by building houses to attract new citizens. Not to mention, you can also increase the efficiency and productivity of your buildings by upgrading your buildings or placing them near to the deposits they need or storehouses. Storehouses as their name imply help you store resources in the game. You can upgrade them as well to increase storage space.

Trying to get a net output for any resource can be pretty difficult, and sometimes, you may need some help. You can easily buy the resources you need off the trading office in the game. Inversely, you could also sell off any excess items you may have. However, be warned that the market conditions in the game can be pretty competitive at times, so players who are not as business-minded might find the trading office a bit tedious as a way to earn more coins.

The Settlers Online allows each player to list 1 item (for up to 4 times max) up for free on the trading office. Subsequent listing will, in turn, cost you precious gold coins. So, unless you’re positive you can sell the items, it might not be feasible to put up items at too much of a cost. The game’s trading office is also very well-designed and is filled with convenient filters to help you find the items you need.

Running out of space? Well, you can expand the land you control but you’ll first need to drive the bandits, who are currently squatting on the land, away using your army. Once done, you can then place any building on that zone. There is a total of 9 sectors that you can unlock, including the first 2 you are given. Don’t get too excited yet though – there’s still some stuff you’ll need to do before you can mobilize your army!

Firstly, you’ll need to recruit your units via the barracks. The Settlers Online offers 9 types of units in total, such as the bowman, cavalry, and soldier. Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the cavalry is a rather squishy unit type, but they have an advantage over units with lower HP and can hit the enemy first. The units you’ve recruited will occupy the people in your population so be sure to keep an eye on your available population.

Moreover, you’ll also need a leader... or more specifically, a General, to lead your troops into combat. Generals can be recruited via the Tavern using coins. Through them, you can order your troops to advance and attack a bandit outpost, transfer units between generals and also order a retreat when the battle outcome seems bleak. There is also a nifty combat preview option that you can use to predict your army’s chances of victory. It may not be exactly 100% accurate, but it does give you a nice estimate of how many more units you’ll need to send to the bandit outpost to take it down once and for all!

The combat system in this game is pretty straightforward since everything is automated. The only few things you can control is how many units and which types of units you send. That said, there are many strategy guides out there on the internet that will prove to be extremely useful when taking on increasingly difficult bandit encampments. These guides will help you save a lot of resources and identify which correct lineup of units to send into battle.

Once you’ve cleared your home island, what now? Letting your impressive army just sit there and gather dust seems like a huge waste of resources. Well, Settlers Online has just the thing for you – adventures! There are many types of adventures, such as experience, event, and epic adventures, and you can usually buy them off the trading office. You could also use premium currency or map fragments to buy them at the in-game store. Map fragments can, in turn, be obtained via explorers, another type of important figures that you can hired from the Tavern. Explorers are not only useful to obtain map fragments, they can also be sent off to secure valuable treasures (a.k.a. free resources)

There are many features available in the Settlers Online, such as colonies, PvP expeditions, achievements, and collectibles that you can then craft into valuable boosts at the Mayor’s house. So, be sure to try the game out and discover them all!


Like most MMO strategy games, the Settlers Online provides guilds for players to join up. Guilds play a rather important role in this game as it allows players to help each other by visiting their guild mates’ islands and buff up to 5 buildings a day. You can also work together with your guildies to complete guild quests and earn yourself precious guild coins. These coins can then be traded for some special items at the in-game shop or via the trading office. If you really enjoy the game, you might also want to meet the rest of the community in this game by dropping by the game’s forum or via the chat system in-game.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the Settlers Online may not look as polished as some of the newer strategy games out there. Some players may go as far as to call the graphics in the game as “dated”. However, considering that the game is around 5 years old, the visuals in this game is pretty good, especially when you take into account the game’s unique art style. There aren’t any soundtracks in the Settlers Online though. Instead, players are treated to the soothing and idyllic sounds of birds chirping happily away in the background.


In short, the Settlers Online is a very well-made and somewhat addictive, web-based MMO strategy game that showcases how a great casual strategy game should be made. It has all the exciting features that made the game fun to play like resource management, challenging combat with AIs and other human players, friendly guilds, as well as a competitive trading system. The best part though is that the game doesn’t force you to play any of their other “campaigns”, such as adventures and expeditions, once your main island is cleared. You can choose to develop your island nation into a more resource production-based empire and dominate the trading office rather than the battlefield. It’s entirely up to you! There are very good reasons why the game has stuck around for so long when other games have faded away into obscurity, so be sure to find out by checking out the Settlers Online today!

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Despite being 5 year old and counting, The Settlers Online is the epitome of a timeless and yet innovative MMO strategy game. Find out why The Settlers Online is among the top casual MMO strategy games there is on the internet today by playing the game now! Farms in the Settlers Online The Settlers Online: Adventure map Mayor's house in the Settlers Online Read More
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