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The Sandbox 10 rate Create your own world by using or combining the elements you have, play with pre-made worlds or feast your eyes on the wonderful players’ creations in this brilliant pixel-art sandbox game, The Sandbox. If you enjoy sandbox-slash-alchemical type games and you love pixel art, The Sandbox is the game for you! Try it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Create your own world by using or combining the elements you have, play with pre-made worlds or feast your eyes on the wonderful players’ creations in this amazing pixel-art sandbox game, The Sandbox! In this game, you’ll get to solve puzzles, gain mana and unlock access to over 200 different types of elements, almost all of which will not only react to each other differently, but also react to the environmental conditions, such as temperature, weather, sun and others, you’ve set. Don’t forget to share your best creations with the game’s community and watch the votes roll in. If you enjoy sandbox-slash-alchemical type games and you love pixel art, The Sandbox is definitely a game you won’t want to miss out on. Try it today!


The Sandbox has 3 different game modes to offer, namely Create (or the Creative mode); Play (Campaign mode) and the Gallery, where you can marvel at all the amazing works of pixel art the players in this game have come up with. Out of the 3 game modes, I would recommend trying out the campaign first as the very first campaign is the game’s tutorial. Although the game is very straightforward, you will still need to learn some of the basics of the game.

One of the most important things you’ll need to know is the basic elements. There are over 200 types of them in this game, and you can mix and match them to create more varieties. Once you’ve discovered a new element, you’ll then need to spend mana, which can be earned by playing and completing any level in any campaign in the game, to actually unlock it. You can also get a sum of mana for free by merely checking into the game daily, completing the daily quest, watching video adverts, logging into your Facebook, or by spending real money. The mana you get can even be used to skip a level or unlock hints to complete your level goals as well if the tasks proved to be too difficult to complete.

The most interesting part though is how the elements you get can interact with one another upon contact. As you might have guessed, each element reacts differently to different elements. For instance, adding water to a hollowed out slab of stone will form a pool of water, while adding oil and fire to the slab of stone and you’ll get molten and very hot lava instead. The reaction between the elements is based on real life laws of chemistry and physics, so by simply using common sense and logic, you can easily figure out how to discover more elements, much like Popcap’s hugely popular game, Alchemy. However, the game also provides an Elementpedia that you can refer to if needed.

Not to mention, in The Sandbox, there are other factors that you can adjust for your virtual world as well. These include temperature, the sun, the weather, lighting and more. These factors, depending on whether they are turned on or off and in the case of the temperature, whether it is high or low, will change how the things in your world react to their environment. So, let’s say you’ve grown a nice little forest in your world. By elevating the temperature to “hot” or “very hot”, the trees you’ve planted will auto-combust, resulting in a massive forest fire. You can then decide to try to extinguish the flames with water or to add layers of compressed stone and soil to turn the ashes into oil.

Of course, that’s not including the tools of the game, including the familiar Fill Bucket, Line Drawing tool (No more oddly-shaped squares!), and more. With these tools, elements and environmental settings at hand, you can create whatever you like. You can create animated 2D schematic versions of machines and factories; you could even draw computer circuits and light them up with the Power element. In fact, in this game, it is also possible for you to create an animated artistic impression of what a primordial soup-like Earth looks like if you like, as long as you have the necessary elements to do so. The possibilities are simply astounding!

There are also helpful save and load options in this game along with the reset button where you can start the level from the very beginning. Of course, if you’re playing in Creative mode, you’ll also have extra options, including one to upload and share your created virtual world to the vibrant and very creative community in the game. You could even take a photo of your world using the Camera option and show the still image to your friends.

Aside from the tutorial campaign, there are quite a number of other campaigns available in The Sandbox, but slightly more than half of them are paid campaigns. This means that you’ll need to shell over some real money to buy the campaign before you can play it. However, the game is generous enough to offer quite a number of free campaigns filled with devilish puzzles and fun adventures you can enjoy; one of which includes the adventures of a tiny and cute cubic robot called a Brainiac.

For Gallery mode, you can load any of the virtual worlds other players have created and put your spin to them. If you like a player’s work, you might want to consider voting for him or her too. There are also challenges that you can complete and reap the rewards – there’s no such thing as having too much mana!

The only downside for this game is the full page ads. They tend to pop up randomly and unexpectedly, and thus, can be pretty annoying. If you have a strong dislike for ads and yet you want to continue playing the game, all you need to do is to make a single purchase in The Sandbox and all your ad troubles will be gone forever. If you’re looking to further support the devs behind the game, you might want to purchase some of the more special elements, such as the human, gaming, color, and tech elements.


Being a game the thrives on player-created content, The Sandbox has a burgeoning community of very creative people, some of which has created marvelous works of pixel art using only the games many elements and the tools provided. If you love being around artsy people and checking out their breathtaking masterpieces, you’ll definitely feel at home in this game. Oh and don’t forget to drop by the forums and meet up with your fellow players too!

Graphics/ Sound

The pixel art in The Sandbox is simply incredible. The attention to details makes each and every design in the game looks stunning. In terms of sound though, the game doesn’t provide any background music – only sound effects for when something happens in your virtual world, such a fire or rain.


The Sandbox is a pretty straightforward and simple sandbox game with some amazing pixel art and challenging puzzles. And yet, it offers players quite a lot of depth in terms of the huge variety of basic elements and tools you can have access to as well as the crazy amount of combinations and effects you can get. This is a game that allows you to fully express your creativity and world building skills, while still sticking to the general laws of physics (gravity, for instance) and chemistry. You can even share your masterpieces to the world as well! So, if this sounds interesting to you, do feel free to check out The Sandbox. You’ll definitely love it!

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New Game Added: The Sandbox

by Aethyna Apr 27, 2016
Create your own world by using or combining the elements you have, play with pre-made worlds or feast your eyes on the wonderful players’ creations in this brilliant pixel-art sandbox game, The Sandbox. If you enjoy sandbox-slash-alchemical type games and you love pixel art, The Sandbox is the game for you! Try it now! Rocket in The Sandbox The Sandbox: Basic elements Player creation in The Sandbox Read More
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