The Lost Detective

by Aethyna
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The Lost Detective 5.5 rate A hundred years ago, Arthur Bell, the greatest detective of all time disappeared without a trace. Nothing was heard of him until now... It seems that a mysterious yet ruthless killer is on the loose and all his victims have an interest in the supposedly dead Mr Bell. Do your best to hunt down this killer before he strikes again! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A hundred years ago, Arthur Bell, the greatest detective of all time disappeared without a trace. Nothing was heard of him until now... As a rookie agent of Scotland Yard, your very first case surprisingly involves the famous Arthur Bell. It seems that a mysterious yet ruthless killer is on the loose and he has a vengeful hatred against Mr Bell, whom he heard was not dead as suspected. You’ll need to use your detective skills to find hidden objects, decipher puzzles, gather clues and explore locations while following the intricate murder cases. With your team from the precinct behind your back along with a nutty professor of English literature who claims to be none other than the famous Arthur Bell, you’ll track the cold-hearted killer down and bring him to justice in The Lost Detective!


In the year 1895, the famous detective, Arthur Bell disappeared without a trace. His faithful companion, Robert Littlejohn tirelessly looked for the witty investigator but nothing was heard of him. Years passed by and his disappearance remained a mystery... until your first day at New Scotland Yard when a strange murder occurred at the docks of London.


The game starts off by providing you with a short and simple tutorial to introduce you to the basics of the game. The most important element in this game is the case board. Here, you’ll not only find your pending tasks, you’ll also be able to access all your unlocked scenes and episodes... it’s a lot like Journals of the Unknown since the game is developed by the same company after all!

Scenes are generally unlocked while you’re playing episodes and episodes are, in turn, basically story-based mini hidden object adventures. Each scene or episode you play will cost you a certain amount of energy and these energy points will regenerate by themselves over time. Tired of waiting for the energy to refill? Well, you can also opt to buy snacks using premium currency and continue playing!

Episodes in The Lost Detective will require you to find and pick up items, which will cost you energy points as well, and keep them in your inventory. Sparkles usually mark the spots where you will find useful hidden objects that you can obtain by playing a scene. Once you have the item you need, simply click and drag the item towards the place you want to use it on. You can also ignore the dragging step of the process and just click again when your cursor is at the right position.

For episodes that might be a bit tough to crack, the game provides 2 adventure tools for you to use, namely sparkle and magnet. Sparkle highlights what to do next during the adventure and is perfect for you to use if you’re lost. Magnet on the other hand, unveils and collects all the materials in your current screen – it is great to use when you can’t find the vital piece of clue that you need to proceed!

For scenes, there are various game modes that you can enjoy, including the basic Word List mode whereby the names of the items you need to find are helpfully listed, as well as the more challenging Scrambled Word List mode, in which the letters of the names are scrambled, forcing you to identify the scrambled word first before you can actually search for the item in the scene.

There are also various other game modes, such as the silhouette mode, whereby instead of names, you’ll get shadow figures of the objects that you need to. The night mode, which drastically darkened the scene, allows you to have a small circle of light at your mouse cursor to aid you in your search for your list of hidden objects. There is even a timed mode whereby you’ll have to find all the required hidden objects within the limited time provided.

In scenes, and similarly in episodes as well, you might want to maximize the sore points you get as you can earn up to 5 stars per scene or episode. To do so, you’ll need to complete each scene or episode as quickly and as accurately as you can. For scenes, you can also boost your score points a bit more by capitalizing on its combo system. If you find your assigned hidden objects consecutively and rapidly, you’ll earn increasing amounts of multipliers. These multipliers will then be multiplied with your score. However, if you accidentally click on a wrong object, whatever combo you’ve accumulated will be completely removed.

If necessary, you can even boost your score points by using the various hidden object tools available, such as the compass which will randomly highlight an object you are looking for in a hidden object scene, filter goggles that reveals the true colors of the silhouettes of the objects, flare which lights up the scene for 30 seconds in night mode and the magic word tray that will magically unscramble the names of the objects you are looking for. There is also an extra time tool that you can use to add 30 seconds to the countdown in any timed scenes you play in.

Furthermore, these stars are important in The Lost Detective as you’ll need them to perform certain actions. Thus, you’ll definitely need to replay scenes and episodes many times in order to collect more stars. After initiating an action, you’ll need to wait for it for quite awhile before completing the quest. Sometimes, you’ll be given mini-games, like puzzles, to play instead of just waiting. Most of the time, the puzzle will require you to piece things together or connect something to another thing, like the circuits on a circuit board.


The community for The Lost Detective is not very huge, but it is not very small either. The game has around 50 thousand monthly active players and there are also 27 thousand likes on the game’s Facebook fan page. If you encountered any problems in-game or felt the need to play with a couple of friends, you can meet and chat with your fellow players at the fan page and perhaps add them to your friends’ list as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game contains rather excellent graphics as all the scenes are very well-designed and drawn so that they are not too difficult, and also, not to easy either! In terms of its soundtrack, The Lost Detective offers mysterious and eerie music that may just cause goosebumps on your skin. The music for the scenes are different as well, though they all feel equally mysterious.


All in all, The Lost Detective is a very enjoyable and addictive hidden objects game inspired from the tales of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Play as a Scotland Yard rookie in this game and work with your team of experienced cops and forensic scientist, as well as a delusional ex-professor of literature, who has an uncanny ability to think like Arthur Bell does, to get the murderous masked man behind bars! Investigate hidden objects-filled crime scenes for clues and decipher devious puzzles left behind by the masked man! Analyze various evidences by using stars and playing mini-games, and explore the many locations in modern London as well! Are you as good a detective as the fabled Arthur Bell? Well, find out now in The Lost Detective!

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New Game Added: The Lost Detective

by Aethyna Jul 13, 2015
A hundred years ago, Arthur Bell, the greatest detective of all time disappeared without a trace. Nothing was heard of him until now... It seems that a mysterious yet ruthless killer is on the loose and all his victims have an interest in the supposedly dead Mr Bell. Do your best to hunt down this killer before he strikes again! Office in The Lost Detective The Lost Detective: Connect the dots Victim's bag in The Lost Detective Read More

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This game became too difficult and sometimes does not let you do things you need to do to advance. At first it was okay and I loved it but now it is too much. Unfortunate because I loved the game!Full Review
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