The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

by Mikhail
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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia 10 rate The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a whimsical Souls-like experience, putting you in the world of video games, slowly experiencing a dreaded event. Fight through hordes of enemies using your stick figure of a hero while dealing with the snide commentator, and use a wide variety of weapons at your disposal! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Souls-like games have never appealed to me. I’ve played Bloodborne and 30 minutes of Elden Ring before giving up; they’re too hardcore and are not exactly my cup of tea. They’re too tricky and are pretty inaccessible to new players and gamers looking for instant gratification.

Thankfully, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia exists. Though it is a quintessential Souls-like game, it is a tad bit noob-friendly and feels more manageable than most of its peers without losing its challenging nature. Moreover, it provides a somewhat whimsical tale that deserves to be told thanks to the excellent use of satire and its richly-designed world that is a joy to explore.

Available on Steam starting October 19th, 2022, should you take up arms and become The Last Hero of Nostalgaia? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


You suddenly awaken from a deep slumber and look like a formless, humanoid stick figure. Scary, right? Well, it kind of is, and considering everything in the world you woke in is out to kill you, you’re in for quite an adventure. To add, your rather difficult experience is further exacerbated by the narrator, who seems to despise every fiber of your being, and does not miss wishing you death at every step of your journey. In a way, you’ll be alone in your journey to stop pixelation in this video game world, and no one, including the narrator, will help you achieve this.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is set in a vast world divided into several areas, and the setting itself is full of lore. The same can be said about every item you can pick up, whether a weapon, an object, or a spell you can unleash. You can read about them by simply tapping on a button when you’re accessing them on the menu. However, don’t expect anything profound since the story is satirical.


The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is your typical third-person Souls-like game, borrowing countless elements from its primary source of inspiration. However, it is not a direct copy by any means; its charms and in-game additions make it stand out from its peers. Though its combat mechanics and difficulty align with the genre, it feels more accessible and would undoubtedly appeal to someone who wants to give Souls games a shot.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia starts with a funny customization screen. Apparently, you can “customize” your character, and I tried to do so intently. However, despite adjusting the sliders and marking the checkboxes, I noticed no changes to my good ol’ stick figure. Of course, this was my first ever taste of the game’s somewhat satirical nature, which then shows up whenever you progress in the form of rather snide and sarcastic comments from the narrator.

At the start of your journey, you’ll immediately be treated to The Last Hero of Nostalgaia’s combat, and yes, it’s almost similar to Souls-like games. I’m not saying it’s a direct copycat, but if it truly is, it’s a good thing. Fights feel smooth and streamlined and end rather quickly compared to the slogging slugfests in Bloodborne. With that said, encounters follow the usual hit, dodge, block, and hit until your opponent goes down. One-on-one battles are simple enough, but if you’re up against multiple opponents, you’ll be in for a challenge, especially since you can’t perpetually block attacks due to them being limited by stamina.

There are plenty of character build and customization options in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. Your first entry lets you choose whether to go for a balanced approach, a strength-based build, or a dexterous one that enables you to backstab and rush in and out of battle. This is further enhanced by the weapon options which are associated with a particular stat. You will get to pick between swords, axes, and daggers while also wielding a shield that lets you block incoming attacks. However, you can change your stance and opt to be shieldless, especially if you love taking risks. As for how your character looks, you can have them wear armor the further you get into the game.

In The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, beacons take the form of campfires/torches, and these act as save spots, teleportation points, areas where you can adjust your stats, and places where you can quell the pixelation. There’s a lot of backtracking involved in the game, so you’ll likely see a lot of them as you progress. Moreover, there's not much of an online element here, except for the ability to leave notes for other players to read when you go online.


One of the best things about The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is its presentation. It uses 2D space, pixel art, and 3D visuals to great effect, molded into a unique, well-crafted world that seamlessly switches how it looks. For example, you might find yourself in an area akin to the first Doom game, only to go up against a boss that looks like a zombie from Telltales’ Walking Dead. The sound design also exceeds expectations, with the narrator gaining full marks.


Overall, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a must-play for Souls fans and anyone who would like to get in on the genre. This title is like a gateway to more challenging games yet stands on its own, delivering a relatively fresh experience to a crowded field.

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New Game Added: The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

by Mikhail Oct 17, 2022
The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a whimsical Souls-like experience, putting you in the world of video games, slowly experiencing a dreaded event. Fight through hordes of enemies using your stick figure of a hero while dealing with the snide commentator, and use a wide variety of weapons at your disposal! Combat in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Looking over a cliff in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Entering a dangerous room in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Read More
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