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The Greedy Cave 10 rate Featuring the brilliantly-gloomy combo of atmosphere and aesthetics that Don't Starve became popular for, The Greedy Cave puts you in the shoes of an aspiring treasure hunter who would brave any danger within the dungeon in hopes of getting the coveted legendary treasure. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Known also as Rogue’s Light, The Greedy Cave is a dark yet fun, roguelike dungeon crawler that managed to nail both the gloomy mood as well as the aesthetics which are among the main factors that had made Don’t Starve such a popular hit. The game will put you in the shoes of an aspiring treasure hunter who would brave any danger within the dungeon in hopes of getting the coveted legendary treasure. Embark on your thrilling adventure now in The Greedy Cave!


The Greedy Cave doesn’t really give you a lot of backstory at first except the fact that you’re an aspiring treasure hunter of sorts and you’ve arrived in a town where a legendary treasure supposedly lay. However, as you descend into the multilayered bowels of the dungeon, you may happen on some notes which will gradually reveal the story.


To begin your exciting journey into the depths of a scary dungeon, you will need to create a character first. You can’t play as a female unfortunately, but you do get a sufficient number of customization options when you’re creating your avatar’s looks. However, I’ve noticed on my tablet that I was able to then type in my character’s name but can’t really submit it. Maybe it’s just a tablet thing though – you might have better luck with a phone instead.

Now, The Greedy Cave is quite different from any dungeon crawler you may have played before and as such, the game has a pretty amazing world, in a gloomy sort of way, to go along with it. Well, the word “world” here might be a bit misleading since you only see the “town” part of the world. In this town, you can procure the services of the local blacksmith, who will be more than glad to upgrade your equipment for a price or swap out (or as the game calls it, “reform”) a stat on your equipment in exchange for crystals (premium currency).

Here, you can also store your loot in the storage box in front of the Tavern, buy items from the old lady in front of the big tent, try your luck at the wheel of fortune, or pick up and complete quests at the bulletin board. You simply need to swipe to move between different locations while in town.

One point to note though, I really like that the world is interactive in the sense that you can destroy the barrels in town. You won’t get any loot, but it’s still fun, in an impulsive way, to smash them with your finger nonetheless. However, once you’re ready to face the horrors that await you, simply tap on the portal, choose a difficulty, and dive right in! Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the better loot – drools over unique equipment sets - you’ll get. It’s just dungeon crawler 101.

Dungeons in this game are randomly generated and hence, no matter how many times you jump into a one, you will never get a dungeon with the exactly same layout – the odds of that happening is just so infinitesimal. Every time you step into the portal, you’ll be spawned in a safe zone with a Secret Store. The store sells really basic stuff like low quality armor and weapons as well as potions. If you aim to cover more floors in a single run-through, I’d recommend snapping up the potions, at least the ones which cost gold to buy.

The items though… well, not so much. This is mainly because the game has a rather weird but effective looting system – every time you teleport back to town, you can only bring along gold quality (and above) items with you, regardless of whether the items are equipped or not. However, while in the dungeon, you can use whatever equipment and enchantment materials you find.

And like any good dungeon crawlers, there are tons of loot for you to collect. Aside from the usual equipment, there are several varieties of enchantment materials which can only be used when you find an enchantment table to use. At this table, you can attempt fusing these materials to your equipment (it’s wise to only upgrade gold or above items) at the cost of mana, giving them 1 extra stat if you’re successful.

You can enchant an item multiple times but bear in mind that enchantments don’t stack, so if your item already has an enchantment, don’t bother wasting your mana on it, especially earlier on in the game. Oh, and a quick tip, it’s best to use 3 of the same materials to maximize your chances for success.

Occasionally, you may also come across a Golden Statue. This statue is indeed golden (pardon the pun) because it gives you the opportunity to convert any single equipment you have into golden quality, allowing you to bring it back to town. Naturally, you’ll want to use this special ability on items that matter, namely items that you are using.

Killing monsters is a huge part of The Greedy Cave’s gameplay, but interestingly, instead of having you fight these monsters manually like in Diablo or Path of Exile, the game activates a turn-based auto-combat function and you simply need to wait until the battle ends. However, once you unlock an active skill (you can unlock several of them as you level up), battles will feel a bit more active since you’ll need to decide whether wasting mana for a skill is worthwhile.

There’s also a Flee button near the bottom of the screen. You can use it to escape from a battle that you can’t win, but you must tap on this button before your health is depleted. The Flee button doesn’t work instantaneously, you know, and you’ll still be taking damage while your character is preparing to run for his life. Why use the Flee button at all though? Well, this is because The Greedy Cave happens to also be a hardcore game and as such, you will lose literally everything (except your skills and stats I reckon) if you die… so try not to die, will you?

As you might have guessed, the dungeons in The Greedy Cave aren’t bare at all, but they aren’t filled with just monsters either. Sometimes, you may find chests that contain loot; sometimes, that chest may turn into a monster and start attacking you. There are also traps of course, but by the time you reach level 11, you probably have a very good idea of which items are harmful (certain cracks on the floor or obvious traps) and which are not (colorful sigils on the floor which gives you a permanent stat boost).

Sometimes, you may happen on a wall that has sparks coming out of it. If this happens, be sure to tap on it. It will reveal a secret chamber where you can get some free loot and instant access to the floor below. That being said, I find it odd that the game adds in fog which will narrow your view. This feature seems a bit pointless since I’m sure many players simply switch over to looking at their minimap to navigate safely through foggy areas.

Another important thing that I’ve noticed while reviewing this game is the lack of a ladder or staircase to ascend back to a previous floor. What do you do if you want to go back to the town then? Well, you only have 2 ways to do so, one of which – dying – is definitely the least preferable option. The other, much better option is by using a town teleportation scroll called the Escape Scroll, which can usually be found in breakable pots in the dungeon. If you stick around in the dungeon long enough, you’ll usually find one for free, so you don’t need to worry about being forced to buy one.

The game places a waypoint every 10 levels, so basically, you’ll have a safe point in the dungeon to return to at level 11, 21, 31… so on and so forth. This will allow you to teleport directly to say… level 21 from the town, instead of forcing you to run through all 21 levels again. Having said that, getting a waypoint saved isn’t as easy since you will have to defeat a boss first… well, the level 11 boss was pretty easy but the other bosses? Not so much.

The Greedy Cave is designed to be somewhat idle-like in a hardcore kind of way, but as free-to-play players, you might be worried that you’ll get “paywall-ed” after investing hours into the game. Well, you can put your mind at ease!

This game manages to keep premium and F2P players well-balanced. You can choose to buy crystals using real cash if you can afford to, but the game also provides you with the chance to earn crystals for free, which you may need to unlock more inventory slots or refine your equipment set. You can get free crystals by completing quests and achievements, watching video ads (15 crystals per ad), or sharing the game on your Facebook page (30 crystals daily).


Although you can see your fellow players milling around in town, there isn’t a multiplayer option, at least not in the beginning, in this game and hence, you can’t really work with them cooperatively to take down bosses or something. But who knows? Maybe the developers have further plans to build a social aspect into this game.

Graphics/ Sound

The Greedy Cave took a pretty bold move in adopting the unique art style was previously the hallmark of the breakout indie game, Don’t Starve, and I daresay that this pays off handsomely for them. The art style is incredibly distinct, especially on the Android platform since Don’t Starve Pocket Edition has yet to reach Google Play, and The Greedy Cave just manages to capture the emo/doom and gloom atmosphere that fans of the game love.

In the sound department, the game did really well matching its dark theme with an equally dark soundtrack. Aside from complementing each other, both the graphics and the sound in this game is also very well packaged, further enhancing the players’ overall experience.


The Greedy Cave is possibly one of the most innovative, though grindy… like most games in the same genre are, dungeon crawlers I have had experienced that’s available exclusively on the mobile platform. It seems to have successfully merged the gloomy charm of Don’t Starve with a challenging yet somewhat idle-like dungeon crawler gameplay. Aside from having a robust progression system for both the character and the equipment he uses, the game rewards caution and yet encourages exploration as well.

Although this game does make me feel like it’s supposed to be a buy-to-play game (and honestly, I think it should), the developers did a great job of balancing its freemium policy so that free-to-play players can actually do pretty well in the game without feeling like they are forced to pay in order to fully enjoy the game. So, to sum up, The Greedy Cave is definitely a must-play in our books, especially if you happen to be a huge fan of dungeon crawlers.

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New Game Added: The Greedy Cave

by Aethyna Jan 19, 2018
Featuring the brilliantly-gloomy combo of atmosphere and aesthetics that Don't Starve became popular for, The Greedy Cave puts you in the shoes of an aspiring treasure hunter who would brave any danger within the dungeon in hopes of getting the coveted legendary treasure. The Greedy Cave: Gameplay Blacksmith in The Greedy Cave The Greedy Cave: Gold Touch statue Read More
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