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The Elder Scrolls: Legends 10 rate Step once more into the world of Tamriel as you begin another adventure in this amazing world. Become a forgotten hero on a journey that enters the elder scrolls and enjoy an amazing MMO CCG where your decisions and choices impact the very future. Use force of arms or strange magics to defeat your opponents in both PvP and story missions. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Brought to you by Bethesda studios themselves immerse yourself in the much loved epic world of Tamriel. Take part in a brilliant MMO CCG where you can enjoy the story mode for great rewards as well as take part and dominate the arena rankings. Manage your decks and take them into battle in a unique and in depth game where your decisions make the difference between winning and losing.


You become a forgotten hero, from ages past your tale is one set to alter the future. Escaping from a fighting pit your adventure begins taking you across the seas and into dangerous territory. Battle enemies on all fronts and try to stop a mysterious dark event that imperils everything you know.


When you enter The Elder Scrolls: Legends you are dropped into a story mode that will not only immerse you in the world but give you a complete tutorial. There are several different stages to it and each one will give you some cards. It will also go over the basics of the game, playing cards, keywords and lanes etc. At the end of this you will be able to access the rest of the game and you will have 2 complete premade decks to play with too.

You play a forgotten hero, a character that was once a prisoner and is now on the run from those that held them, and everyone else. You gain companions through the story each adding their part to the tale and cards to your collection. As you would expect there are creatures, spells and items that go into a deck and you play them with the aim of removing the health of your opponent.

There are also several unique twists to this game that give it a very tactical and engaging feel. In each game there will usually be 2 lanes, one on the left and one on the right. Each one can hold 4 creatures and these can only attack opponents in the same lane or the enemy hero. Sometimes these lanes have their own conditions, such as giving stealth for 1 turn to minions. In the story mode these also have special rules according to the story too.

Playing a card will cost you Magica, you begin with 1 and work up to 12 at a rate of 1 a turn. The more powerful cards cost more Magica, and there are some ways to increase it and if you go second in the game you get a ring that will give you 1 extra up to 3 times per game. Managing your Magica is an important aspect of play and getting the most out of it is going to have an impact on how many times you win.

Creatures have 2 base values: Power and Health. Power is how much damage they will deal when they attack and Health is how much they damage they can take before they die. Many cards also have special abilities or keywords on them that have special effects. Such as dealing damage when they enter play or healing you or another creature on the board. There are quite a few keywords, such as Guard or Prophecy. These are general terms that apply to all of the creatures that have it, and if you need to know what they mean you can go to the Glossary in game where it has all of the terms for you.

One of the best features of the game is the system built around the runes on your hero. There are 5 runes, and each 5 damage you take a rune is destroyed, and you draw a card. So taking more damage gives you more cards. But that is not all, if you draw a card that has the Prophecy keyword, with one of these destroyed runes you get to play that card, instantly for free. Some of these are effects like heal, but they can also be 7 or 8 cost tough creatures too that you get for free.

Once you complete the first of the story modes you are then able to explore more of the game. This being an MMO CCG there are games against other players both casual and in the competitive league. You can challenge friends or practice with a deck in matches against the game. Doing all of these will reward you with gold and potentially Soul Gems which are used for crafting cards.

There are also lots of ways for you to get new cards, completing the story mode will net you several complete pre built decks. You can also use your gold to buy cards at 1 pack per 100 gold. You can also craft cards using Soul Gems, these are taken from the practice matches or destroying cards you no longer need or want. There is also the option to use real money to purchase aspects of the game including more story adventures and entire collections of cards.

You can also earn gold by completing quests, these are given out on a daily basis and will let you get a lot of gold, and sometimes other rewards. These are a pretty good way to learn the game and they give everyone the opportunity to build up a decent deck.

Overall, the combo of story and PvP in the game really works, though if you are purely inyo PvP it can be a little frustrating that so many cards are gated, but if you have the patience or enjoy the practice then this is an amazing game for you.


Being a Bethesda game set in Tamriel, this game is frankly huge. There are lots of players in game and you can chat to and make friends with people. Their own site has an active and engaged forum community and there are a lot of places where you can find info on decks, strategies and the game in general.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends is stunning, it looks great, plays great and the story is animated. The fully voiced character cards and sound effects of the actions add a huge amount to the brilliant 3D look of the game. The design is immersive and it just flows beautifully from one phase to the next and the in game animations are also spectacular. Overall it is gorgeous and a really nice place to be.


If you are new to the setting or this kind of game it really won’t matter as the way it is presented, the gameplay and the styling all work really well. As an experienced player of either or both the style and setting you are in for a treat too as there are names, places and creatures you will recognise and a huge amount of depth and gameplay to keep you here. A simply stunning game full of action and fun this is well worth a try.

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by Adeaphon Aug 19, 2017
Step once more into the world of Tamriel as you begin another adventure in this amazing world. Become a forgotten hero on a journey that enters the elder scrolls and enjoy an amazing MMO CCG where your decisions and choices impact the very future. Use force of arms or strange magics to defeat your opponents in both PvP and story missions. Assassination in The Elder Scrolls: Legends Card Art from The Elder Scrolls: Legends Orc in The Elder Scrolls: Legends Read More
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