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The Colonists 10 rate The Colonists is a robot colony simulation game where you’ll guide a colony of robots who escaped Earth to find better lives on a faraway planet. Construct buildings, gather resources and research technologies and make robots happy in real-time. Pick between campaign missions or enjoy the game on your own in sandbox mode. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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(Disclaimer: This is a review of the Nintendo Switch version)

Quite frankly, putting a city-building and 4x strategy game on a handheld, like the Nintendo Switch, is a tricky business. After all, these games are best played using a mouse and keyboard, and using a controller isn’t recommended.

With that said, The Colonists is one of those simulation/strategy games that is beautifully ported to a device that uses a controller. It manages to be comprehensive yet intuitive thanks to rather friendly and easy-to-learn controls mapped out with players’ convenience in mind. In turn, it enables players to fully enjoy what it has to offer: an unadulterated colony and city-building simulation where you guide a robot civilization to thrive in a peaceful alien world.

However, will The Colonists fit your cup of tea, and should you give the game a shot? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


In the distant future, humans have managed to develop robots that can reproduce themselves via printing and think autonomously.

However, this rendered them to develop some sort of consciousness, and many of them decided to break free from the shackles of slavery and escape to live a free life. They did so successfully after reaching a far-off planet which they then began to colonize. It’ll then be your role to guide them and make the settlements thrive. For some reason, they also want to be human, and though it may sound endearing, they may not know humans are inferior beings who don’t have spare parts.

Jokes aside, note that most individual robots have their own names, so in a way, you’ll be developing a settlement and their unique stories.


The Colonists’ gameplay is quite comparable to titles like Tropico and Cities: Skylines. However, its overall themes are age-appropriate and kid-friendly. Unlike the abovementioned games, it’s a much simpler experience that won’t squeeze out all of your brain juices. For example, you don’t have to fix traffic like in Cities: Skylines or defend your island successfully in Tropico. It revolves around the basics of building structures for your robot colony, gathering resources, and researching technologies.

The Colonists has several game modes, with the most prominent being the campaign and sandbox modes. The campaign is better if you want to learn the game’s basics, and the first few missions act as tutorials. We recommend doing so since the user interface can be rather tricky to navigate around without guidance. Moreover, there’s also a challenge mode that sets objectives, like building a boat in mission three, suiting players who want to make life a bit harder for themselves. The sandbox mode lets you colonize and create without any restrictions or goals, except to make you build whatever you want.

Speaking of which, almost everything, from the structures to build and other options, is accessible via a radial menu when you press the ZL button. The game is a well-made port of a PC game that makes the experience relatively easy on a controller. However, we lament the lack of touch controls which would have added a whole new dimension to the game and make it more accessible.

Much like other simulation games, there are many things to learn and take note of in The Colonists, but compared to other games, everything is relatively straightforward. You can just build a resource structure and let your bots gather resources of their own. Roads are tricky at first since you can only start creating them on road posts while you need to build military structures to claim territory. In addition, you’ll also need to research technology to make better and more advanced structures, like train stations which can transport resources more efficiently.


The Colonists’ Nintendo Switch version is a single-player experience, unlike its Steam version. In a way, it makes the whole experience a lot better since you can solely focus on developing your colony.


In terms of presentation, The Colonists on the Nintendo Switch doesn’t look as detailed as its Steam version, but it holds up excellently. The textures are fine, and more importantly, the game runs pretty well. In my current playthrough, there are barely any framerate drops or stability issues, even when I’m in the middle of a sprawling and bustling settlement with countless buildings and working robots with unique expressions on their little LCD faces. Meanwhile, the music is a joy to one’s ears as well, enabling you to relax while enjoying what the game has to offer.


The Colonists is an excellent simulation game perfect for anyone who wants to just chill out and create sprawling settlements without any pressure. Though it isn’t as deep as its peers, it’s a must-play on the Switch. Moreover, the experience it delivers is simple and straightforward, thanks to the well-mapped controls and overall stability. We recommend giving it a shot today, so start building your own colony and help it thrive.

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New Game Added: The Colonists

by Mikhail May 6, 2021
The Colonists is a robot colony simulation game where you’ll guide a colony of robots who escaped Earth to find better lives on a faraway planet. Construct buildings, gather resources and research technologies and make robots happy in real-time. Pick between campaign missions or enjoy the game on your own in sandbox mode. Watchtower in The Colonists Leaving the mothership in The Colonists Completing an objective in The Colonists Read More
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