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Tentlan 10 rate Assume the role of the next Ahau, develop your small but growing empire, and lead your people to prosperity. Amass a strong army while making sure the enemies of the Mayans are always kept at bay. Do you have what it takes to usher in a new golden age for the Mayan civilization? Play Tentlan now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Appointed as the next Ahau, you are now the ruler of a small but growing Mayan city. With your duty in mind, you’ll need to develop your empire and lead your people to prosperity through advances in science and economics while using your massive army to make sure the enemies of the Mayans are always kept in check. However, the question remains – do you have what it takes to usher in a golden age for the Mayan civilization?


The last Ahau has disappeared under very suspicious conditions and even when you’ve assumed the role of the next Ahau, your people are still feeling distressed. By developing your empire and showing to your people your capabilities, you’ll be able to assure them that everything’s alright. Maybe one day you might even be able to solve the mystery surrounding the previous Ahau.


The game starts you off with a nice tutorial that doubles as quests where you can earn some much-needed resources by simply following the instructions.

Being an MMO strategy game, there is a lot of building involved in Tentlan. There is a wide range of structures that you can erect in the capital city of your empire. Some help by producing resources like limestone, obsidian, corn and cacao or increasing your city’s population; while others provide boosts that you can activate, advanced technology that you can research, or troops that you can recruit to your army.

Interestingly though, in this game, you need to place an active order for any of your resource-producing mines or farms just so you can collect your resources later on. Naturally, the longer the waiting duration, the more resources you’ll get at the end. This is a very uncommon trait among web-based strategy games where most of the time, the resource production process is pretty much automated. It gives the player more control over their resource production, but some players may feel like it’s more of a chore.

That said, each building in this game can be upgraded multiple times to unlock new features or simply to improve its function. You are only given 1 construction slot though, but once you’ve activated the Ik Blessing, you will get 3 more queue slots at least for the first 24 hours of the game. There are 5 different Blessings you can activate by spending turquoise (premium currency), each of which will provide you with a list of bonuses and boosts. Of course, some Blessings are more economically-oriented, while others are more militaristic in nature.

You can also get additional yet random boosts by spinning the Tzolkin wheel, provided that you have at least a piece of Amber. You can buy more Amber via the in-game shop using turquoise. The boosts you get from the wheel will usually last up to a week rather than a day.

Regardless, if 4 slots are somehow not enough, you can always buy more queue slots or halve the building duration by spending more turquoise. Unlike some strategy games, the positions of the buildings in Tentlan are also fixed.

Aside from economic growth, science plays a huge role in advancing a civilization as well. This is why the Observatory is crucial to the development of your empire. Here, your wise men will work to research different fields of science and to extend your people’s knowledge.

Most researches require resources, but some may even require a certain season to be active. In fact, Tentlan is a game that’s uniquely season-based and I suspect that’s because of the importance placed on seasons by the Mayan culture. The game is simply sticking true to its Mayan theme. In addition to research, your resource production and troops’ combat efficiency can also be affected by the season. The seasons will cycle through at their own pace in this game, though you can perform a ritual at the Moon Temple, which requires human sacrifices (It will require some people from your city’s population), to get the exact season you want.

Admittedly, the pace of the game at the beginning is fairly rapid (at least until you ran out of resources) and thus, you can expect to spend a bit more time in the game early on. This is also the time when resource management is important as you’d want to do as much as you can. If you find yourself needing a bit more resources, you could hop on over to the market (once you’ve got it unlocked and built) to trade.

The trading process is a lot different than in other game since you can only trade once every few hours, but it does feel a lot more realistic. However, once your city is established, the gameplay slows down, allowing players to simply drop in a few times a day to collect resources and spend them on their city, army or research.

Now that you’ve achieved substantial economic growth, it’s time to turn your sights on the military sector. You can recruit a wide variety of units, like the Holcan Lancers, Shamans and even Spies, through the Jaguar Temple, though most of them are locked behind certain research and building requirements. Certain units have special roles, for instance, the spies are usually sent prior to an imminent attack to gauge how strong the enemy’s defense is while units like the Polom are used to increase the plundering capacity of your army, allowing you to carry back larger amounts of pillage from a successful attack.

The combat itself in this game is pretty straightforward – all battles are automatically resolved. Thus, it is crucial for you to take into consideration every possible aspect ranging from the composition of the defending troops to the season you’ll be attacking the city in. There’s even a battle simulator that you can use to estimate your chances for victory, but it’s always advisable to send your spies before you attack. If you’ve got the troops to spare, you can even found new cities on the world map.

Being a freemium game, there’s an in-game shop that you can visit to purchase all manner of boosts and items, including name change or city move services, resource production boosts, season changes, attack protection, pacific mode where your city can be attacked and looted but your troops will not be harmed, and more. You can even buy units using turquoise rather than recruiting them through the Jaguar temple.


Similar to most MMO strategy games out there, eventually you’ll get to unlock the game’s “guild” feature, which in this case, is called “Tribe”. By being part of a tribe, you’ll get the protection of the stronger players but you’ll also be expected to contribute to the tribe’s war efforts and help out other players in need if you can.

The game also has a friend referral system where you can earn some bonuses simply by getting your friends to play Tentlan and helping them get a score of at least 2400.

Graphics/ Sound

Tentlan is a very unique game partly because of its dependence on the seasons and partly because of the one-of-a-kind art style used. I personally like the part where I could simply minimize a menu and then open it up again if I need it. In terms of sound though, the game has none. It would have been nice to have something suitable to listen to while you’re playing the game.


To sum up, Tentlan is a well-made and rather unique free-to-play, browser-based MMO strategy game mainly due to its emphasis on the seasons and its gameplay. The game also has a different theme and graphics, which provide Tentlan with a very charming appeal especially towards players who are just tired of the usual fantasy or futuristic themes. So, if you’re looking for a different and much more in-depth strategy game, Tentlan is the game for you! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Tentlan

by Aethyna Jun 7, 2017
Assume the role of the next Ahau, develop your small but growing empire, and lead your people to prosperity. Amass a strong army while making sure the enemies of the Mayans are always kept at bay. Do you have what it takes to usher in a new golden age for the Mayan civilization? Play Tentlan now and find out! Tentlan: Research Your city in Tentlan Tentlan: World map Read More
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