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by Mikhail
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Techwars: Global Conflict 7 rate Techwars: Global Conflict is an action-MMO wherein players control mechs and fight against others from around the world. You can select from 14 different mechs divided into several distinct classes, each with their own set of roles, weapons, and skills. Based on the novels by Mikhail Vlad, it revolves around the tale of two warring corporations. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In the not-so distant future, it wouldn’t be farfetched to see bipedal mechs walking around our streets, enforcing order and defending the populace. Thing is, these gray, hulking metal machines look so menacing that they can easily be associated with a dystopian world. Such is the case in Techwars: Global Conflict. Instead of boots on the ground, planes, and tanks, its wars are fought using highly-advanced mechs with futuristic weapons.

Argus Games (developers) and Black Sun Game Publishing (publishers) set themselves apart from well-known franchises like Armored Core and the Gundam series by introducing an isometic point-of-view, instead of the staple first and third-person ones. In a way, this makes the game feel like you’re controlling a mech through MOBA controls instead of actually piloting them. Though you could argue it’s not the RIGHT way of playing mech-related games, Techwars: Global Conflict is worth a try. Though it has its fair share of issues, it’s something that can definitely appeal to you.


Techwars: Global Conflict is solely a multiplayer game. It has no singleplayer content, but it does have its own lore based on Mikhail Vlad’s novels. In a nutshell, two supercorporations, The American KATO and Russian Dominion, wage war for global supremacy. So yes, instead of governments, you’ll be fighting a war between rich capitalists all over the planet. Unfortunately, the lore isn’t expounded that much and apart from establishing the setting and factions, it serves no notable purpose.


Techwars’ main appeal are its large plethora of mechs. Basically, there are a total of 14 advanced mechs divided into several subclasses according to function. Some are designed for reconnaissance and scouting, while others are made for direct attacks, combat support, and long-range AoE functions (Technicians, Scouts, Titan, Stormtroopers, and Destroyers,). All mechs are equipped with an inherent faction-specific ability (KATO produces a shield, while Dominion can call in airstrikes) and have their own individual abilities and weapons.

All in all, there’s a great deal of depth in the mechs which gives players a lot of opportunity to try out different ones. Make sure you do if you want to find one that suits your playstyle. Most importantly, it encourages team-based cooperation. The ease of movement and controls help make skirmishes fun and fast-paced.

As of today, there are only a couple of game modes: a conquest mode where you vie for control of several key points in the map, and one that is purely team deathmatch. Regardless of the mode, the game mentions that there are 20 players in each map. Though it doesn’t always feel that way, the quick 10-15 minute battles Maps are fairly sizable and contain environments you can destroy and use to sway the tide of battle. Biomes range from forests, snowy areas to urban landscapes and rocky outcrops.

After each match, you’ll earn various resources like b credits, which is the game’s free currency. They’re used for crafting weapons and purchasing blueprints to upgrade your mechs’ combat capabilities. You’ll need blueprints to craft weapons. This rewards system is one of Techwars’ downsides. Why do I have to buy a blueprint when you could just give me the piece of equipment? Plus, crafting assigns a random attribute modifier, so a lot of luck is needed here. In addition, there’s also a premium currency called platinum which you’ll use to open lootboxes containing cosmetics and mechs. Lootboxes are a terrible way to monetize a game, is gambling, and is definitely something that Techwars can do without. Though progression and getting advanced mechs can be a little quick, the grind can be a bit of a chore.


Techwars: Global Conflict has a sizable community and matches don’t take too long to find. Unfortunately, there’s not much interaction you can do with fellow players, aside from what’s happening in the matches themselves. Though you can add them to the fray as friends, there’s not much friend stuff you can do with them.


Techwars: Global Conflict is an action-oriented MOBA, and these kind of games require a stable framerate and high resolution. For an indie game, its visuals, effects, and the way the maps and mechs exceeds expectations. Though a little fine-tuning and polishing would help. It’s a visually decent game with good audio direction which makes it hold up well when compared to its peers.


Overall, Techwars: Global Conflict is a decent MOBA experience. It hands out a direct and combat-focused gameplay loop instead of focusing on its narrative. With intuitive, easy controls and destructible environments and a plethora of mechs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have dozens of hours of pure fun and entertainment. These are complemented by decent visuals and other presentation elements. Though it has progression and communication-related issues, there’s no doubt these will be fixed in the future. It’s a blast to play, so be sure to dive in!

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New Game Added: Techwars: Global Conflict

by Mikhail Apr 29, 2019
Techwars: Global Conflict is an action-MMO wherein players control mechs and fight against others from around the world. You can select from 14 different mechs divided into several distinct classes, each with their own set of roles, weapons, and skills. Based on the novels by Mikhail Vlad, it revolves around the tale of two warring corporations. Battle in the snow in Techwars Using long-range weapons in Techwars Jungle combat in Techwars Read More
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