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TankWars.io 10 rate Customize your tank to your liking and head straight into a KingDM or Conquest match to battle it out with other players worldwide in TankWars.io! Featuring a variety of tank abilities to deploy, this tank game has a pretty deep and strategic gameplay in addition to being addictively fun to play. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Featuring a top-down 2D look that most IO games are famous for, TankWars.io is an incredibly addictive and competitive tank game where you get to battle it out with other players worldwide. In some way, the game feels like a more fast-paced, arcade version of another popular tank game, Tanki Online. Master the controls and head into the battlefield in this epic MMO game!


To begin playing TankWars.io, you can choose to sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Steam or you could simply hop straight into battle by playing as a guest. If you want to try the game out, you could opt for the guest option, but if you love the game and would like to customize your own tanks, then it’s highly recommended you sign-in. Not to mention, you’ll also gain access to the lobby chat but will still get to pick a witty IGN (in-game name). It’s pretty much a win-win.

Now that you’re logged in, you can straightaway customize your primary tank at the garage. Each tank is separated into 2 parts – the cannon and the body, and you can paint each part with a different paint. At the moment, most of the customizations you can do are mainly aesthetic in nature, though there are a few camouflage options for you to choose from.

You can also choose from 2 other tank classes to play as aside from the Classic tank, namely the Mammoth and the Scout. Due to this, I believe that you’ll be able to save the multiple tanks you’ve customized so you can easily switch between your favorite tanks prior to entering a battle.

Before you can see some action though, you’ll have to choose the controls you’ll want to use and game mode you’ll want to play in. There are 2 main types of controls, Simple and Advanced, both of which uses the basic WASD keys for movements. The only difference is that in Advanced controls, you can choose to drive your tank the way you steer a car in real life. That said, the controls may take awhile to get used to, especially for players who are new to the genre or gameplay.

TankWars.io also offers 2 game modes, namely Conquest and KingDM (where the DM refers to Deathmatch). Conquest is basically a team-based game mode where you’ll need to work with your team to capture and defend as many zones (there are 6 in total) as possible. Each zone captured will generate points over time and the team that reached 1000 points first will win the match.

KingDM, on the other hand, is a deathmatch/ free-for-all game mode where everyone strives to dethrone the “King” of the battlefield by racking up score points. Being the King in this game can be pretty fun mainly because the King is 1.5 times stronger than everybody else. The only downside is that the King tank will have an indicator on the map, so everyone will know where the it is.

When it comes to gameplay, TankWars.io definitely stands out from the usual more simplistic IO games. For starters, the map used in the game has much more details, though it’d be nice to have different maps to choose from in the future. As mentioned earlier on, the gameplay is very arcade-y since you can smash your tank into walls or other tanks without taking damage.

However, the best part about TankWars.io is, without a doubt, the tank abilities. They make a whole world of difference! There are 8 types of abilities in total, namely haste, stomp, shield, air strafe, vacuum, rapid fire, mines and teleport, but you are only allowed to pick up and equip up to 6 abilities at most. Most abilities listed are pretty self-explanatory, but the Vacuum ability is quite unique. It’s an ability that has an area of effect, pulling in all tanks, friendly or otherwise, into the epicenter.

Unlike most shooter games where abilities are added to your loadout before combat, players in TankWars will get a set of 3 randomly selected abilities to start a game with and they can pick up more abilities, which are airdropped randomly by planes or dropped by destroyed tanks, along the way. Destroyed tanks drop repairs too. These abilities don’t have unlimited use though. This forces players to be strategic in using their abilities. Having the skill to anticipate which ability an opponent may throw back at them is also an advantage in this game.

The game itself is still in its infancy, so to speak. There are plenty more exciting new features that are coming your way, including more game modes and a map editor where you can then create your very maps to battle on.


Aside from chat, you can also use preset cues to coordinate your team’s effort to capture as many zones as they can in a Conquest match. Perhaps with time, TankWars may add in guilds or clans for players to rally to and even clan-based matches.

Graphics/ Sound

Similar to most .io games, TankWars.io features a somewhat simplistic top-down 2D look. However, the map you play your matches on is much more detailed than a standard .io game. In terms of sound, there isn’t any background music in this game (thank goodness!), but the game does add in sound effects for certain effects and animations such as air strafing in addition to the usual sounds of cannon fire.


To sum up, TankWars.io is a tank game that’s not only competitive and fun to play; it also revolutionizes an average gamer’s perception of what constitute a “.io game”. Despite its simplistic gameplay, the game has surprising depth due to the variety of tank abilities and a healthy dose of strategic thinking. So, if you’re a huge fan of tank games, you should definitely check out TankWars.io.

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by Aethyna Mar 29, 2017
Customize your tank to your liking and head straight into a KingDM or Conquest match to battle it out with other players worldwide in TankWars.io! Featuring a variety of tank abilities to deploy, this tank game has a pretty deep and strategic gameplay in addition to being addictively fun to play. TankWars.io: First kill Customization preview in TankWars.io TankWars.io: Conquest game mode Read More
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