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Tanki X 10 rate With a major graphical revamp and over 70 different types of tank combinations that you can build, Tanki X is definitely a worthy successor for one of the most popular web-based MMO tank game, Tanki Online. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tanki X now and give it a shot! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you’ve been an ardent fan and player of Tanki Online, you’d definitely love Tanki X! It features similar yet improved game mechanics along with its arcade-like and pretty fast-paced, PvP-oriented gameplay, but when it comes to its graphics, the visual overhaul the game has undergone is nothing short of incredible. The game also offers up to 70 different types of tank combinations from 3 customization options, which range from its wide variety of turrets to the hull and even to the range of paints available. Depending on your preference, you can literally build a tank that fits your playstyle. So, are you ready to rumble? Head over to Tanki X now and give it a shot!


Unlike Tanki Online, you will need to download a client prior to playing the game. This is mainly to support the game’s brand spanking new (and super shiny) graphical upgrade. That being said, you’ll also need to sign up if you haven’t in order to play the game.

Once you’re in, you’ll be brought to the main screen where you can admire the beautiful “curves” of your very first (default) tank. From there, you can then choose to head straight into battle or you could take a look at what upgrades and “advantages” you can get at the garage. After all, new players will get a nice 1000 diamonds (in-game currency) for free so they could tweak their tanks a bit.

At the garage, you’ll be presented with 4 different options – turret, hull, paint and supplies. For turrets, Tanki X has up to 11 different types on offer, ranging from the close-ranged Firebird turret to the longer-ranged, machine gun turret, the Vulcan. Depending on your playstyle, you may want to buy a new turret using diamonds since the default gun you get is an average-ranged weapon. Each turret comes with its own stats which you can view by clicking the Characteristics button, and that they have their own mastery progression. This means that every time you use a turret in battle, the turret will earn some experience points based on how you performed in combat.

By leveling up your turrets, you can get a sizeable discount on turret upgrades. However, if you have the diamonds to spare, you may choose to skip over the hassle of leveling up and upgrade your turrets anyway. It will simply cost you more diamonds. If you are more aesthetically-inclined, you’ll be happy to know that most turrets offer at least 1 new skin that you can use. All you need to do though is to unlock the skin by upgrading your turret first.

Depending on whether you value speed over durability and vice versa, all the 7 different types of tank hulls offer varying degrees of stats to fit whichever playstyle you desire, be it the “up close and personal” or the sniper style. Similar to turrets, these hulls cost diamonds to buy and have a mastery progression system, which will allow you to get a nice discount for your hull upgrades.

Although some players don’t place a lot of emphasis on paints, the color of your tank can actually be quite an important factor in a match in Tanki X. There are 30 different types of paints that you can choose from, each of them is perfectly designed for the role you’d like to take. For instance, if your tank is built to “ambush” other players at close range with a single and super powerful shot, you may want to get a paint that will help you tank blend into the map’s surroundings. However, if your tank is super durable and is designed to draw fire away from your teammates, you’ll want to get a bright-colored paint, so you’d have, so to speak, a target painted on your tank.

Lastly, supplies. Supplies, such as speed and damage boosts as well as repairs, are provided for free in the game but they don’t always spawn when you needed them to. So if that’s the case, wouldn’t be nice to have additional supplies of your own stocked up and ready to deploy? However, you’ll need to be careful where you deploy it during combat since supplies can be picked up by any player in the game. There are even mines that you can use to “strongly discourage” (I actually meant, “to trap and destroy”) any tank foolish enough to chase after you as you rounded a corner.

Now that you’re ready for some action, let’s head over to the game lobby. Tanki X provides 3 different game modes, namely team deathmatch (TDM), deathmatch (DM) and a capture the flag (CTF) mode, which is team-based. There are also 5 maps with very different layouts and sizes that you can choose from. That being said, you are not allowed to create your own “room” or match, but instead, will need to pick one from the many available. However, if you are playing with a group of friends via the Invite option, you will be able to customize your match whichever way you like.

The combat system in Tanki Online is retained in Tanki X, but the gameplay does feel a lot smoother and fluid. Besides the usual shooting at each other, you can also attempt to flip other tanks over with a perfectly-angled tank ramming. If you do get overturned, you could try to right yourself by relying on your turret’s recoil. However, most of the time, you’ll probably need to simply self-destruct and start over. Your tank will also self-destruct if your tank happens to go beyond the confines of the battle arena.

Remember all those diamonds that you need to upgrade and customize your tanks? Well, you can earn them by playing matches. Regardless if your team win or lose, as long as you managed to do some damage and get some kills or even complete objectives, you’ll get at least some diamonds as a reward at the end. Naturally though, if you aim to get more diamonds, you’ll need to be among the top players in the match and that requires plenty of practice.

As you play in Tanki X, you’ll earn experience points and level up. Each level up will award you with a new rank. Being an MMO, you can add friends and challenge them to a match if you like but the game doesn’t have a guild system. This is perhaps something they could implement in the future along with massive guild-vs-guild tank battles.


The gaming community in Tanki X is pretty small at the moment since the game’s still in its beta phase. However, once it moves forward into open beta or even is launched in the future, the game will definitely get as much attention as Tanki Online has been enjoying for years. After all, Tanki X is a much better version than its predecessor!

Graphics/ Sound

Graphic-wise, the game looks absolutely brilliant. The bright colors perfectly reflect the game’s arcade-like gameplay while the tanks, the most important aspect in the game, have a lot more details than in Tanki Online. The sounds are excellent as well, allowing you to use it to detect an enemy tank creeping up behind you for example. However, I’ve noticed that when my tank drove through a shallow and muddy pool in one of the maps, there were no splashes. Maybe this is something they could work on as well.


To sum up, Tanki X offers a similarly exciting gameplay as Tanki Online but the gaming experience that you’ll get is, I daresay, doubled or even tripled. The massive graphics overhaul made the game look incredibly amazing, allowing players to be even more immersed in the intense and pretty fast-paced tank-vs-tank battles that are going on in the game. You’ll even get to fully customize your tank from top to toe, giving you the opportunity to craft a tank that’s perfectly suited to your own playstyle. So, if you’ve been hooked or is still currently hooked on Tanki Online, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this impressive upgrade of a sequel, Tanki X! Give it a try today and be amazed!

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New Game Added: Tanki X

by Aethyna Sep 7, 2016
With a major graphical revamp and over 70 different types of tank combinations that you can build, Tanki X is definitely a worthy successor for one of the most popular web-based MMO tank game, Tanki Online. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tanki X now and give it a shot! Massive graphical upgrade in Tanki X Tanki X: Tanks destroyed Inferno paint in Tanki X Read More
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