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Talking Tom Gold Run 10 rate Oh no! The thieving Raccoon is at it again and this time around, he robbed a bank vault filled with valuable gold bars. Help Tom navigate the dangers of the streets as he tries to apprehend Raccoon and make him answer for his crimes. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the characters in one of the most popular talking pet apps in history, Talking Tom Gold Run is a fun yet intense endless running game where you’ll need to swipe to dodge obstacles, collect gold bars and help Tom and his friends to renovate their homes. There are plenty of exciting power-ups for you to upgrade and use, gorgeous locations to run in, and challenging boss fights to win!


There isn’t exactly a plotline in this game, except that the mischievous Racoon robbed a bank of some sort and in his haste escaping, he accidentally crashed his getaway van right in front of Tom’s (or one of his many friends, depending on which character you are playing) home. Being the good Samaritan that he is, Tom is now hot in pursuit of the thieving Racoon, trying to apprehend him before he gets away.


Talking Tom Gold Run is a really simple game. Basically, you’ll need to play the endless running game to earn gold bars. The gold bars will then be used to renovate Tom’s (and his friends’) house to make it bigger and better. You will usually be able to upgrade something else along with the house as well, be it a porch or a backyard pool. Of course, these upgrades aren’t just aesthetics either – you can increase your score multiplier by 1 for each upgrade you purchase.

The endless running part of the game is definitely the core of Talking Tom Gold Run. The controls are really easy to learn since you just need to swipe to perform special moves like jumping, sliding or moving from side to side. Interestingly, you can combine two moves together such as jumping while swiping left or right to switch lanes while in mid-air.

Like every other runner-styled game, the running part is completely automated. Similarly, the game has a nice array of power-ups, ranging from the Helmet which grants you temporary invulnerability to the Magnet that helps you collect all nearby gold bars, to keep things exciting. The duration for these power-ups can be improved by spending game currency.

Sounds easy enough? Well, in order to master it, you will need to have superb reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It also goes without saying that practice makes perfect! Muscle memory is a real thing here. However, if you do “die” by running into a bus, falling into a gap in between the platforms, or slamming into a sign, know that you have a very limited time to choose to watch a video ad or spend Dynamites (premium currency) for a “Save Me”. A Save Me will basically let you continue where you fall just so you can continue racking up those high scores!

Aside from the usual obstacles where you either have to leap over or slide under, Talking Tom Gold Run offers several other interesting challenges as well. There is a boss fight where you will have to dodge every obstacle thrown at you by the Raccoon while making sure to pick up the bombs; the only things that can defeat him.

From time to time, you’ll encounter vaults in the game. These vaults usually contain some really amazing freebies but the catch here is that you’ll need to wait (about 3 hours or so) for the vault to be cracked. You can only store up to 4 vaults but you can only open one vault at a time. Naturally, you can speed things up using Dynamites. You can also get premium vaults by spending Dynamites or claim your free vault at 4-hour intervals.

Talking Tom Gold Run is even more interesting to play just because there are just so many characters for you to play as. Aside from Tom, you can play as one of Tom’s friends, including Angela, Hank, Ginger and Ben. Each of them also has different variations depending on the themed costumes they have on. The basic characters can be unlocked simply by progressing in the game, however, if you want something more special, you’ll unfortunately have to shell out some real cash to buy them. Each of the premium characters come with a free Save Me, though!

What I truly love about this game is its competitive mode, Racing. In this mode, you will be competing with 2 other, randomly-chosen players in a race to the finish line. However, unlike the normal mode, there are a couple of new features introduced here. You’ll encounter speed up or down strips on the ground which you can make use of to give yourself a little boost.

There is also energy that you can collect as you run just to charge up your sprint ability. Once full, simply press on the button to activate your turbo. However, be sure to not hit any obstacle while you’ll on sprint or you will lose it. Oh, and talking about hitting stuff, you won’t “die” from hitting obstacles in this mode. Instead, you will be severely dazed, drastically reducing your running speed.

Since Racing is highly competitive, you might want to consider spending some Dynamites to buy special power-ups like helmets and more sprints, but truthfully, I find those extra power-ups unnecessary. The default charged sprint ability is sufficient to land you in first place… I personally tested this.

As a free-to-play game, the developers use other ways to monetize the game. Ads are a pretty consistent presence in this game, appearing every so often right after a Game Over or while moving from one interface to another. Of course, the frequency of ads will drastically increase if you’re the sort who’d watch a video ad in exchange for a Save Me or to double the gold you’ve earned from a run. A banner ad will also appear at the top during the brief moment where you view your high score after a run.


Despite being on the market for quite some time now, Talking Tom Gold Run is still as popular as ever. This is evident because you hardly need to wait 10 seconds to find a match in the game’s Racing mode.

Graphics/ Sound

I absolutely love the graphics in Talking Tom and its related apps, and I love the graphics in this game now. The characters just look so adorable and I love how everything looks so colorful and bright. The sound effects are brilliant as well and works well with all the fun animations.


In a nutshell, Talking Tom Gold Run is perhaps one of the more innovative endless running games in recent time. I like how the developers added in a twist and make us, the players, chase after someone else as opposed to having someone, or something, chase after us. The gameplay is intense and incredibly addictive, and is perfect for short bursts of gaming while on the go. So, if you love Talking Tom and his friends or the endless running genre, you’ll want to give this game a try.
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New Game Added: Talking Tom Gold Run

by Aethyna Aug 29, 2018
Oh no! The thieving Raccoon is at it again and this time around, he robbed a bank vault filled with valuable gold bars. Help Tom navigate the dangers of the streets as he tries to apprehend Raccoon and make him answer for his crimes. Talking Tom Gold Run: At the beach Upgrading Angela's home in Talking Tom Gold Run Talking Tom Gold Run: Boss fight Read More
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