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Swords of Divinity 9.2 rate Mentored by the Archangel Michael himself, you were sent by the gods to Malfa Land to help its people out. Grow your powers and develop your team of heroes so you can take on more challenging bosses and even other players as you strive to be the best in this brand new MMORPG, Swords of Divinity! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Mentored by the Archangel Michael himself, you were sent by the gods to Malfa Land to defend its people from various villains who are threatening the world in this brand new MMORPG, Swords of Divinity. However, being new and all, you’ll need to constantly grow your abilities while helping your team of heroes improve as well so you can take on more challenging enemies in the many PvE instances available. You can test your team’s mettle against other players’ in arenas and rise up the ranks. There are even plenty of fun mini-games that you can enjoy as you go on your perilous journey in Swords of Divinity. So, try it today!


Mentored by the Archangel Michael himself, you were sent by the gods to Malfa Land to defend its people from various dangers that threaten their very existence, the first being the rise of the Skeleton King and his horde of minions.

The trials that you’ll be facing in the mortal realm are not at all easy and you are still pretty new to the whole hero business. That’s why you’ll need all the help you can get! Hence, you decide to recruit a team of heroes to help you on your quest. With your heroes by your side, you will be able to make your mentor proud and save Malfa Land from various villains that are hell-bent on bringing chaos to the realm.


To start your quest, you’ll first need to choose a character class. Swords of Divinity offers 4 different classes for you to choose from, namely the Knight, Archer, Mage and Priest. Each character has their own set of class-specific abilities which you can unlock as you upgrade your hero, and depending on your playstyle, you can pick a class that you like.

Like most browser-based MMORPGs, the questing process in Swords of Divinity is pretty much automated. The auto-pathing made the tedium of questing, whereby you’ll have to run from one NPC to another, much easier to handle and is perfect for MMO players who enjoy something more casual.

Sometimes, quests will also direct you to the game’s chapter-based instances (a.k.a. campaigns). Instances in this game offer up to 3 stars for you to earn, depending on how well you and your team of heroes perform. By collecting these stars, you can unlock bonus chests that are filled with amazing goodies. Most instances also end with a pretty epic boss fight and once that’s done, you can choose the reward cards you want to see what you’ve managed to loot from the encounter.

You’ll need to spend stamina to enter instances though, so what can you do if you find yourself running out of stamina? You can either choose to wait for it to regenerate (very slowly) over time or you can do something about it. You can spend premium gold to buy more or you could play the game’s food-eating mini-game called Feast. In this mini-game, all you need to do is to click on the indicated area, which happens to be a gong, as quickly as you can. The faster you click, the more food your character will scoff down and as a result, you’ll get more stamina.

The turn-based combat is pretty much automated in Swords of Divinity as well. However, you can choose to manually select which of your hero’s abilities to use by disabling the auto-combat option. This is actually a much better option later in the game where you might want to save up some of the generated rage so you can cast more powerful spells.

That being said, activating abilities is merely a small part of the combat system, the other part – battle formation – plays a much larger role. Unlike most MMORPGs where hero formations are simply an afterthought, the type of formation you use in Swords of Divinity will actually affect the outcome of the skirmish itself. The general advice for hero formation still stands though – you always put your most durable heroes in front and the more fragile ones behind. Interestingly, you can also “level up” your 5-man (including your own character) battle formation in this game by using Unify Crystals, allowing you to unlock new battle formations which will be very useful for the more sophisticated battle mechanics later on.

Your team’s overall combat power (CP) is even more crucial when it comes to achieving victory or suffering defeat in battle. Thankfully though, the game provides a wide range of ways for you to bump up your play. One of which includes recruiting new heroes, or as the game calls them, “Mercs”, to join your team by visiting the tavern. Heroes can be recruited with various alcoholic beverages, such as Gin, Rum and more, provided that you have enough of them. If not, you can spend the Wine tokens you earn by completing quests, achievements or even instances to get some more.

These Mercs can be leveled up using EXP potions and then boosted (increasing the merc quality by 1 star) by using enough obsidian fruits. Boosting your mercs will unlock new abilities for them, giving them a wider arsenal of skills to cause as much damage as they can on their enemies. Mercs can also be equipped with armor and weapons, which in turn can be augmented to improve their respective enemy-slaying efficiencies. You’ll even get a mount that will grant you a substantial number of passive stats. Subsequently, you can upgrade your mount to boost up the stats it provides in addition to unlocking new and much cooler mount appearances.

Aside from the game’s campaign, Hero’s Quest, Swords of Divinity also offers a nice selection of PvE events, such as server boss fights, special events, weekly quests and team-only instances. These instances usually have multiple floors (up to 60). How high you can go depends on how well-built your team is (3 players per team) and the type of formation used. However, if you aren’t able to find 2 more players to accompany you, you could spend a small amount of silvers (in-game cash) to temporarily “hire” players and their respective team of mercs from the top 50 CP to join you.

Do you prefer PvP instead? Well, once you reach level 23, you’ll gain access to the game’s arena. Limited to 15 challenges per day, you can pit your team of mercs against other players’ teams in an attempt to rise up the ranks and claim much better rank rewards, which include the much valued Unify Crystals.

As you level up, you’ll unlock a slew of features and functions that are only accessible by high-level players including guilds, equipment forging, new character items, player affinity and more. So, you’ll always have something to look forward to as you progress through the game.


As it’s pretty easy and cheap (only 100k silvers) to create a guild in this game, most of the players in the game are affiliated to a guild. In fact, you may even want to consider setting up a guild of your own. Guilds are quite important in the game as being in one does bring certain benefits.

Like most MMORPGs, you’ll be expected to contribute to the guild you’ve in and you’ll get guild contribution tokens in return. These tokens can then be used learn bonus passive skills or to buy items like gem packs or silver-filled chests at the guild shop. You’ll also need to chip in to battle and defeat the guild boss and participate in other guild-only events.

Graphics/ Sound

The fantasy-themed visuals in Swords of Divinity are pretty well-designed. The details in some of the characters and locations are simply incredible. Not to mention, the game’s soft background music is also able to invoke that magical feeling, allowing players to be fully immersed in the enchanted land of Malfa.

However, the interface in the game seems awfully crammed if you happen to play the game on Facebook... even if you have full screen mode turned on. Personally, I would recommend playing the game on the original website instead. It would also be best if players are given an option to minimize the line of buttons at the top part of the screen.


In short, Swords of Divinity is a browser-based MMORPG that has a lot more depth in terms of its gameplay as compared to any other casual, browser MMO games out there. The strategic element that comes into play prior (battle formation) and during combat (ability use) allows players to be more involved in the whole combat process. The game happens to also be filled with a chockful of fun mini-games which are prefect for players wanting a break from the routine of questing, PvPing and instance running. So, if you’re looking for an MMORPG that has more of a strategic aspect, Swords of Divinity is definitely a game you should try.

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by Aethyna Sep 8, 2016
Mentored by the Archangel Michael himself, you were sent by the gods to Malfa Land to help its people out. Grow your powers and develop your team of heroes so you can take on more challenging bosses and even other players as you strive to be the best in this brand new MMORPG, Swords of Divinity! Combat formation in Swords of Divinity Swords of Divinity: Griffon mount City map in Swords of Divinity Read More

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