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Sword Art Online 9 rate Published by InstantFuns, Sword Art Online is an anime-themed, idle-like MMORPG that puts you into the shoes of a participant in the virtual yet ruthless world of Aincrad where you have to slay monsters, level up and improve in order to survive. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Sword Art Online Here here: https://www.wwgdb.com/games_like_sword_art_online


Published by InstantFuns, Sword Art Online is an anime-themed, idle-like MMORPG that puts you in the shoes of a participant in the virtual yet ruthless world of Aincrad where you have to level up and improve in order to survive. In spite of its automatic combat, the game has tons of stuff for you to do including upgrading your weapon and armor, honing your skills, and smelting items you don’t need. There are plenty of PvE dungeons as well as PvP arena and tournaments to boot! So, if idle RPG is something you enjoy playing, then be sure to check this game out!


Technically, the storyline in this game follows in the footsteps of its namesake. So basically, you’re playing the game in the world of Aincrad where you have to hunt monsters and constantly improve your power in order to survive. However, unlike its anime-counterpart, if you die in this game, you will be respawned and obviously, you will not die in the real world either.


To begin your adventures, you’ll need to first choose a character class. There are 3 for you to choose from, namely the swordsman, archer and mage. Since you won’t be handling your character yourself – hence, it’s “idle-like” tag, it doesn’t really matter which class you choose as long as you like him or her. Of course, if you ended up disliking the choice you’ve made, you can easily switch servers and create a new character there.

As you might expect, the game pretty much plays itself from the get-go, making leveling up, especially in the earlier levels, pretty much a breeze. It’s just a bit unnerving to see your almost naked character attacking enemies with an invisible, nonexistent weapon… and yes, this means the game not only doesn’t provide your character with starter armor, there’s no starter weapon too.

Anyway, in spite of the automation, there are still plenty for you to do. For starters, you can start doing the rounds and claiming all the freebies you can find… and there are loads of them, with more coming right in every time you reach a new milestone or attain a new achievement.

You might also want to keep your Battle Power (BP) rating up to scratch as much as you can, which can be quite the challenge considering how fast you’re leveling. There are many ways to do so – the easiest being equipping the best gear you can get your hands on!

Most of your starter gear would probably come from monster drops and that should be sufficient for maybe up to level 30 or so. However, after a while, you might want to consider spending some of the gold you get on better gear offered in the in-game Shop. Unlike other games where the in-game Shop only sells premium goods, this game has a mixture of both.

That being said, if you see a great deal on a premium item, then by all means, buy it. The game is really generous with the diamonds it gives out for free, giving you plenty enough to spend them on some nice gear. The store automatically refreshes every 5 minutes or so, but if you can’t wait you can manually refresh the store a couple of times per day for free.

Aside from getting better gear, the equipment slots on your character can actually be upgraded as well. You can do so in one of two ways – you can enhance the slots using enhancing stones or you can “activate” the gems for each slot provided that you have enough corresponding gems. To obtain enhancing stones, you’ll need to smelt older and useless gear. Once you reach level 90, you can even equip Conqueror’s set, which will add on a massive number of extra stats which will drastically bolster your strength and overall BP.

You can also improve your skills to match your level using gold or use Feathers to upgrade your wings. As you progress, you’ll get an elemental spirit pet who will battle alongside you, a special medal that you can upgrade, and even a knighthood title that you can promote.

Like most MMOs, Sword Art Online has many types of PvE and PvP events that to you can enjoy. For instance, you can battle stage bosses to increase the level of the enemies your character is idly farming, and hence, giving you access to better and higher-level loot drops. There are also instances where you can farm for upgrade materials like feathers and gems, along with gear, but these instances may require special instance passes or boss summoning scrolls. In addition to high-level dungeons, you can even participate in monster hunts where you can slay different types of monsters for a chance to win some legendary gear.

However, PvP-oriented players may be a bit disappointed in this game mainly because it only unlocks any PvP activities after you reach level 60. However, once you do reach that milestone, you can dive into the PvP arena (accessible via the Arena agent in Town) and battle your way up the ranks or you can enjoy some random PK fights as you are farming mobs for experience points. The cross-server tournaments will only be accessible once you reach level 90, which will take some time since leveling slows down tremendously after you reach level 60-65 or so.

As mentioned before, the game can be really generous with its premium currency. You can accumulate a sizeable number of these diamonds by collecting your achievement rewards, battling stage bosses, and late-signing in via the daily bonus calendar – spending 200 diamonds in exchange for a 1000-diamond reward? Yes, please! However, note that you can only late sign-in up to 5 times maximum, so make sure to plan your diamond-spending here accordingly.

There is also a tiered VIP system where you can get some really nice perks and rewards simply by being not VIP 0. Of course, that’s not even including the many attractive prizes and promotions that await you if you do decide to top-up or recharge using real money.


Similar to most MMOs, Sword Art Online tries to provide a sense of community by having a guild system. The unfortunate thing is – perhaps it’s because the game is really new – there aren’t any guilds for any of the players to join… at least on my server. To set up a guild takes most than having enough diamonds and the level to do so – it also requires you to be at least a VIP 2. Guess not many people are buying into its VIP system or at least none of the VIPs are interested in setting up guilds.

Graphics/ Sound

The game looks great and all, but it does have the unfortunate appearance of a mobile port… Hint: It’s all about the size of the screen. There’s apparently no sound either.


All in all, Sword Art Online is an idle-like MMORPG that can be incredibly and addictively fun mainly because you don’t really need to do much except letting it run in the background as you go about doing your thing, only to return now and then to upgrade some skills, equipment and participate in instances. If this sounds like a game you’ll like to play, regardless of whether or not you know what anime is all about, then you should definitely drop by Sword Art Online and give it a try.

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by Aethyna Apr 10, 2018
Published by InstantFuns, Sword Art Online is an anime-themed, idle-like MMORPG that puts you into the shoes of a participant in the virtual yet ruthless world of Aincrad where you have to slay monsters, level up and improve in order to survive. Sword Art Online: Pet companion Character profile in Sword Art Online Sword Art Online: Fighting a unique monster Read More
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