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Survived By 10 rate Survived By is a retro-style pixel art MMORPG where permadeath is its own reward. Fight deadly hordes of monsters in fast-paced battles while dodging their attacks. Earn loot and materials to craft stronger gear. When your character dies, don’t fret: a descendant with inheritance will take his place. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Game Awards by Geoff Keighley is an annual celebration of the yearly accomplishments of the gaming industry. Apart from being an awards show, it also features trailers and promotional videos of up-and coming-games. One of these featured games is Survived By, developed by Human Head Studios. It displayed an interesting and comedy-filled trailer that made half the theater laughed and convinced many people to try it out. This brought in an influx of players which caused a server outage, which is why it took us this long to write an early access review.

Anyway, Survived By is a retro-style MMORPG with a permadeath mechanic. Here, you’ll play the role of an adventurer with his own family tree. If (or when) your character dies, a descendant will take his place. The successor will then inherit some items and new abilities. Though the game suffers from a number of issues, it has the potential to be a gamechanger in the future.

With that said, let’s take a look at what the game dishes out.


Survived By has a huge potential for lore, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide much of it. The game is set in the Heartlands, a place with only a few human settlements standing amidst a seemingly endless horde of monsters. Humans hide behind fortified establishments, trying their best to survive. You’ll play as a hunter to try and take back the world.


If you like top-down or side-scrolling shooters before, you’ll feel right at home in Survived By. Enemies fire off dozens of projectiles you’ll need to dodge while shooting attacks of you’re own. You’re supposed to hit and run around, and not doing so will get you killed quickly. The combat system is fun yet extremely challenging which makes it highly entertaining.

The game lacks a structured tutorial. Once you’re dropped into the Tower (which acts as the base of operations), you’re left to figure things out on your own. Though there are arrows pointing to which NPC you should go to, you need to figure almost everything alone. The game doesn’t teach you what to do, leading to a confusing early game. For instance, it took me an hour to figure out how to use character skills and what the energy mechanic meant.

NPCs in the Tower, along with a notice board, give out quests. Most of the time, these are kill-quests wherein you’re required to find a certain monster. Random scrolls in the field give out bounties which require you to kill monsters which are stronger than your average cannon fodder. Some quests are locked behind levels and there aren’t a lot of them available for new adventurers. There are also dungeons that you can explore, and these hold hard-to-kill bosses which will definitely give you a challenge.

In Survived By, you’re actually encouraged to die after strengthening your characters. Doing so leaves legacies which will strengthen future characters in your bloodline. These range from passive abilities, items, and other benefits. For example, a successor can gain a strong ability like a higher offensive stat or a new ability. If you’ve played Infinity Blade before, you’ll be familiar with it. Note you can use different classes. The Harbinger, Alchemist, and Infiltrator are initially available. You either have to reach a certain achievement or pay to unlock the Sentinel, Geomancer, and Druid classes.

The game suffers from a few problems. There are latency issues even if you’re in a subregional server. There are delays when you kill enemies and disconnects are fairly common. Quests are repetitive and the clunky crafting mechanics are hard to deal with. When you craft, you have to create the materials first before making the item. It’s much like a mobile game and it just does not work well at all.

The rewards for grinding are far and few in between. It’s as if the game wants to slow your progress. However, note that the game is still on early access so it’s likely we’ll see a lot of updates and improvements in the near future.


Survived By has a large community on Steam. When you play, several players log into the Heartlands with you. There’s a chat room wherein you can chat and even kill monsters together.


In terms of overall presentation, Survived By looks and feels decent. The limitations of pixel art are stretched, letting you feel how desolate the world is and how hopeless the people are. The game lacks voice acting, the music is fantastic.


Overall, Survived By needs to get rid of a ton of issues if it wants to be a success story. The developers need to get rid of the ridiculous mobile game-esque mechanics and improve the economy. Moreover, it suffers from a lack of quests, and adding some will give players something to work towards.

Though it fails to impress in its current state, a few tweaks will definitely make it live up to its potential

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New Game Added: Survived By

by Mikhail Dec 25, 2018
Survived By is a retro-style pixel art MMORPG where permadeath is its own reward. Fight deadly hordes of monsters in fast-paced battles while dodging their attacks. Earn loot and materials to craft stronger gear. When your character dies, don’t fret: a descendant with inheritance will take his place. Dying in Survived By The tower in Survived By Infiltrator in Survived By Read More
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