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Supremacy 1914 9 rate Select a nation to start with and join the other power-obsessed and resource-hungry nations in a virtual WWI. Lead your people to glory and victory in this tumultuous world, and one day, with plenty of clever political maneuvers and audacious combat, you might just become the undisputed leader on the continent! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you ever wondered what if you’re the leader of a nation in World War 1? Will the results of that war be the same with you in the mix? Well, you can find out, albeit virtually, via this thrilling MMO strategy game, Supremacy 1914! Select a nation to start with and join the other power-obsessed and resource-hungry nations in the war. Lead your people to glory and victory in this tumultuous world, and one day, with plenty of clever political maneuvers and audacious combat techniques, you might just become the undisputed sovereign leader of the whole continent of Europe and beyond. Do you have what it takes to defeat all the other players on the map and bring all the countries under your rule in Supremacy 1914?


Supremacy 1914 is an MMORTS that is set in the First World War, but if you expect this game to be the same as the other MMORTS games out there, well, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise! Unlike other strategy games, Supremacy 1914 features individual games (think of them as “game rooms”) in which a certain number of players face off against each other in a realistically war-torn world. These games can span over the length of weeks up to a month or two.

All the games in Supremacy 1914 are played on 3 main maps - the 10-player map, the Historical Scenario Map and 31-player Map. Don’t worry about queues either as the game will start even if the map is unfilled. In fact, for unfilled positions/ countries, the game will place equally competitive AI players in charge instead. The game will also continue on even when players go inactive.

Now that you get the gist of the game, you can start managing your economy and provinces, as well as waging war! In terms of resources, there are 4 important ones that you’ll need to pay attention to. They are coal, lumber, grain/wheat, and the in-game cash, Euros. Build the associated production facilities and make sure to keep them upgraded so you can ensure a steady supply of resources to support your growing army.

Once your economy is stabilized, it’s high time to get your army growing! There are quite a range of unit types on Supremacy 1914. Some examples include artillery, battleships, tanks, railguns, infantry, fighter planes, submarines and many others! To train up different unit types though, you’ll need to have their respective training facilities. For instance, to train infantry units, you’ll need to build barracks. For mechanical combat units, such as artillery, tanks, aircraft, and railguns, you’ll need a factory instead.

Some of these units, like the railguns and airplanes, may even need additional support facilities, such as the railway and aerodrome, for them to function properly. For instance, the railguns require the railways to move inside a province. If there aren’t any railways in a neighboring province or when the railway is taken out of commision, the railgun will not be able to move, but is still able to fire.

Aerodromes, on the other hand, house fighter planes or bombers, unlike the factory which builds these aircrafts, and provides a place for airplanes to land and refuel after an attacking or city-patrolling trip. The factory and the aerodrome don’t have to be in the same province by the way. If your aerodrome was taken out by enemy fire, your planes will try to land in any available aerodrome nearby. When worse comes to worst, your airplanes will run out of fuel while airborne and crash to the ground. For battleships though, they are built and launched into combat via the harbor. The harbor also provides a sizeable bonus to morale and resource production.

Like the resource-producing buildings, you can upgrade these buildings to shorten the length of time needed for the units to be built. Upgrades also increase the morale in the province where these buildings are built in, in addition to boosting resource production. All the buildings in Supremacy 1914 have effects that help your province to either grow economically or militaristically and sometimes, both, so be sure to keep them upgraded to match the rate of your empire’s growth.

Besides these structures, there’s also another important military structure called the “fortress”. The fortress provides morale bonus to people and defensive bonus to troops. At a level 2 upgrade, the fortress will also allow you to hide your troops from enemy view and is one of the best defensive structures there is in Supremacy 1914. Furthermore, enemy fortresses are tough as nails to crack as these structures have massive damage reduction depending on its level (there’s a 50% damage reduction at a mere level 1!). Thus, strategy-wise, it’s always best to first lay siege before using closing in with your close-combat units.

Interestingly and uniquely, the buildings in Supremacy 1914 have their own operating costs and some may even amount to huge sums of resources. Thus, there will be times when you might want to toggle off the production or training line just so you can save up some resources for other units or buildings. This nifty feature is a great way for you to cleverly distribute your available resources even when your army occupied more than half the map.

Of course, there are plenty other features that will be available to you as you progress in the game. Use the ones that matter to give yourself a leg’s up while going up against an enemy nation.


Supremacy 1914 isn’t exactly a very populated game, though it does have the perks of having a tightly knitted and loyal community. There are up to 80,000 listed players as stated on the game’s website, and well, that’s pretty impressive for a niche-type of game like this one. Moreover, you can also join powerful alliances and forge diplomatic ties while in-game so that you at least won’t get mowed over like some insignificant lawn grass by other more experienced players.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Supremacy 1914 is pretty simplistic, but the colors are vibrant enough to clearly distinguish borders between nations. Other than the small models of troops, the rest of the game’s pretty much “text-based” in some sense. In terms of music, the game doesn’t provide any, so if you want to put on some playlist of your own, do feel free to do so.


In a nutshell, Supremacy 1914 is a nicely-developed and exciting MMORTS that is very much in a class of its own! Wage war with other players on the map, manage your economy, forge diplomatic ties, as well as govern and defend your conquered provinces to ensure that your country will be among the few left standing at the end of the game. Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings to churn out new units faster and earn yourself an extra boost to both your military and economy. If you have the ability to do so, you can try to win the game by capturing more than 50% of the map. If you’ve enjoyed games like Risk and don’t mind the slower pace of growth and expansion, do try this MMO version of it today!

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New Game Added: Supremacy 1914

by Aethyna Aug 24, 2015
Select a nation to start with and join the other power-obsessed and resource-hungry nations in a virtual WWI. Lead your people to glory and victory in this tumultuous world, and one day, with plenty of clever political maneuvers and audacious combat, you might just become the undisputed leader on the continent! Enroute in Supremacy 1914 Supremacy 1914: base Conquer in Supremacy 1914 Read More
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