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Supple: Episode 2 9 rate Congratulations! You have been promoted to the highly coveted position of Style Editor at Supple Magazine in this fun-filled social simulation game, Supple: Episode 2. Write articles, deal with the office politics, and have fun flirting with the boys at the office. If you love The Sims, do try Supple: Episode 2 today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Congratulations! You have been promoted to the highly coveted position of Style Editor at Supple Magazine, one of the top fashion magazine companies in town in this fun-filled social simulation game, Supple: Episode 2. In this game, you’ll have to navigate through various office politics, handle problems from disgruntled research assistants, show your performance to your boss, and stay in style. Earn money by writing articles for your boss and treat yourself to a new outfit or two later on. Have fun flirting with the boys at the office and bring them out for lunch at a nearby restaurant. If you have always love games like The Sims, you’ll surely enjoy playing Supple Episode 2. Do try the game’s demo today, and if you liked it, don’t forget to go buy the game!


Once you’ve gotten the game installed and booted up, you merely need to click on the “new game” button to start the game. In Supple: Episode 2, you’ll be playing as Arin Castello, the newly-promoted Style Editor at one of the top fashion magazine companies in town, Supple Magazine.

You’ll be briefed on how to control Arin and how to interact with the other characters in the game. As this game is basically a point-and-click type of game, you’ll be using your left mouse button to do a variety of things, such as examining and buying a new outfit, or chatting with your boss. The tutorial can be a bit too simplistic though, and you’ll still need to figure out some of the aspects of the game, such as where you can buy food and drinks, yourself.

Although Supple: Episode 2 is a game that can be slightly complicated for players, who have no experience with any social simulation games, to learn, but generally, the game concept is very simple. The game is separated into days, and in each day, you’ll be competing with your fellow colleague and competitor, Trevor, to deliver the article that Margot, your boss, has assigned to both of you.

Writing an article for a renowned fashion magazine is not small matter though! You’ll need plenty of help to get the job done and this is where the game’s social simulation part shines. In Supple: Episode 2, you’ll need to butter up the 2 research assistants, namely the talkative Ruby and the buff-looking Hugh, at your office in order to get them to do the necessary research for you before you could start writing.

There are many ways you can get them to work for you and it is entirely up to you to choose which path you’d like to take. You could decide to compliment their outfits or talk about their future, dreams and personal stuff with them. Make sure to be nice to them or the option to ask them to work will be greyed out. As the choice is yours, you can also decide to be downright nasty to them, but well, at the end of the day, it will only lead to a ruined career.

Besides needing to deal with Hugh and Ruby, you will also be facing some fierce competition from your colleague, Trevor. It is a battle between the both of you to see who managed to grab hold of which research assistants. Of course, the best scenario for you would be if you can get both Ruby and Hugh to work for you. Thankfully, the game provides you with a nice star-based meter to keep track of your rival’s as well as your own progress.

Furthermore, chatting with the many characters at the office will affect Arin’s character image and meters. There are generally 4 meters – respect, like, angry, and if the character is a guy, desire. Naturally, you would want to ensure that the people at the office respect and like you, and you can do so via compliments, writing articles or changing outfits.

There will be times when the other computer-controlled character treats Arin badly, such as when Arin was reprimanded by her boss or when Trevor poked fun at her. When this happens, Arin’s feelings, namely confidence and anger, will change accordingly (and automatically). If she gets angry, for example, you will then need to calm her down by allowing her to be nasty to another person at the office. In other words, you may be able to control Arin’s actions, but she is the master of her own emotions in this game.

Interactions with other people or doing your job can be tiring and after a while, and Arin’s energy level will droop. To replenish her energy so that she can work more efficiently, you will need to spend cash on some snacks or coffee at the employee’s lounge. You’ll start off with some cash in hand in Supple: Episode 2, but you will eventually need to earn money by writing articles.

By earning money, you can then bring Arin out to the in-game shop to buy her a new outfit. There is a nice selection of outfits available in the game for you to choose from. You can even have fun examining and trying out different outfits before buying the one you like the most. Once purchased, don’t forget to help Arin change into her new clothes before heading back to the office to show off her new looks!

Interestingly, you can also help Arin find herself a boyfriend by flirting with the guys at the office. This flirt option will only pop up once the guy likes Arin (the like meter is filled to the brim). If you managed to do it right, you might be able to get Arin a date at a fancy restaurant or some impromptu smooching with the guy she has been flirting with. Naturally, these types of actions will give Arin a huge confidence boost, allowing you to have more choices when interacting with the characters at the company. Supple: Episode 2 is also designed so that you can queue up Arin’s actions. Once queued, you just need to wait for the actions to play out.


The community in Supple: Episode 2 is pretty sizeable, especially considering that this game is pretty popular among players who enjoy playing games like The Sims. However, there isn’t a way where players of the game can come together and discuss about the game.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in this game are really nice-looking, though it can be further improved by adding in more details, especially for the clothes and the characters. In terms of sound, the game features a rather chic music that may be repetitive but is not at all annoying. Furthermore, Supple: Episode 2 also offers excellent voice acting for each of the characters (and yes, that includes Arin herself) and this makes the game much more immersive than some of the type-chat-based games out there.


In short, Supple: Episode 2 is an amazing interactive, “TV-sitcom”-like, social simulation game. In this game, you’ll be playing as Arin Costello, the new Style Editor of Supple Magazine. You’ll then need to help her manage her relationships with her co-workers and employees, as well as helping her to defeat her “arch rival”, Trevor Simons. Work to earn some money before splurging them in the in-game shop to buy Arin some beautiful new clothes. Don’t forget to chat up the guys at the office, and perhaps, ask them out on a date! Can Arin prove herself to her boss and protect her position at Supple Magazine from Trevor’s greedy claws? Play Supple: Episode 2 and find out!

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New Game Added: Supple: Episode 2

by Aethyna Dec 11, 2015
Congratulations! You have been promoted to the highly coveted position of Style Editor at Supple Magazine in this fun-filled social simulation game, Supple: Episode 2. Write articles, deal with the office politics, and have fun flirting with the boys at the office. If you love The Sims, do try Supple: Episode 2 today! Your wardrobe in Supple: Episode 2 Supple: Episode 2: Interactive chat Arin's Office in Supple: Episode 2 Read More
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