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Summoner's Legion 10 rate Ready, set, draw! Choose to fight as 1 of the 4 different classes and build decks with a wide variety of units and skills from up to 9 unique factions! Fight as a lone combatant or in a well-oiled team in various PvE and PvP encounters! Are you worthy enough to join the summoner’s legion? Try it today to find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ready, set, draw! Play this riveting new free-to-play MMOCCG game by R2 Games, Summoner’s Legion! Choose to fight as 1 of the 4 different classes and build decks with a wide variety of units and skills from up to 9 unique factions, namely undead, elves, beastmen, humans and dwarves! The game features challenging single-player campaigns, team-based PvE dungeons as well as solo or multiplayer PvP modes that you can enjoy. You can even upgrade your cards and your class weapon at the alchemist and the blacksmith respectively for a small cost, of course. Are you worthy enough to join the summoner’s legion? Try it today to find out!


After signing up, you can select a gender for your character and also a name. Then, the game immediately starts off with a tutorial that introduces you to the basics of battle.

The gameplay of any MMOCCG is pretty easy to understand, especially if you have experience with games like Hearthstone or Rise of Mythos before. By drawing the cards from the deck, placing the cards on the grid and performing attacks using the cards, you will need to reduce your opponent’s health to 0 in order to win!

First of all, let’s look at the card information from the card that you’ve drawn from the deck. Each card has 4 important details on it. The number at the bottom left corner of the card indicates the attack power, while the number at the bottom right corner of the card indicates the health points of the unit. Notice the diamond shaped indicator on the top right corner of the card? Well, that indicates the rarity of the card. The common cards are gray in color, rare is blue while epic is red-violet in color. There are also elite cards, which will have a gold-colored diamond instead.

The most important detail, however, is the top left corner of the card. The number indicates the amount of mana points (MP) you need to ‘summon’ the card into play (or in other words, to place the card on the board). At the start of every game in Summoner’s Legion, you will get 1 MP. Every subsequent turn will then increase your maximum MP by 1 and your MP orbs will be fully refilled as well. Your MP will limit how many cards you can place in the game as you cannot place cards with a total MP that exceed your given MP. This system may also be very familiar to Hearthstone players since Hearthstone utilizes the exactly same formula.

There is also a slight restriction on where you can place your cards on the Microsoft Excel-like network of grids on board. The game have up to a maximum of 3 rows of attack lanes filled with grids. However, only the first 3 grids, counted from your end, can be used to place your units. This also means that the maximum number of units you can place for each row per turn is 3, as long as you have the required MP. However, if there is no available space on the board for you to place your cards, then you’ll be forced to skip the turn by ending the turn earlier. You can also discard cards that you don’t want on your hand. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that after placing a card into play, you’ll ‘summon’ a fully-animated mini-figure version of the character in the card onto the board!

Now, once the basics are out of the way, let’s take a careful look at how the game works! Units summoned from cards can only move 2 spaces per turn by default, provided that their path is not blocked by an enemy. They will also have a default attack range of 2 grids. These default features can be overridden if the cards have special abilities on them that stated so. For example, archers in the game have a +3 bonus to their attack range, making their total attack range to add up to be a whopping 5 grids!

There are even special abilities that are very unique such as ambush, which will allow your unit to deal 2 times the damage on the first strike or alert, which will allow your unit to attack enemies behind them or on their sides. Units with the armored skill will be able to reduce all incoming physical damage by 1, but are vulnerable to magical damage that will just burn though its armor. There are also units like the Pegasi which has the flight ability allowing it to leap over your units and move forward.

Besides unit cards, there are also action cards in this game, such as sudden death, misinformation and heavy blow. These cards are exclusively class-based and will cause something special, usually damage though, to happen on the board instead of summoning a new unit. However, these action cards can only be used against summoned units on the board and not directly on your opponent, except in the case that the card stated that it can be used in such way.

Each campaign or PvP match or game in Summoner’s Legion will consume 1 of your stamina while dungeons will cost more. Your total stamina points will gradually increase per level earned and each stamina point lost can be regenerated every 10 minutes. At the start of each match, you will be handed 4 starting cards and you’re given 1 minute to swap any of those cards out if you think it is necessary. Then the battle truly starts! There is also no time limit on the turn-based combat system in Summoner’s Legion for campaign, but there’s a 45 seconds timer for dungeons, whereby you’ll have to team up with other players.

The game even provides an AFK auto-combat mode for those lazy bums out there! However, do note that being a MMOCCG, it’s best to play your matches yourself since every newly placed card may require some change in strategy and also in determining which card to play. A computer playing the game for you won’t be able to adapt in time and you’ll end up losing fights that you could have won, if only you’ve taken hold of the wheel in the game! So, the take home message here is that play your own matches if you can and leave the AFK mode for emergencies!

After a playing the few games in the tutorial, you will then be allowed to choose your summoner’s class. In Summoner’s Legion, you are given up to 4 archetype classes to choose from, namely warrior, ranger, mage and priest. Each class has its own set of distinctive skills/ spells (up to a total of 10 different skills), much like what the classes in Hearthstone has. However, only one of these skills can be used in play. Also, similarly to Hearthstone, you can switch between different classes by using different sets of decks. Each class will have a few action cards that are only exclusively available to their respective classes too! These special cards can only be added to a deck if you’re using its corresponding class to play.

In Summoner’s Legion, your deck of cards –your weapons- are of utmost importance! Each deck can contain up to 30 cards and you can easily and manually edit them through your deck tab. Getting new cards to be placed into your deck is pretty easy in this game as well! By logging in daily, are entitled to a mystery chest which will reward you with a random card. Moreover, every game you play in the campaign will also grant you some new cards to be added to your stash of cards, provided that you win the game. You can get shards from campaigns too and once you’ve accumulated enough of them, you can also exchange them for new cards. By completing feats of combat, you can claim some sweet cards from the collection tab as well! Instead of getting freebies, you can even choose to buy your own new cards from the shop. You can purchase a standard pack of random cards for around 4000 silver (in-game money). You can also get new packs of cards by spending gold (real life currency) as well as honor points, which you can gain in PvP events.

Not to mention, you can upgrade your cards at the alchemist in Summoner’s Legion as well! Each card that you can upgrade will consume a certain amount of magic dusts in order to increase its attack power, health points or sometimes, its special abilities. Upgrading cards in this game works on a per card basis. This means that if you’ve upgraded your swordsman once, for example, you will only get 1 upgraded swordsman despite the fact that you initially have 2 of these normal swordsman cards. In order to get both swordsman upgraded, then you will need to upgrade each card individually (you’ll have to upgrade twice). The best part about upgrading is that while your cards become stronger, the MP cost of the cards does not increase (usually stronger cards will usually have a higher MP cost). However, on the downside, upgrading does nothing to upgrade the rarity of your card.

In addition, your deck weapon or more accurately your class weapon can be upgraded at the blacksmith as well! The higher weapon level you have, the more weapon skills and health points your hero will have.

Last but not least, in Summoner’s Legion, you will always have something to do! Besides the usual quests, there are also timed events whereby you’ll complete as many mini-objectives as you can in order to collect points. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for some really cool cards. If you’re a PvP enthusiast, then you’ll be happy to know that the game features a ranked arena system (1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2) for you to show the in-game world what you’re made of! If you think you needed some practice first, well, there’s also a training match that you can try out. There are dungeons in this game as well! You can team up with a maximum of 3 players by creating a room for the dungeon that you want to raid and you can coordinate your effort by communicating via party chat in-game. If you can’t find other players to join your team (which rarely happens) or if you cannot wait to find a group, you can always go into these dungeons with 2 other NPC players. The AI for these NPC players are pretty well-design and know how to handle most situations well enough.


The community in Summoner’s Legion is currently looking at a steady increase in player base as the game slowly gains recognition in the free-to-play MMOCCG field. It currently boasts of having more than 100 thousand monthly active players. If you want to join the community in this game, the best way is by signing yourself up in a guild. There is also a text-based chat system in the game and not to forget, its fan page over at Facebook.

Graphics/ Sound

The 2.5D graphics in this game, for instance its sceneries, are acceptable for a browser-based game. The characters and units are very detailed as well, giving the graphics some more depth. One of the best parts in Summoner’s Legion, besides its amazing gameplay, is the music behind it! The game features inspirational epic music in your city while it has very upbeat and catchy music for battles. In fact, the battle music may sound like the music in some of the battle scenes in an anime TV series. It’s awesome!


Considering that this game is merely in its alpha phase, Summoner’s Legion is a surprisingly well-polished free-to-play MMOCCG. Its game mechanics are all well-done since it combines the best of popular MMOCCG (Hearthstone and Rise of Mythos) in one exciting game! It also contains sufficient depth, making the game strategically challenging and yet still very fun to play! In terms of features, this game offers 4 switchable and uniquely different classes for you to play as well as a huge variety of cards from 9 distinct factions from which you can build up your own deck! You can upgrade your cards at the alchemist and your class weapon at the blacksmith as well! Not to mention, the game also has challenging dungeons, PvP arenas and campaigns for you to participate in. If you love MMOCCG, Summoner’s Legion is one game that you mustn’t miss out on! Joining the fight before the game launches may give you an upper hand as well, so don’t wait!

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New Game Added: Summoner's Legion

by Aethyna May 13, 2015
Ready, set, draw! Choose to fight as 1 of the 4 different classes and build decks with a wide variety of units and skills from up to 9 unique factions! Fight as a lone combatant or in a well-oiled team in various PvE and PvP encounters! Are you worthy enough to join the summoner’s legion? Try it today to find out! Summoner's Legion: Mage class Combat in Summoner's Legion Summoner's Legion: Drunk dwarf Read More
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