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Street Rally 8 rate Street Rally puts you behind the wheels of customizable racing cars to compete in action-packed tracks and win trophies. Race against your friends, or other people around the world, race against the clock, drift like crazy, upgrade your car, tweak the appearance of your ride with tons of cool visuals and show it off to the world! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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“Start your engines… Get set, ready, race!” Join the league of daredevil racers in this exciting top-down-view car racing game, Street Rally! The game provides a huge combination of locations, tracks and game modes, making each playthrough feels as interesting as the previous one! With some cash to buy your first car and some essential tweaks to make it faster (and cooler-looking), you can start racing to earn more money. Don’t forget to pimp up both your car and your garage with a paintjob and some décor respectively! Drive on the fast lane today and play Street Rally!


After a brief tutorial, you’re given some cash to buy your first car and to add some essential tweaks to make it faster (and cooler-looking).

Unlike other games whereby you are only given 1 beginner car choice, you are given 3 in Street Rally, namely the Bug, Barnie or the Flash. These are the cheapest cars in the game and this is what you’ll need to get to start racing! The cars at the car shop may not always be the familiar branded cars that you know since some of them are entirely fictional, while some of them do not at all look like their (much cooler) real life counterpart! Don’t worry if you start off slow – earn some money by taking on your first opponents and you will soon have a big pimped-up garage full of amazing speed-machines!

After you’ve earned enough money from races, you can then return to buy the new and better cars at the car shop. The money earning rate in this game is astonishing for a free-to-play game as most free-to-plays tend to drag out the grinding process to force you to spend real money. This is not the case for Street Rally. After a couple of races, and you don’t even need to win them, you can easily buy the next tier of cars. The good rate of new car unlocks is particularly attractive to players who are virtual car collectors! Another awesome part is that even though you do not have enough money as of yet, you can still take the car of your dreams out for a test drive in Street Rally!

If you want to race to win, merely driving a car...any car… will not do! You’ll need to upgrade it and deck it out with speed-boosting modifications. To do so, you’ll first need to get the tools you’ll need! Edit your garage to add work tables and important tools, such as car diagnostics kit, rims stand and tire change machine, to your garage to enable you to perform certain car modifications, add boosts and unlock specific features.

The most important work tables that you’ll need are the work bench, complete with all the tools you’ll need, and a drafting station. The drafting station is needed to allow you to start customizing your car’s appearance. Change your car’s looks and make it stand out from the crowd by getting it a fresh paintjob, a rim change (you’ll need a rims stand first though) or even tinting your windows. The little money you spent for these visual upgrades is money well-spent indeed once you get to lay your eyes on the car that you’ve personalized to your liking!

The work bench, on the other hand, is needed for the rest of the non-visual upgrades that will make your car go faster, handle better and make it feel much more powerful! In other words, it’ll improve your car overall. How? Well, by tuning your car part by part, of course! Your car can be broken down into roughly 5 sections, namely engine and transmission, suspension, tires and brakes, exhaust and the nitrous system. Upgrades for any of these sections will increase certain stats of your car. For example, by improving suspension or tires and brakes, you can increase the handling of your car!

There are also other tools that you can add to your garage to provide a nifty bonus. For instance, the car diagnostic kit is able to reduce the cost on engine repair, while the welding kit reduces the cost on exhaust repair. Moreover, some items that you can buy and place in your garage is able to unlock new features for you, such as the rims stand, which will unlock the rim selection option, and nitrous refiller that unlocks the pro nitro feature. Don’t forget to buy plenty of décor and leisure items, like plants, couches, entertainment systems and even a snooker table if you like, to pimp up your garage! You can also expand your garage if you ran out of space. The best part about all these is that almost 99% of all the items can be bought using either in-game money or real money.

Ready to kick some ass? Awesome, but before we do so, you’ll have to learn the controls first! You’ll be using the arrow keys to move your car and the spacebar to pull your virtual handbrake. To deploy your car’s nitrous, just press shift. The controls may seem easy, but it is rather difficult to master. Furthermore, the game’s top-down view does seem to make Street Rally much harder to play as well!

In addition, due to the game’s huge range of race modes, locations and track selections, there are a crazy ton of combinations for different racing conditions that you can mash up. For race modes, there are a total of 5 modes, namely career, whereby you’ll be racing against AIs, as well as leagues, tournaments, challenges and multiplayer, whereby you can race head to head with your friends or a bunch of strangers!

For locations, you’ll start off with Miami unlocked. As you progress in career mode, you’ll eventually unlock new locations, which include Los Angeles England, Whistler (Canada) and even Ancient Rome! Not to mention, there are a huge variety of track types, including skill tracks, drift tracks, bunny runs and cop pursuits, besides the usual tracks. Usually, each track requires you to repeat the run for at least 2 laps.

Skill tracks tests your driving skills by requiring you to stay on the marked line as best as you can and avoid colliding with the road cones and barriers or you’ll incur time penalties. You’ll also need to drive your car to collect all stars in order to complete the level and if you miss one and had to do a U-turn to collect it, there’s a small time penalty too. For drift tracks, you’ll need to drift around corners, do U-turns and even 360 spins. Each trick you pull off successfully gets you money on this track. Cool, right?

There are also achievements that you can earn and trophies that you can obtain by winning races. You can even place a stand for your trophies in your garage and start collecting trophies in Street Rally!


Street Rally has almost 430 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, which is a pretty impressive feat for a relatively unknown racing game on Facebook (though it’s newer counterpart, StreetRace Rivals, seems to be doing better). It is a great place to meet up with fellow car and car racing enthusiasts, and make new friends, which you can then turn into “rivals” by challenging them and beating them in a race… well, you can’t help that you’re faster, right?

Graphics/ Sound

Due to being a 2011 game, the graphics can look a bit outdated and the top-down view didn’t help either. However, whatever the game has is good enough for a simple racing game such as this one. It can provide that nostalgic feeling to players from the 90s. Street Rally provides a techno/rock music to get your blood pumping just a tad bit faster while you race. When you drift, the sequels of the tires aren’t as loud though, and it may not be as satisfying to hardcore drifters.


In brief, Street Rally is a top-down free-to-play motor racing game that may seem old but it has a rather challenging and competitive gameplay. The controls may take awhile to get used to as they can, at times, be a fraction of a second slower to respond to your button-pressing commands. The game also contains a huge range of race modes, locations and tricky track types for you to enjoy! With the money you’ve earned from races, you can spend them at the garage to buy car upgrades and customizations or at the car shop to buy a whole new car! You can also test drive the vehicle before buying! So, satisfy your craving for speed with nostalgic old-school racing in Street Rally today!

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New Game Added: Street Rally

by Aethyna Apr 9, 2015
Street Rally puts you behind the wheels of customizable racing cars to compete in action-packed tracks and win trophies. Race against your friends, or other people around the world, race against the clock, drift like crazy, upgrade your car, tweak the appearance of your ride with tons of cool visuals and show it off to the world! Street Rally: 360 drifting Skill track in Street Rally Street Rally: Workbench Read More
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