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Stormfall: Age of War 9.5 rate In a land war torn and ravaged by conquest an ancient evil is rising. As one of the greatest champions you are given land, titles and a stronghold to turn into a mighty city from which to unite the people and defend them. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Stormfall: Age of War is a an MMORTS, and so strategy is the key to success in this game. You will have to learn how to manage your empire’s resources and army as you grow slowly into a mighty force that the world will be forced to reckon with! Attack or ally with other players to gain benefits, in the form of pillaged resources or reinforcements, for your empire. Learn the ways of the Lost Art to improve your buildings as well as to unlock new units, contraptions and even beasts! If you think you have what it takes to set a legacy for yourself in this game, well, why not try the game yourself to find out!


The chaos-riven lands of Darkshine once house a legendary empire known as Stormfall. However, the lands are now stuck in a cycle of perpetual territorial conquer that is tearing the place apart! This is where you come in! Being the strongest and wisest champion, Lord Oberon has selected you as the ultimate candidate to reunite the war-torn empire against an old orcish threat that has resurfaced from down below in Anher’even! Ancient nightmarish creatures that are clawing and grasping their way back to the surface to unleash hell on Darkshine!


The gameplay in Stormfall: Age of War has many similarities with other Plarium games, so if you have experience in any of the other games, you will do fine in Stormfall! If not, don’t worry - Plarium has perhaps one of the best light-hearted tutorials in gaming history and they are all fully-voiced!

Being an empire-building game, the main objective for you is to create an empire (and army) that other players will fear - An empire that embodies the famous quote by Julius Caeser, “Veni, vidi, vici”. In order to do that, you will definitely have to build up your city first and get those workyards to start churning out resources!

It’s pretty obvious your city doesn’t look like much at the moment, but we all have to start somewhere, right? So, first things first – you will need some food! After all, an army cannot fight on an empty stomach… and so do you! Food are produced in farms and in this game, you are given a maximum of 6 farms to build. Each of these farms can then be gradually upgraded, up to a maximum level of 20, to support your expanding army!

Unless you plan on taking on your enemies with an army armed with sharpened sticks, you will definitely need those iron ore fields around your castle! Build iron mines to start stockpiling iron for your army! The war in Stormfall ultimately comes down to which side has the most blades to start off with, so you should ensure that your iron is never in short supply. Let’s not forget that every war has to be funded, financially, by wealthy subjects. Thus, you will need to build townhouses to levy taxes for your men and to trade for resources.

After getting the 3 pillars of empire growth, namely food, gold and iron, set up, you will need to upgrade them so that the resources these buildings produce can keep pace to the needs of your growing military! You should know how to manage your resources as well in this game. If you needed some extra resources, you can perform daily quests that are offered every 6 hours by Iris Mar’eth, the Ambassadress of the Shade King in Clawhold. Or if you have excellent bargaining skills, you can put it to good use at the market and trade with Lords of distant lands for the resources or scrolls you need. Don’t forget to develop your market too! The more caravans you have to trade with, the wealthier you will be!

The legendary kingdom of Stormfall once housed sacred lore that was reputedly passed down from the Gods themselves! However, many parts of the lore have been lost to the times. In order to give yourself an advantage against your enemies, you will need these Lost Arts! Thus, you should build the House of Scrolls so that your scribes can begin to recover the Lost Arts scroll by scroll!

By recovering the Lost Arts, you will be able to unlock new units, contraptions and even beasts to aid you in your war of conquest! Each Lost Art you discover can be refined to higher levels of mastery and the greater your mastery, the stronger the related military units. Bear in mind though, your enemies will also be racing towards discovering the all these arts themselves, and only by being ahead of them can your empire remain strong!

How can a leader command his or her troops without a center of command, right? Therefore, the next important thing is to get a keep built up! Here, you will issue your orders, send alliances and keep an iron grip over the affairs of your realm. And of course, the most important building of them all, the sentry house, should be built as well! It is here where you will be recruiting all of your infantry units. You can visit the Black Market to help you fill the gaps in your war plan as well!

Besides resource management, army management is also important in Stormfall: Age of War. Your units can be separated loosely into offensive, like your basic pikemen, or defensive, like your archers. Keep this in mind when building and deploying your troops! Sending defensive soldiers to raid other people's cities will only result in your defeat and the same goes to using offensive units to defend your city. If you waste good soldiers through poor tactics, you won’t last very long out there!

To aid the living, you may often find yourself calling upon the dead. You can summon wraiths from among your friends daily to help you in battle! Your wraiths need no mortal food, cost no resources and can be endlessly resurrected, making them the ideal units for combat!

Reuniting the empire will take much more than brute strength in Stormfall. Shrewd diplomacy, intrigue and strong alliances will be as equally important as having a mighty army when extending your influence. You would certainly be more secure to have powerful friends to watch your back and to help you marshal the strength you need to conquer your common enemies! Hence, build an embassy to start sending emissaries to neighboring Lords to form alliances. However, you should choose your allies wisely – today’s ally may be tomorrow’s enemy.

Furthermore, real power in this game comes in the form of reputation! When just the rumor of your feats of valor is enough to bring your enemies cowering before you on their knees! Thus, in Stormfall, you should also strive to achieve as many feats of valor as you can! In time, bards will sing of your daring feats and your reputation will spread so far and wide that it will begin to precede you.

There are also a load of other features, such as catacombs, in Stormfall: Age of War that made this game such a successful one. Be sure to hop on over to the game and check them out!


As an Aesop proverb goes, 'In union there is strength', joining in a league (a.k.a. guild) is definitely one of the best decisions that in Stormfall: Age of War. Leagues do not only provide a camaraderie of fellow lords that which you can safely rely on in times of need, but leagues also provide additional daily quests that you can do to earn yourself some much-needed resources. You can also meet other lords at Stormfall’s Facebook fan page, which has almost 1.5 million likes! So, be sure to check that page out!

Graphics/ Sound

One of the best parts in Stormfall: Age of War (or in any of Plarium’s many games) is the fully-voiced tutorials and quests. The voice acting in this game is incredible, making the quests much more entertaining. Furthermore, the background music is absolutely inspiring (for a conqueror, that is) and is perfectly suited to the game's theme of war and conquest! The graphics in this game are realistic, gritty-looking and superbly detailed as well. Although it may not be comparable to big strategy game titles like Total War, it is rather acceptable for a browser-based game.


In conclusion, Stormfall: Age of War is the one of the earliest of the long list of popular MMORTS games that is released by Plarium. Thus, its many uncanny resemblances to other Plarium’s games are justified. Even after several years since its release, its player base is still going strong. Not to mention, the game has everything an MMORTS can ask for in addition to its incredible gameplay, graphics and sound! Due to its popularity, Stormfall: Age of War is certainly a game that is here to stay, so you might as well join in on the fun!

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