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Stonies 9.5 rate Turn a stone age man into a whole civilization in a brilliant simulation game where you master their fate. Build house, forage and hunt for food and advance them from a simple cave to a flourishing city. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Stonies you take a simple cave man and guide him, and h is friends and family into becoming a great civilization. Teach them new technologies like the stone axe, how to hunt for food and have them worship you to grant you more powers. Become a god to these people and watch them grow from era to era in a fun mobile game.


From a humble beginning you are able to create a whole society and shape its destiny. With Stonies you start small, from a single cave man you are able to build up and create something amazing.

In order to build your civilization you will need to craft buildings, feed your people and make their tools. This begins by gathering materials, this can be achieved either by clicking yourself on the food, rock or wood and it is gathered up or you can have your cave person collect for you. They will use up some food to do so, but it means you can gather a lot of materials fast.

Once you have these you can start to make the buildings that will serve as their village and produce the items you need. Each building needs a certain amount of materials, and you may need to make tools before you can gather them, such as stone axes. These items can be given directly to your people and they use them whenever you set them a particular task.

There are also certain achievements that you need to complete, when you do you will advance up an age. Each age will then unlock new buildings, add more people and more items for you to make and use. There is an easy to read list of what you need to do and it checks them off as you complete them.

If you want to finish something faster, there is something called Lightening, here you can use your godly power to collect all of a stack of resources, or build something faster. You have 100 lightening to begin with and each use will take up a certain amount. This recharges over time and you can also refill the bar by using some of your Heavenly Crystals.

These Heavenly Crystals are the premium currency in the game, and you begin play with some, then you are able to get them from quests and parts of the game and you can also get them from quests. These can be used to speed up many aspects of the game as well as complete a lot of tasks for you.

As you progress through the game there are more and more options for you, and your civilization will grow. You can also put them into families and they will have children, that will then become part of the tribe and grow up with you. This adds a nice symmetry and feeling of continuation to the game.

Overall there is a lot for you to do in Stonies, and a lot of fun to be had. The pace of the game can feel a little slow sometimes, but as this is a more casual mobile game the pace actually works out pretty well. Altogether it is a pretty good game with a lot of fun things for you to enjoy.


As this is a mobile game there are lots of players around and a lot of support forums and places you can meet other people. There is also a pretty active Facebook page and a lot of websites dedicated to helping you out in the game.


Stonies looks pretty good for a Mobile game. There are lots of cute characters you meet and you can see the different buildings and items you need quite clearly. The overall look is one that matches the game setting and it is a pretty place to be. The sounds also match the era of the game and make for a fun little addition to what is a nice place to be.


There is a lot for you to enjoy in Stonies, though it may feel a little slow there is always something for you to be doing and enjoying. Raising the people up through the ages is a nice feeling and the population expanding is great to watch. Overall there are lots of fun aspects to the game, and it delivers a simulation title very well.

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by Adeaphon Jul 31, 2017
Turn a stone age man into a whole civilization in a brilliant simulation game where you master their fate. Build house, forage and hunt for food and advance them from a simple cave to a flourishing city. Fishing in Stonies Hut in Stonies Campfire in Stonies Read More

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Awesome game all around

Great graphics, fun game play, everything that's needed to advance from era to era. I like that I'm not able to advance until I've completed the tasks and criteria from era to era. Find...Full Review
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