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Steel Legions 8 rate Steel Legions features an action-packed, arcade-styled shooting game in a web browser platform. Battle with friend or challenge other players in a classic shooter style game and complete missions to fully upgrade your tanks and recruit new members for your crew. Do you have what it takes to survive in the battlefield? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Steel Legions is a free to play multiplayer online shooter game that is designed to be played in a web browser. You can take on missions alone or with friends and earn rewards upon completion, you will be able to customize your tanks with different parts and upgrading stats to enhance the performance. There is also player versus player matches where you represent your chosen faction and defeat those that opposes your group.


Set in a fictional steampunk age, where oil, steel and steam are the essential resources for this world, and it controls the manufacture of military tanks. These heavy war machines dominate the world with its sheer power. However with the resources being scarce, the four factions battle over the control of the resources to gain the upper hand and to dominate the entire nation. The crew will have to balance their duty to gather more resources and battling other rival factions.


Steel Legions has that mix of RPG and action shooter game, where you can upgrade your tank by spending resources that you gathered from rewards or enemy loot and battling enemy tanks with the classic, arcade-styled “running and shooting”.

At the start of the game, you will get to choose from four different factions; the Pandora Rebels, Phoenix Empire, Tundran Warriors and Golden Territories. You can earn bonus gold when picking a certain faction, namely the one with the lowest player base we reckon. Since this is a tank game, you will be selecting a tank instead of an avatar to play as. However, you won’t have any freedom to customize your tank at the start as you need to earn some money first.

The controls follow the scheme from real time strategy games, where the game is a little bit heavy on the mouse rather than having a balance between mouse-and-keyboard use. In this game, you use the left mouse button to direct your movement to the designated location and the right mouse button to launch an attack on a highlight area. This can produce a somewhat weird control scheme especially for an arcade-ish gameplay like Steel Legions as you will constantly be moving and shooting simultaneously.

Since the game runs on a web browser, there are few shortcut keys available which funnily enough cannot be activated by pressing a key on the keyboard. The majority of these “shortcuts” will also require a mouse click to activate. If all of these sound complicated, well, not to worry - There will be small tooltips popping up on the left side of the screen to teach you the basics of the game, from controls to objectives and even upgrading.

The gameplay in Steel Legions is simple and straightforward enough - You battle renegade tanks that are roaming the area. Defeating these tanks will earn you some scrap parts that you can then use to upgrade your tank’s armor, turret, special weapons and more. Depending on the enemy’s levels, defeated tanks will drop varying amount of loot. Higher level tanks will naturally drop more loot and vice versa. The level of upgrades you can do to your tank cannot exceed your account level though.

You will also need to spend ammunition to fire certain weapons but you easily can replenish them from the rewards you get at the end of every match. You need to spend gas on your tanks when moving as well. Ran out of gas? Well, this can be remedied by spending game money to refill your fuel tank.

In Steel Legions, you’ll need to complete missions to gain experience points, which will subsequently help you to level up. This is unfortunately the only way for you to earn experience points in Steel Legions since you won’t gain experience from defeating random enemy tanks. Failing your objectives will result in no points gained as well.

There is a feature called tank crews in Steel Legions where you can recruit members to assist you in the operation of your tank. These crew may come from different professions but they can provide stat boosts or new abilities that can improve your tank’s combat performance. In the early levels, you are limited to recruiting a certain number of crew members for your tank, but you can swap them out anytime in the game.

Missions are just your typical objectives that require you to eliminate targets whether in an offensive or defensive manner. Some of these include taking out tank bosses or defending your base from invaders. The difficulty curve can be punishing for some players as some early missions may take several retries before you can complete the mission. This also means that you could be spending more of your resources than actually gaining them as rewards once you’ve managed to complete a mission.

Finding a mission can also be difficult, instead of offering you a series of quests, you have to initiate a random quest when you accessed it from the headquarters. Sometimes, you will need to play in the game’s multiplayer mode, and if there are not enough players during the matchmaking session, it may take you some time before you can actually get into a match and get your mission done.


And arcade-style shooter is not complete if there is no multiplayer features. Other players can join you in other missions with the matchmaking function, during a mission you will have to wait for a new player to join in before commencing. This also applies for Player versus player battles as well, but the matchmaking function can be flawed as it sometimes match you with a high levelled player or a very difficult mission depending on your player opponent or character.

Graphics/ Sound

Since it runs on a web browser, Steel Legions has a simple visual design that is enough to provide detail on what kind of tanks you are dealing with. Though the visuals are decent, it does not provide much impact for the overall presentation. As for music, it lacks some epic tunes as the list of tracks are very limited, sound effects are very decent though not much of an impact to add some intensity of the game.


Steel Legions is a fun web based shooter game with a simple gameplay and fast paced action. But some of the biggest feature in the game makes it a bit of a lacklustre. With a broken matchmaking and uninspiring visuals, it makes it a bit unappealing to those who are looking for a great shooter game. If you are looking for a quick game full of shooting action, you may like Steel Legions and give it a shot.

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New Game Added: Steel Legions

by Richard Apr 23, 2017
Steel Legions features an action-packed, arcade-styled shooting game in a web browser platform. Battle with friend or challenge other players in a classic shooter style game and complete missions to fully upgrade your tanks and recruit new members for your crew. Do you have what it takes to survive in the battlefield? Steel Legions: Getting flanked Factions in Steel Legions Steel Legions: Gameplay Read More
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