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Following the destruction of the planet Romulus its people are lost and trying to find a new home. In the chaos that follows the Klingon’s seek to expand their Empire coming into conflict with the Federation and ending their long-held treaty. All the time the Dominion are rebuilding their forces and seeking to regain control of the Alpha Quadrant. To make matters worse the Borg has returned too.

All of this has created a galaxy in turmoil, and this is where you a newly graduated recruit join the conflict. You can choose to join the Federation or Klingon Empires and follow their story arc. Or you can be a Romulan and choose your side once you have a ship to call your own. Conquer or try to bring peace it is up to you to decide where you stand.


Once you have installed the game you are able to begin your adventure, there are several character options for you to go through. The first choice is your faction, whether you will fight for the Federation, Klingons or become a Romulan and choose your side later. There are multiple character slots so you can pick one to play now and come back to see the other storylines later.

Once you choose your faction you are able to pick a race and class. Each race has its own advantages and bonuses in different parts of the game. It is quite a big list of benefits and taking it all in can be a little confusing. There is no “best” race so really go with what you feel like playing. From Human to some of the more exotic species there are a lot of options. Now you can customize your look and this is one of the most in depth creations we have ever seen with a huge range of looks, options and even how you stand in the game.

There are 3 career paths in the game, the Tactical, Engineering and Science and each of these has skills that apply to different areas of the game. Unlike many other MMO games these careers do not restrict your equipment or ships. They do fit some roles that you can traditionally find in other games but that does not mean they are limited. The Tactical career is more of a DPS role, Engineers fill the Tank and Healer style and Science officers are Healers and Debuffers.

Once you choose all of these you are then off to your first adventure. The game begins with a tutorial, not just 5 minutes of showing you things but a full story that introduces you into the game mechanics as well as the story. Giving you experience and items as a reward alongside learning the game. It is actually a really great process to go through, though there are a lot of different controls to get used to and options this is a pretty good method of introducing it all.

Once you complete the opening story you are able to enter the world and start to explore a huge galaxy. There are lots of planets and storylines to follow and each of these will give you experience and items you can use on your character or ship. Both of which can use these items in missions and the worlds around you.

As well as items you also have a crew that work on your ship. They are npc’s that you pick up or can buy. These crews can have a huge impact on your ship as you can put them into a slot and use their skills. These range from damage increases to refilling your shields. They also have some non combat bonuses too. Your crew also follow you on ground missions and use their skills there too.

When you reach level 5 you will unlock skills, these add to your abilities or base stats. They are equivalent to talents in most games and can give you quite the strong edge in the game. You can also change them when you need to, either if you have a new ship or for a specific mission. Once you reach level 50 you will open up the Captain Specialization system, which is a unique set of higher level skills.

As you play you can also open up and buy new ships. These are available in the game or can be purchased for the premium currency Zen. Each ship has a unique look and stats and they come in ranks from 1 to 6. 6 being the best ships in the game, and also the hardest to get. Each faction has its own race specific ships and there are different styles for different things. Ships you own can be swapped out at the spacedock.

You also do not have to play alone, as it is an MMO you can join a Fleet, or guild and play with your friends. There are lots of active Fleets and the Star Trek Online also has special Fleet missions with wom good rewards for completing them. A Fleet also has its own base and benefits that get better the more the fleet does together.

The controls for Star Trek Online are pretty simple, with the WASD and other close keys used in both space and ground combat. In ground combat you can move and shoot and there are bonuses for flanking and ambushing. In space you also have up and down as well as 4 different shield sides. There are quite a lot of tactics you can use in both types of combat adding a lot of depth to an already detailed game.

Star Trek Online is free to play, with some items and ships being held behind a special currency. You can however play the majority of the game completely free and without the premium ships. Zen can be purchased right in the game, but only once you complete the tutorial.

Overall the game looks and plays out really smoothly. There is a little big of a learning curve when it comes to the controls but once you master it you are set. With its intriguing storyline and set in the world of Star Trek as it is, there is so much to enjoy in the game. You can also look out for the cameo appearances of famous characters, voiced by their actual actors too.


Star Trek Online has been around for a good few years and has a lot of players. There are many Fleets for you to join and you will always find players around in the different space sectors. Outside of the game there are loads of websites with information and social areas to join as well as active forum communities that discuss the game and its tactics.


When traveling the stars in some of the most recognizable ships around you would expect it to look good. And it does, presented in a gorgeous 3D your character, locations and ships look stunning. Throw in some more recent updates in the patches and you have a remarkably smooth and great game to enjoy.


In Star Trek Online you are able to explore the galaxy known and unknown. Meet some of the most well known characters and walk the decks of some of the best ships. Visit deep space nine in your own Excelsior class ship or attack the farthest Federation outposts in your Bird of Prey. No matter if you are a huge fan of the setting or not you are in for a great game that is full of action and fun.

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by Adeaphon May 5, 2017
Captain your own starship in the amazing world of Star Trek in an MMO that is full of action and adventure. Klingons in Star Trek Online Ground Mission inStar Trek Online Space Combat in Star Trek Online Read More
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