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Star of Heroes 8.2 rate Side with either the Sentinels or the Scourge and fight to dominate the realm for the glory of your faction! Build a great team of heroes, challenge various dungeons, battle other players, and keep the Roshan at bay in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Star of Heroes. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Side with either the Sentinels or the Scourge and fight to dominate the realm for the glory of your faction in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Star of Heroes! Challenge and defeat various bosses and their minions in the many different types of dungeons available or take on other players at the arena and climb up the ranks. Recruit the best heroes to your team and give them the most epic gear they could ever wish for. Will you be able to rise to the top and be among the greatest players on your server? Play Star of Heroes now and find out!


In the world of Star of Heroes, the bloody feud between the Sentinels and the Scourge has almost rendered the world into 2. However, with the invasion of the Roshan, both factions will have to grudgingly band together and combine their forces to take on a common foe.

The daily struggle for survival is tough, but that’s all about to end because you are here! Being the chosen one, you’re the world’s only hope of ever defeating the Roshan and repelling their encroachment onto your people’s land. Will you be the savior these people need?


When you first start off in the game, Star of Heroes, you’ll quickly realize that the game has a pretty unique beginning. Instead of giving you the character selection screen, every player will play as the captain at first. However, once you reach level 9, you’ll then get to change the look of your character and the “looks” that you get depends on how many heroes you have managed to collect. Due to this unique start, the game doesn’t exactly have classes for you to choose from.

Being a browser MMORPG, the game has a quite varied range of dungeons for you to challenge. Each dungeon entry will cost you SP. If you need more SP, you could either wait for it to refill or you could also buy more using premium or real cash. You’ll first get access to the Storyline dungeon – a dungeon that obviously advances the storyline of the game. Most battles in this dungeon contain 3 rounds, are timed and the dungeon itself always ends with a boss fight at the end.

Combat in this game is pretty automated, but up to a certain extent. Basically, you can let the game plays itself even without turning on auto-combat (you’ll only get this feature at level 10). However, if you want things to go faster and be more involved in the game, you could also decide when to activate your heroes’ abilities so they could wreak havoc on your enemies! It’s always best to save up on your heroes’ abilities so that you can use them when you really need them, especially during Round 3 where you’ll go head-to-head with the boss.

Interestingly though, once you get into a guild, you’ll also be able to call upon some of your guild members as mercenaries to aid you in a dungeon. If you managed to complete the dungeon with a 3-star rating, you’ll then be allowed to “Sweep” (a.k.a. “Blitz”) through the dungeons. For those who are unfamiliar with either terms, “Sweep” (or “Blitz”) allows you to reap the rewards of a dungeon without actually needing to run through it.

Besides storyline dungeons, there are also Elite dungeons, which house tougher mobs and bosses but offer better loot in return, as well as Team dungeon where you can take on even tougher creatures with other players. For players who are more PvP-inclined, you’ll be glad to know that you can participate in the blood sport that is the Arena once you reach level 10. However, you can only challenge the arena 5 times per day, so be sure to only challenge players that you can defeat or you’ll be simply wasting one of your limited arena challenges.

In Star of Heroes, having a good team of heroes will help you go a long way in forging a path to victory. To recruit a new hero to your team, you’ll need to have sufficient amount of the hero’s souls. Souls can be earned by conquering certain storyline dungeons, and if you’re lucky, you can get them from summons too.

There are 2 types of summons – Lesser Summon and Medium Summon, and you’re given a limited amount of free summons per day. Once you’ve used them up, you’ll then need to spend either diamonds or game coins to buy more summons or wait until the next round of free summons comes around. Once you have all the 5 heroes you need, be sure to add them into your lineup before heading into battle.

Having good heroes is one thing – keeping them at tip-top shape is another. It’s crucial in Star of Heroes to keep your heroes upgraded. Make sure to use up any EXP tomes you may have to level them up, spend game coins in upgrading their respective skills, and promote them whenever you’ve collected all the equipments needed. You could evolve your heroes by collecting a certain amount of souls too. Eventually, you’ll also be able to ride mounts, which will give your hero a very nice stat boost.

The game also offers daily quests for you to complete so you can get extra resources for all your hero upgrades. Let’s not forget about the game’s generosity in terms of the daily check-in gifts and the log-in bonuses it gives away as well.


The community of the game mainly groups together into various faction-based guilds. To get into a guild, you’ll first need to be at least level 20. Once you’re in a guild though, you’ll gain access to a plethora of guild-only features such as guild events and the guild shop.

Graphics/ Sound

Star of Heroes contains some really nice ambient sounds and soundtracks. Personally, I enjoy listening to the game’s combat music. It’s not as amped up as the combat music in other browser-based games – it’s just right. The graphics in this game are also very appealing, especially for casual MMO gamers. It looks like the sort of visuals you’d see in a mobile game.


With a very approachable gameplay and appealing cartoon-like graphics, Star of Heroes is definitely a game MMO gamers worldwide would love to play. Have fun challenging various dungeons or opponents with a team of heroes handpicked by you. Make sure to keep your team in tiptop shape by ensuring that they are constantly upgraded and improved. Sounds like fun? Well, give Star of Heroes a try today!

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New Game Added: Star of Heroes

by Aethyna Aug 9, 2016
Side with either the Sentinels or the Scourge and fight to dominate the realm for the glory of your faction! Build a great team of heroes, challenge various dungeons, battle other players, and keep the Roshan at bay in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Star of Heroes. PvP Arena in Star of Heroes Star of Heroes: Windranger hero Ghost Ship ability in Star of Heroes Read More
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