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Star Girl 10 rate Realize your wildest dream of being a superstar in this brilliant fashion simulation game! Enjoy shopping for new clothes and accessories, dressing up your avatar to match the season, dating attractive guys, competing in fashion competitions, playing mini-games and completing jobs and quests in Star Girl! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you always wanted to be a superstar? Well, in Star Girl, you might just be able to achieve your wildest dream of stardom a lot easily. Aside from tapping into your deepest pools of fashion sense and creativity, you’ll need to be quick to adapt to trend changes by buying the appropriate clothes and matching accessories, and dressing up your avatar in an outfit that will make her look relevant for the season. Date attractive guys you met at the café or, if you’re lucky, even famous male celebrities. Have fun playing a wide variety of mini-games or compete in the game’s fashion competition for the hotly-contested title of a being a fashion diva! You can even earn some extra cash and XP by completing quests and performing jobs. Do you have what it takes to become a Star Girl? Play the game now and find out!


Before you start taking on the fashion world by storm, you’ll first need to create your avatar. Similar to most fashion games, you can’t pick a gender so everyone will be playing as a female. There are rather limited customization options for you to choose from, but don’t be discourage by this – you’ll get a whole lot more choices once you’re in the game proper!

Once you’re done with everything, you can then head straight to the Star Fashion Mall to buy new clothes using the generous amount of starting cash you are given. Each piece of fashion at the mall will have a “charming score” associated to it, and naturally, you’ll want to aim for the ones with higher score than what you currently have on. After all, the overall charming points you have for the look you’ve devised will ultimately determine how fashionable you are.

You will also unlock new fashion lines and styles as you level up as well. To level up though, you’ll need to earn a ton of experience points by playing games, completing quests or performing jobs. Let’s take a look at jobs first. There are overall 3 different occupations you can do, namely singer, model and actress, though you’ll only start off working as a singer. The other jobs will only be unlocked once you level up. For each occupation, there will be an entire list of jobs that you can then choose. Simply activate a job, wait for the duration to count down to zero and collect your rewards. Of course, if you can’t wait, you can always speed things up using premium currency, which in this case is called Gems.

There are also multiple quests that you can complete simply by doing things that you will already have to do like taking a job or starting a relationship with a guy (more on this later). Getting XP and cash from quests is pretty much the easiest method in the game.

However, gaining stuff passively isn’t a lot of fun, so thankfully, you can also earn plenty of XP and cash by playing mini-games at the Carnival too! Star Girl offers up to 4 different games for its players to enjoy as long as they have the energy to spend, including a fun match-3 game, and also a clothes-matching game. You’ll earn points by playing games and they will gradually fill up the gift meter of that particular game. Once full, you’ll even get a free gift! Of course, you can also compare your highest scores with that of your friends and other players worldwide via the leaderboard and see where you rank.

After reaching level 5, you’ll also get to participate in the game’s challenging fashion competition. This is where your charming points will be crucial to your victory and so, you’ll need to make sure you have your best outfit on before diving into a match.

Dating attractive, hot guys is another fun aspect in Star Girl. There are 2 sort of guys you can date though in this game – the normal ones by visiting the café or the famous male celebrities with likenesses that eerily match their real-life counterparts by visiting the night club.

Now, as you might have expected, attracting normal guys to become your boyfriend is a lot easier than trying to snag a male celeb. For normal guys, you only need to spend game currency (game cash or premium Gems) or energy to buy them gifts to get them to your side while for celebs, you’ll need to compete with other ladies in the room for his attention by playing a mini-game called “Flirt at First Sight”. The mini-game is really simply – all you need to do is to tap the Flirt button furiously and hope the flirt meter favors you at the end. You can even get your other lady friends to join in and become essentially your wingmen, tipping the flirt meter in your favor.

Interestingly, you can actually have multiple boyfriends in the game, but you can only invite one of the guys to your home at a time. Guys who are at your place will give you a gift (up to 3 gifts) with a rather lengthy cooldown in between gifts, so you might want to alternate the boyfriend you bring back home.

There is even a camera option where you can take a photo of your avatar on the cover of illustrious fashion magazines or even with your current virtual boyfriend with some amazing background in the back. The only major bummer I have about this game is that there is no way for you to decorate your own home. It would have been nice to have the ability to do so.


As mentioned, adding friends become a pretty important part of the game during the Flirt at First Sight mini-game at the Star Night Club. However, you’ll also be glad to know that you can also visit your friends’ place and take cool “BFF 4eva” photos with them. The more friends you have, the higher your energy limit will be. So, naturally, you’ll really want to add as many friends as you can.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Star Girl is quite appealing especially for the game’s target players – the teens and the tweens. Each clothing item or accessory and also the backgrounds for the photo shoot are so intricately designed too. In terms of music, the game sounds pretty good overall. The tune’s catchy and has a nice beat. It does make me feel like I’m at a fashion show or maybe a mall.


To sum up, Star Girl is one of the best 2D fashion simulation game that many fans of the genre would enjoy. The game has a crazy load of clothes, makeup options and also accessories for you to mix and match to your heart’s desire... and talking about desire, you can date multiple boyfriends and even your favorite male celebrities like Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and more. In addition to fun mini-games, the game has challenging fashion competitions for you to prove your skills in as well.

If fashion is your thing, then Star Girl is a game you’ll absolutely love. Give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Star Girl

by Aethyna Aug 23, 2017
Realize your wildest dream of being a superstar in this brilliant fashion simulation game! Enjoy shopping for new clothes and accessories, dressing up your avatar to match the season, dating attractive guys, competing in fashion competitions, playing mini-games and completing jobs and quests in Star Girl! Star Girl: Strolling down the street Magazine cover in Star Girl Star Girl: Couple pic Read More
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