Solitaire Victorian Picnic

by Richard
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Solitaire Victorian Picnic 7 rate Choose to become the lord or madam in this Victorian themed game of Solitaire. Solitaire Victorian Picnic features a classic Solitaire game with classic artwork and over a hundred game levels to complete. You can also choose from two different difficulty modes to test out your puzzle skills. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Solitaire Victorian Picnic is more of a traditional Soitaire where you are in a Victorian-era England with matching classical music and oil painted visuals. You get to complete over a hundred game levels either in newbie more or professional mode, depending on which difficulty suits you.


You are taken to a period of the Victorian age in England where you enjoy a quiet picnic time while playing a match of Solitaire. There is no certain plot, storyline nor characters introduced into the game, as Solitaire Victorian Picnic just relied on the actual gameplay than conceptualizing a story.


The game plays like a traditional Solitaire game; the object of the game is to make sure that you managed to score as many pairs of cards that are face up. Though this version of the Solitaire has been modified that from the traditional game, as the original version aims to get as many cards to the sack in its ascending order.

Here in Solitaire Victorian Picnic, it is more on getting pairs of cards that are face up. You can rack up more pairs before you actually draw cards on the deck, for every card that you take out, it opens some of the adjacent. The game ends when you managed to take out all of the cards in the playing field or if you ran out of turns on reshuffling your deck. You can use the available cards that you draw out from your deck to pair any matching card, you can even pair two cards from your open deck, once you draw all of your cards, it will shuffled back into your deck and repeat the process until the counter runs out.

There are different kinds of cards found in Solitaire Victorian Picnic, one is the normal white card and the other is the gold card, the gold card can provide more points when paired regarding if its other pair was a normal or gold card.

There are several special power ups in the game, but they are in a limited usage. The first is the Joker card, whenever you use the Joker card, you pair it to any card on the field, but watch out as the Joker cards are only available in limited amount and it won’t be restored even on succeeding levels. The other power up is the shuffle, it allows you to reshuffle the entire playing field; including the open faced cards. This can be helpful when you got stuck on not having any matching card pairs, and just the same with the Joker card, it is only available on limited amounts.

And the final power up is the undo function, this allows you to undo any last action that you made in the field, this can be from pairing certain cards or drawing new set of cards. This is useful when you accidentally draw a new set of cards on your current hand where there is a matching card on the field, and the same like with other power ups where it is only available in limited usage.

You can purchase additional power ups usage from the in-game store, the points you earned can be used to purchase them. But spend wisely as each power ups are expensive and can be purchased in single amount.

As for the game levels, Solitaire Victorian Picnic features over a hundred levels, each with increasing difficulty but in an easier learning curve, so players won’t have a hard time completing these levels when they first completed the first series of easy stages. The types of stages showcase different artworks as backgrounds to provide some variety but not enough to make it less repetitive.

There are only two types of game modes in the single player mode; the newbie and the pro mode. The Newbie mode lets you replay any completed levels while the Pro mode will force you to continue the levels from a single pack. As for other game modes, there no other new modes to provide unique gameplay features, which can be a let-down to some who prefer new varieties and not just the same game.


Since there is no multiplayer content, it lessens the attraction of other players to continue playing it after they have completed everything the game has to offer. A simple multiplayer feature would have been nice as an added content to the game for other players to compete on a high score leaderboard.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Solitiare Victorian Picnic is very bland, as if only featured static images and artworks. The fonts used felt like it was from the stock fonts in a word document software and despite looking like a Victorian-inspired font, it feels a bit off. The oil painted artwork may somewhat relevant to the theme, the low resolution makes it feel cheap and uninspiring, and not to mention no animation on some characters.


Despite being quite a fun game to play, the overall feel of Solitaire Victorian Picnic was uninspiring. New game modes would have been nice to add more variety and the visuals could have been improved to give more life into the Victorian theme. But if players really want to play a Solitaire game that offers more of the same, they can give Solitaire Victorian Picnic a chance.

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New Game Added: Solitaire Victorian Picnic

by Richard Oct 12, 2016
Choose to become the lord or madam in this Victorian themed game of Solitaire. Solitaire Victorian Picnic features a classic Solitaire game with classic artwork and over a hundred game levels to complete. You can also choose from two different difficulty modes to test out your puzzle skills. Solitaire Victorian Picnic: Easy mode Different card backs in Solitaire Victorian Picnic Solitaire Victorian Picnic: Card with ribbons Read More
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