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by Aethyna
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Solitaire Tales 8 rate Enjoy a brilliant card collection solitaire where you have to match the Gold Cards to move on and there are lots of thrilling levels to try. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Solitaire Tales is a casual card game that puts a twist to the conventional solitaire gameplay, making the game special! In this game, you will need to uncover and collect all the gold-framed cards from the board. If you think this is easy, well, think again! The game only gives you only so many moves and these gold cards are usually hidden well underneath a stack of other cards. It can get pretty challenging, but thankfully, there are power-ups that you can use to help yourself get through the harder levels. The game even has a cool medieval theme! Interested? Well, you can try it now on Facebook!


The gameplay in Solitaire Tales are different from traditional Solitaire, thus, the game provides a detailed tutorial describing how the game works. In this game, you have to match cards on the board, which have a value that is higher or lower than the open card at the bottom, to the open card in question. For example, if the open card is a Q, then you can match it with cards that have a J or a K. Similarly, if the open card is a King, you can match it with a Q or an A. Suits and colors are not important in this game… just the values!

Draw a card from your deck and place it on top of the open card at the bottom if the open cards on the board cannot match the value of the open card at the bottom. After that, you will need to check the board again to see if you have any cards that can be matched to the new faced-up card at the bottom. This process will repeat until either you won the game or that your deck ran out of cards and you lose the game.

Solitaire Tales also has a special card, the Joker card, to help you out. How it works? Well, firstly, each game will only have 1 Joker card, unless you went and bought the ‘Extra Joker’ power-up. This Joker card can be played at any time during the game, but it usually used at the end of the game. Furthermore, it works like an eraser. When it is played, it’ll remove the value on the open card and turn it into a blank slate. Then, you can choose whichever uncovered card on the board that you want to be placed as the new open card. The game will, then, resume using the value if the new open card as reference. Although it is convenient, it is not advisable to use this card. This is because the Joker card, which is worth 100 points in this game, will become worthless after being played. In other words, you’ll be losing out on 100 points! Therefore, please bear in mind that you should only use the Joker card a last resort!

Not to mention, there’s even a combo system in this game. Every time you manage to match the cards consecutively, you will earn a multiplier that increases depending on how many times you consecutively matched the cards! The multiplier is indicated in the blue orb near your score display, on the bottom left of the screen. Occasionally, there will be fairies bearing gifts from random Facebook friends (who don’t really play the game) that will add 2 cards to your deck too!

The main goal in Solitaire Tales is very straightforward and it is the same for every level you play – collect all the gold-rimmed cards! As long as you can collect all the gold cards, you will earn 1 star and be able to proceed to the next level. You don’t exactly have to uncover all the other normal cards. Though, the game will become increasingly difficult and more challenging as you progress. New goals will emerge, such as having 8 cards or fewer remained on the board that will change the way you play the game.

As the game becomes harder and harder to solve, you’ll will definitely be failing a lot of the levels. Each failure will cost you a life out of the 5 lives total that you’re given. The lives will regenerate, albeit at a very slow pace. There are a few shortcuts to bypass the wait. The first method is to add plenty of active friends who gift lives to each other while the second one involves spending real money.

Furthermore, there are power-ups that you can use in this game. These power-ups can be purchased with coins you earn in the game before you enter the game. They include extra cards (+5 cards to the deck), extra joker (+1 more Joker card for the game), save cards (save a card for later use), and wild cards. In addition to these, you can also get in-game ‘help’ from ‘consultants’ that can only be bought with cash inside the game. The wizard will shuffle all your cards while the dwarf will strike 2 random cards from the board. Moreover, the goblin will flip all the cards face up and the elf will remove a specific card of your choice. These power-ups and in-game help that you can get for a price will not guarantee that you’ll get through a level though, but they do help a lot.


The community at Solitaire Tales is pretty huge - There are almost 1.5 million likes on its Facebook page! There, you can interact with fellow players and Solitaire enthusiasts. If you need active friends who gift each other lives in this game, why not add some of them as your Facebook friends as well? The page also occasionally posts free cash for players as well! So, be sure to like or follow the page for more goodies!

Graphics/ Sound

The hand-drawn, cartoony graphics in Solitaire Tales are amazing! The art on the cards are so well-designed and the medieval background, including the map, the castle and the city, looks superb! The music in this game is as amazing as its graphics! Due to the medieval theme of the game, the sound mainly features tunes that may bring to mind the taverns of ol’. Overall, its graphics and sound are perfect for the game. In fact, they bring out even more fun from the game!


Solitaire Tales is an enjoyable yet challenging Solitaire game that has a unique twist to it! The game provides plenty of levels, some of which containing rather tricky boards, for you to try to solve! There are also power-ups and in-game help that you can buy to get through tougher levels much easily. And not to forget the game’s brilliant graphics and sound that made Solitaire Tales so much more entertaining! If you like Solitaire games such as this one, then you should add this game to your Facebook right away! You’ll definitely have a great time with it!

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New Game Added: Solitaire Tales

by Aethyna Mar 3, 2015
Enjoy a brilliant card collection solitaire where you have to match the Gold Cards to move on and there are lots of thrilling levels to try. Solitaire Tales Magic Booster Fire Cards in Solitaire Tales Solitaire Tales Stacked Cards Read More

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