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by Aethyna
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Solitaire Safari 8 rate If you are looking for a new game to try, then Solitaire Safari is for you, with a brilliant style about it, cute artwork and a lot of levels to play. Follow the adventure as you journey on the safari of a lifetime, and along the way collect water to keep your trip going. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Solitaire Safari is a surprisingly unique entry into the casual card game genre. The game still uses the basic concepts of how a game of solitaire works, but it puts a spin on the genre that has helped it to stand out from the other Solitaire games. In this game, you need to uncover and retrieve all the water cards from the board. This may sound easy, but when there are multiple cards on top of them, it can get pretty difficult. Not to mention, the game provides you with limited moves, at least until the cards on the deck runs out. There are also boosters that you can use to help you proceed through the tougher levels. Love a challenging new take on Solitaire? Then, this game is for you! Go try it out!


A mysterious footprint is found in the African wilderness. In their New York office, Frank West and his assistant Cristina are certain it belongs to a rare creature. They waste no time, flying to Africa hoping they are not too late to save this creature from the trophy hunters who are sure to be hot on its heels. They get their truck and supplies ready, not forgetting to pack their playing cards, as there are many quiet nights on Safari, and they love playing cards to pass the time. After days of searching, they finally find a fresh set of tracks. This could be the biggest discovery of their careers. All they have to do now is brave the wilderness and that is no easy task…


Since Solitaire Safari practically and single-handedly revamped the classic Solitaire, it may take you some time to get accustomed to the interesting new gameplay that the game offers. Don’t worry, there are tutorials to hold your hand along the way… at least until you are presumed to be able to stand on your two feet.

The game works like this: There will be an open card at the bottom of the screen with a joker on its right and your deck of cards on its left. There will also be a board, filled with cards stacked over each other. What you have to do is to match the cards from the board to the open card at the bottom of the screen. The card that you want to match will need to have a value that is higher or lower than the open card. For instance, if the open card is a 6, then you can only match cards with the value of 5 or 7. If the open card is a King however, you can match a Queen or an Ace. Suits and colors don’t matter in this game.

Nonetheless, if there are no uncovered cards on the board that match your open card, you will then need to draw a card from your deck. It’ll be placed on top of your open card and the game resumes. Do note that your deck have limited number of cards. Once the card runs out and if your game objective is still not completed, you will lose.

There is, however, a last stand that you can use – the Joker card. You are only given 1 Joker card per game and it works like a blank slate. By using it and placing it on the open card, you will then be able to choose a new open card to continue the game with. It is not advisable to use this card though, since the game penalizes you heavily, in terms of reducing your score, if the Joker card is used. Use it only as a last resort!

In Solitaire Safari, your goal in every level is to collect all the water cards on the board to survive the savannah heat. Most of the time, you don’t even need to turn over all of the other cards on the board – you just need to uncover enough of them for you to retrieve the water cards. However, as you progress, the game will add more goals, such as having 6 cards or fewer remained on the board, making the game much more challenging.

The scoring system in Solitaire Safari is rather special as well. In addition to the usual scoring method in Solitaire games, the game adds bonus points to your score depending on the number of cards left on your deck and on the board (+20 points per card). By performing combos, meaning that you’ve placed a chain of cards onto the open card at the bottom of the interface, you will also earn combo bonuses to your score. Moreover, as aforementioned, if you didn’t use your Joker card, you will gain an additional 100 points as well! You can compare your scores with your friends and not only that, the game give out stars depending on your total score too. Thankfully, you will only need 1 star to proceed to the next stage.

Once you are over level 10 of the puzzles, the game starts to slope upwards in terms of its difficulty. It’ll be pretty common to fail in a lot of your levels. Each puzzle that you failed to complete will cost you 1 life. The lives that you can have, a total of 5, will regenerate over time. It’s kind of slow though, thus, most players add other players who actively play this game and exchange gifts of lives. However, if you needed lives ‘urgently’ you could always spend some real money to buy some.

For truly tough Solitaire Safari puzzles, the game provides you with in-game animal boosters, such as frog, rhino and vulture, along with some other boosters like extra joker and extra cards. Frog cards work by removing 2 random cards from the board while the rhino card works by flipping all cards face up. Vulture card will remove a specific card of your choosing when used. Extra joker and extra cards boosters are pretty obvious in what they do – the former adds 1 Joker for you while the latter adds 5 cards to your deck. Sometimes, you may randomly get free cards (2 cards), which are added to your deck, from your friends. This usually happens once per game. You can also undo or shuffle your board, each action costing 3 cash (in-game currency that require real money to buy). Although you start off with 20 free cash, you may want to hold up on clicking on that undo button just yet! It’s best to keep the cash for the later levels.


Although the community in Solitaire Safari is not very huge, surely the number of likes, a respectable 160,000, on the game’s Facebook page counts for something! You can head over there to meet fellow Solitaire enthusiasts and perhaps add them to your Facebook, if they are active enough in this game, so you can send each other lives. There are also YouTube videos created by the community that walks newer players through each level of the game, but of course, this is considered cheating… try it yourself first before referring to these walkthroughs!


The beautiful graphics in this game looks hand-drawn and is a little bit cartoony! The animals are so well-drawn and the savannah in the background looks absolutely stunning! The cards on the other hand looks plain in comparison, but that may be a good thing, since you won’t be distracted. The sound in Solitaire Safari is filled with the wonderful beats of African drums accompanied by a choir. There is a variety of music in the game and they are all very upbeat and pleasant to the ears.


Solitaire Safari is a fun, challenging and unique Solitaire game. This game incorporates established concepts of solitaire and adds its own features to bring a solid and rich gaming experience. Moreover, the game provides several other features like boosters and Joker cards to spice things up even further! And not to forget the many adorable animals in this game! It is the sort of game that grows on you really quickly. If you enjoy games that step aside from the traditional and classic Solitaire, then you should have Solitaire Safari in your Facebook games library for sure! You won’t regret it!

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New Game Added: Solitaire Safari

by Aethyna Feb 2, 2015
If you are looking for a new game to try, then Solitaire Safari is for you, with a brilliant style about it, cute artwork and a lot of levels to play. Follow the adventure as you journey on the safari of a lifetime, and along the way collect water to keep your trip going. Solitaire Safari Honeycomb Level Frog Booster in Solitaire Safari Solitaire Safari Buried Cards Read More
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