Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures

by Aethyna
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Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures 8.5 rate Solve solitaire puzzles within 1 minute to uncover sunken lost treasures and collect them all! You can also power-up your gameplay with plenty of fun boosts and challenge your friends to a duel! Adventures galore await you in Solitaire Blitz, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Finders keepers! Scour the sea floor for lost treasures to add to your collection in this thrillingly fast-paced Solitaire game with a unique twist, Solitaire Blitz! In this game, you will need to solve solitaire puzzles within 1 minute to uncover the sunken lost treasures that are partially covered by the soil from the ocean floor. Collect all the treasures in the set before moving on to a new location to dive for more treasures! You can also power-up your gameplay with plenty of fun boosts that you can buy using in-game coins. Don’t forget to show your friends, who is the master solitaire player by challenging and defeating them in a duel. If you’re that good, sign up for a spot on the tournament and play against the best solitaire players in the game. Adventures galore await you in Solitaire Blitz, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in!


The game starts with a brief tutorial which teaches you the basics of the game, Solitaire Blitz. The gameplay is simple to understand and easy to learn, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem picking this game up.

Generally, the core Solitaire gameplay is unchanged. This means that you’ll still need to click on cards on the board which has 1 value higher or lower than the card on the build pile (or what other games may call as the “foundation”), where you’ll be stacking up your cards. For example, if your open hand is a 3, then you can collect either a 2 or a 4. Suits and colors don’t matter in this game, or in any Solitaire game for that matter. On an ace, however, you can put a 2 or a King, while for a Queen, you can collect a Jack or a King.

By following the aforementioned rule, collect as many cards as you can from the board until you ran out of cards to collect! When you eventually ran out of matches, click on your deck to draw a new card onto your build pile. Be warned though – you have limited number of cards in your deck, which are not shown on your deck, and when the cards run out and you still have uncollected cards on the board, you will lose the game!

In addition, each game is timed and you’ll need to solve the puzzle within 1 minute, making each game you play in Solitaire Blitz as exciting as the next! If you have any leftover time after completing a level, every second you have will be converted into bonus points which are then added to your final score! There is also a bonus time line (the yellow line) that will reward you with extra time if you can clear all the cards that touch the line. Once you’ve cleared the initial line, a new line will appear, prompting you to clear the cards once again and giving you the chance to earn some bonus time!

You can also collect cards from the board without drawing a single card from your deck to trigger a combo streak. As you build up your combo, each combo will credit a sizeable amount of bonus points to your final score! So, do plan your moves carefully to maximize your combo streak!

Every game you play in Solitaire Blitz will cost you an energy point, doesn’t matter if you win or lose. However, it is well worth it if you managed to complete the game as you’ll be rewarded with at least a treasure from the collection of treasures that are still lost at sea. After you’ve completed the collection, you’ll get to move on to a new location to find more lost treasures there! By completing matches consecutively, you will also earn a nice game streak, which is technically a lot like the combo streak, that will add more extra points to your final score.

That’s not all, Solitaire Blitz spices things up with special cards, such as key card and the joker. The key card, when uncovered, will unlock addition build piles, so you’ll be playing with 2 or more open stacks instead of the usual 1! The gameplay changes quite a bit when you have more than 1 build pile available. For instance, when you draw “a card” from the deck, the game will draw a card for each open build pile you have! In another scenario, what if you have 2 sixes on your build piles and you collect a “seven” card? Well, in that case, the 7 will go to the pile on the left. It’s really interesting to see how this unique feature changes the classic Solitaire rather drastically, but in a good way, allowing Solitaire fans experience a entirely new way of playing Solitaire!

Let’s not forget about the Joker card! Joker cards can be played on any kind of card and it works a lot like a wild card in UNO. These cards are randomly slated among the other cards in your deck as well as on the board and will usually appear when you need them the most! With Jokers, you can easily continue your chain of combos without drawing a new card from the deck (provided that the Joker is collected from the board) and thus, earning you a lot more bonus points!

Is the game starting to get tougher and tougher? Well, you can power-up your game with the many boosts available! There is quite a lot of variety of boosts in Solitaire Blitz, such as extra time, depth charges, extra cards, mine, key magnet, bonus fish and many more! The extra time and cards boosts are pretty straightforward as to what they do, but how can depth charges or mines help you win a match? Well, depth charges function to explode many cards from a single deck while mines explode the entire row of cards instead! The key magnet will attract all key cards to the top and the bonus fish will allow you to start your score multiplier at x2. All of these boosts can be bought using in-game coins, or Silvers, but if you fancy buying packs of boosts, you’ll then need to shell over some real money. Besides boosts, you can also buy new card designs at the shop which will cost you real cash.

If you enjoy Solitaire games that are competitive, Solitaire Blitz has just the thing, or things to be more accurate, for you! You can easily send a challenge to your friend in Solitaire Blitz and show him or her who’s boss in an exciting solitaire showdown! If your friends are too easy of an opponent for you, well, challenge yourself further by signing up for the tournament. Here, you’ll be playing against the experienced players from all around the world!


The community at Solitaire Blitz is pretty huge - There are around 1.5 million likes on its Facebook page! Head on over there to meet your fellow players and Solitaire enthusiasts as well as getting tips on how to solve some of the much tougher levels. The people there are very friendly and willing to share their experience! Not to forget, be sure to like or follow the page to know the latest news about the game you so love!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in Solitaire Blitz is not only adorable but also beautiful! The background is particularly amazing and the same goes to the huge variety of card themes that you can purchase. In terms of music, the game offers soft music that sounds a tad bit foreboding, which lends huge support to provide the players with a mysterious underwater feeling. There are also plenty of ambient sounds, like the sound of the timer ticking away the last 20 seconds, telling you to hurry up!


Solitaire Blitz is exciting, fun and fast-paced Solitaire game with treasure-hunting theme and a very unique twist to it, making it one of a kind! Within the allocated time of just 1 minute, you will need to solve the solitaire puzzle you’re given to uncover the lost treasure buried in the seabed. The game’s different from other solitaire games by allowing you to unlock and use more than 1 build pile by collecting the key card. However, this does, in turn, make the game slightly tougher than usual. Thankfully, the game provides plenty of aid, in the form of special cards like the Joker or even boosts to help you. For those competitive Solitaire players out there, you will be able to find a home in Solitaire Blitz as the game offers a nice dueling system as well as a large scale tournament for you to sign up for! So, get yourself ready to clear the decks in Solitaire Blitz now! The lost treasures won’t uncover themselves, you know!

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New Game Added: Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures

by Aethyna Jun 2, 2015
Solve solitaire puzzles within 1 minute to uncover sunken lost treasures and collect them all! You can also power-up your gameplay with plenty of fun boosts and challenge your friends to a duel! Adventures galore await you in Solitaire Blitz, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in! Bonus time line in Solitaire Blitz Solitaire Blitz: Key card 3 build piles in Solitaire Blitz Read More

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