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Solitaire Atlantis 10 rate Travel to the magical city of Atlantis, discover hidden treasures as you use the power of the gods themselves to help you complete fantastic Solitaire Games. With lots of brilliant levels, a mix of styles and boosters to use to your advantage. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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When you first enter Solitaire Atlantis you will be greeted by a very clear and easy to use set of instructions, these will guide you through how to play the game, and as you unlock new powers and boosters you will get more tips on what they do and how to use them. This is a really simple tutorial but it really helps, especially as this is a unique style of solitaire.

The main object of the game is to release the Goal Cards from the rest of the pattern. These cards appear with a gold edge and are quite easy to spot. The way you move cards is to click on one that is either one number higher, or one number lower than the base card at the bottom of your screen. The Ace is a high card, but can also be followed by a King or a Two. You can match any suit as long as it meets these criteria.

As an example, the base card is the Seven of Spades, and you have a 6 of Clubs on the board. You can remove the 6 of Clubs to the bottom, and that then becomes the top card. If you have either a five or another 7 you can then also remove that card. Doing so will create a chain of cards, and if you clear a few in a row you can earn extra gold to spend. This also helps you to finish a level as the cards are cleared faster.

If you do not have a move on a particular base card, you can click the deck to replace it for a new one. Each deck has a certain amount of cards in it, displayed on the left of the deck so keep an eye on if if it looks like you are running out of cards. You can keep playing until you have all of the Goal Cards or no more cards in the deck. It really is as easy as it sounds, and quite fun especially when you see the patterns of cards that appear before you on the board.

There are also several things that will help you as you play that are built into the patterns and deck itself. The first of these is a Joker which will appear to the right of your base card. You automatically start with 1, and there are sometimes jokers in the deck too, so you can end up with more than 1. A joker can be played at any time on any card, and then you can put any card on top of it too. This is a very useful tool especially if you are stuck getting out a Goal card.

Another useful tool you start with is the ability to undo your last move, this appears just above the base card, and you can use it to continue a chain, or if you missed something that you wanted to finish. You have 1 per game just like the joker. The last tool for you is a Wild Card, these appear on the game board and need to be collected like a normal card, but instead of going to the base pile they appear on the left side. You can play a wild card at any time, just like a joker, but they are the number on the card, not anything. So if you have the 3 of Hearts as a wild card, you can then play either the 2 or th 4, but it will replace the base card.

All of these things are including in every level you play, and they can be really really useful but they are not all that you have available. As you complete levels you will gain access to some pretty powerful boosters. These have a variety of effects, from extra cards to starting with a joker or wild card on the board. You will gain a few for free when you unlock them. and then you can buy another for your gold coins if you need them.

The last, and most powerful of your special abilities is those of the gods themselves. There are 4 gods in the game, Artemis, Poseidon, Prometheus and Zeus and they all have a special ability that can help you. Artemis will remove 1 specific card from the board for you, Zeus will remove 2 random cards, Prometheus will turn all of the face down cards to become face up and Poseidon will shuffle all of the cards on the board. As you play the game will give you one of these for free, from then on you can spend cash on them at any point in a level. But beware the cash you have is a limited resource and can only be filled up by spending real money or completing an entire section of levels.

As you go further into the game you will meet different and more interesting challenges, such as cards being locked behind gems. To unlock these cards you will need to remove crystal cards from the board, these are covered in purple dust and when you remove each one of these a locked card is opened up. Sometimes your goal card will also be locked. There are more challenges awaiting you too, and some of them are really fun to try and get past.

When you put all of this together you can begin to see how good this game is. There are a lot of options to help you win, and the choices you make can mean the difference between winning and losing a level. But the sheer variety of levels, designs and cards is what makes Solitaire Atlantis so addictive to play.


There are over 500,000 players on Facebook alone for this game, and this number just keeps on growing. Solitaire games are becoming evermore popular and it is because of titles like this one. There is an active fan page too with lots of freebies and information. Also as it is a Facebook game you can share a lot of boosters and lives with your friends.


Solitaire Atlantis Looks stunning when you play it, the cards are really clear, and the patterns that you see are simply mind blowingly good. The game runs really smoothly, and everything is easy to use and control. There are also some cute animations that you get as you play the game.

There is a background music that plays softly, though it can be a little repetitive after a few hours of play. The collection and movement of cards also has its own unique sounds, which blend into the background nicely.


With so much going on, and so many levels to play it is no surprise that Solitaire Atlantis is one of the top games around. The sheer variety is enough to keep you playing, not to mention all of the tools at your disposal. For a casual or serious player there is a lot of enjoyment to be found in this amazing game.

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Nov 26, 2014
Travel to the magical city of Atlantis, discover hidden treasures as you use the power of the gods themselves to help you complete fantastic Solitaire Games. With lots of brilliant levels, a mix of styles and boosters to use to your advantage. Solitaire Atlantis Circle Pattern Crystal Cards in Solitaire Atlantis Solitaire Atlantis Locked Level Read More

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Solitaire Atlantis, simple but challenging!

If anyone ever remembers playing games on the earlier models of Windows PCs, Solitaire will definitely be one of those popular games back then. It’s real...Full Review
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