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SNOW 10 rate Have fun snow skiing in perhaps one of the most anticipated, non-MMO, F2P game, SNOW! In addition to its all-year round winter, the game features intuitive controls, incredible skiing gameplay and experience, realistic and absolutely stunning sceneries, as well as the freedom to explore the entire mountain. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pack your bags, people – we’re going to enjoy some amazing winter sport activities in this brand new, free-to-play, open world game, SNOW! In addition to its all-year round winter, the game features some of the most intuitive controls, incredible skiing gameplay and experience (more winter sports will be added in the near future), realistic and absolutely stunning sceneries, as well as the freedom to explore the entire mountain if that’s your wish. There are also a plethora of challenges and events that you can participate in. Not to mention, there’s a nice range of winter outfits that you can dress your character up in (for aesthetic purposes), and even equipments. Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it sure is! Check out SNOW’s 365-day (or 366-day, if you’re a bit touchy about the exactness of the number) winter wonderland and have fun skiing with your friends today!


Ready to start playing? Awesome! Once you’ve gotten the game booted up, you’ll be presented with an interface whereby you’ll have menu options like “Me” (character profile), “Bundles”, “Store”, “Settings” and of course, “Play”.

As you might have noticed, SNOW didn’t provide you with the pleasure of creating your very own character. Everybody will be playing a default male character that basically looks the same. However, since this game isn’t exactly an RPG, looks might not matter as much (with the sole exception of your clothing and equipments!) and well, its incredible gameplay managed to do more than just compensate this little downside of the game. That said, each player will have a record of their best scores for various challenges, stats, achievements, as well as an inventory under their “Me” tab.

Being free-to-play, some players might be worried whether the game would be pay-to-win. However, by taking a quick look through the in-game store, you all can rest assured that “pay-to-win” is definitely not in the vocabulary of this game. There are, naturally, a nice selection of special-looking clothing, including headwear and boots; equipments (skis, poles, and even the bindings between your boots and your ski); and also a few pretty cool-looking sets of outfits. However, all of these outfits will not affect your gameplay whatsoever by, for example, giving you a significant advantage over your opponent. But that doesn’t mean that your character won’t look a whole lot better when you snag that first prize from under your competitors’ noses! You can also purchase tickets to big in-game events (such as invitational competitions) via the in-game shop.

SNOW is definitely a game that values your gameplay experience as you are able to customize just about everything there is in the game via the settings in order to optimize your gaming experience. For controls alone, you can modify the Ground controls, the Air controls, Drone controls and even change the key mapping.... let’s not even go to the camera setting options that are available to you. The game’s settings are amazingly detailed, and this little feature isn’t something that you’ll often see in games.

Right, surely you’re now overeager to get into some action... so let’s not dally and hop straight into one. The game helpfully offers to guide you through the game’s interactive tutorial right after you’ve pressed the “Play” button. The tutorial isn’t exactly very lengthy, and personally, I highly recommend you giving the tutorial a go as the controls can be a tad bit confusing to grasp at first... particularly for a player who has snow ski before in his or her life. Not to worry – there’s always a first time!

Basically though, you’ll be navigating your character using the WASD keys. Eventually though, you might want to memorize some of keys needed to perform some awesome moves, such as jumping off a ramp to do a flip or a spin, doing a basic grab, or skidding to a stop just before an impending collision with something solid can occur. It may sound complicated at first, but you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the key combinations while playing later on.

In terms of game modes, SNOW has plenty of them for you to enjoy. You can have fun skiing and exploring via the Free Roam mode, or if you’re looking for something more competitive, there are challenges and events that you can sign up for. For challenges and events, the game has quite a selection of them that you can test your mettle with. They include the usual Time Trials, Descent, Freeride and Freestyle, as well as some of the more unusual Rail Jam, Big Air and Slopestyle. Of course, playing skiing alone isn’t that much fun to be honest. Thus, you might want to join up with some friends and enjoy skiing together through the Free Roam Multiplayer mode.

In SNOW, there are plenty of mountains that you can ski at. They include the beautiful Sialia mountains, the B&E, Nine Knights Ski & SNB, and many more. Each mountain has various locations that you can be “deployed” at as well. For instance, for Sialia, you can choose to be dropped at the south summit, the Infinity Halfpipe, the Sialia Paste, or the Wild Run, depending on whim. You can even easily switch between locations by merely pressing “Esc” to access the menu, and subsequently, pick a new drop point.

Furthermore, among all the features in SNOW, I would probably say that the replay option is the best. Your every move in the game is helpfully recorded by the game in the case of “emergencies”, such as a rather terrible crash... don’t worry, we understand – things happen. If a crash occurred, you’ll be given an option to be magically re-materialized at the starting point a.k.a. the drop site, or you could pick the reply option to rewind your character back to the time before you veered off course and ran into a tree or even a building.

The replay feature is not only helpful in unfortunate instances such as crashes, but the entire process of rewinding can be pretty humorous, especially if the crash is a particularly nasty one. This is because your character’s limbs may flail around rather comically when you press the rewind button. That said, the game will still penalize you by deducting your overall score for crashing (and for rewinding or resetting the ski run), so it’s best to just not crash at all.

Being a winter sports game, SNOW currently offers only snow skiing, which is merely one of the many forms of winter sports. However, the developers of the game plan to add in snowboarding as well as snowmobile racing in the near future. Not to mention, the game will also provide the tools you’ll need to create and customize your very own snow-covered mountain in a later update. So, I guess players of the game will have plenty to look forward to!


SNOW has just recently entered into its Open Beta phase, so I’d expect the community be a bit small still. However, with its unique gameplay and experience, SNOW will definitely be able to grow its in-game community rather rapidly. That said, if you love playing the game, be sure to let your friends know about it. You’ll not only be helping the game grow but also getting yourself some friends to enjoy the game with! You can even interact with members of the community by sharing your cool ski moves via the “Share” section of SNOW’s website.

Graphics/ Sound

One of the key selling points of SNOW, besides its gameplay, is most certainly its incredibly stunning graphics. The mountains you’ll be skiing at look just so beautiful, and not to mention, realistic looking. Best yet, since the game supports virtual reality, you can truly immerse yourself in the game provided that you happen to own a PC-powered virtual reality head-mounted display.

For sound, the game provides its players with a nice playlist of original soundtrack. The music is not only soothing to listen to, they are also not at all repetitive, due to the nice range of music the game has. The sound effects in SNOW are amazingly realistic as well. You can in fact hear the difference in the skiing sound, depending on where you’re skiing at – on snow or on a tarred road.

When combined with the astonishing visuals, you’ll feel as though you’re actually there, having fun skiing on some fictional mountain. It’s nothing short of an awe-inspiring experience.


All in all, SNOW is an incredible open world winter sports game, in which many would definitely agree that it is one-of-a-kind. The controls can be a bit hard to get a hang of at first, but once you managed it, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most amazing gameplay experience. There are many game modes for you to enjoy, challenges for you to conquer, and hidden locations that you can have fun trying to find either alone or with a bunch of friends. With time, the game will even be introducing some awesome features such as snowboarding and even a creation mode whereby you can design your very own, ideal mountain to ski on. SNOW is not only a game that fans of winter sports would enjoy, but it also opens up this rather exclusive sport for more people to enjoy... albeit in a virtual manner. So, don’t wait – check out SNOW and experience the game yourself today!


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by Aethyna Jan 29, 2016
Have fun snow skiing in perhaps one of the most anticipated, non-MMO, F2P game, SNOW! In addition to its all-year round winter, the game features intuitive controls, incredible skiing gameplay and experience, realistic and absolutely stunning sceneries, as well as the freedom to explore the entire mountain. Ski with friends in SNOW SNOW: Woooohoooo! Sliding down the rails in SNOW Read More
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