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by Mikhail
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Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 10 rate Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is a stealth first-person shooter by CI Games S.A. where you assassinate targets in the cold and frigid terrain of Siberia. Play as the Seeker and take out your targets and fulfill various mission objectives while dealing with enemy troops and even rival snipers. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ghost Sniper Warrior: Contracts is as harsh yet as rewarding as Siberia: it’s absolutely unforgiving if your best-laid plans and attempts at completing levels through stealth go awry. At the same time however, it’s extremely fun and when you hit a distant kill shot or everything goes your way, the rush of euphoria you’ll feel is amazing.

Here, you’ll play as a paid assassin-for-hire, tasked to take down enemies in the frigid terrain of Siberia. Donning the mask of the Seeker and guided by your handler, the Keeper, you’ll be tasked to take out a variety of high-value targets inside enemy compounds riddled with enemy troops who will not hesitate to shoot you on sight. Apart from sniping enemies from a distance, you’ll be required to gather intel, hack computers, and even loot things that are on their bodies.

Though Ghost Sniper Warrior: Contracts isn’t without a few minor issues, it offers nearly endless replayability and is, in a way, a perfectionist’s game.


Ghost Sniper Warrior: Contracts is set in alternate Siberia, a part of the world dominated by snow and ice, as well as forests. The oil and resources-rich region managed to declare independence from Russia, though it’s run by the corrupt and greedy, as well as those who use humanely questionable warfare methods.

The alternate plot and setting are quite intriguing especially since there’s so much lore. Without diving deep into spoiler territory, the characters you’ll assassinate are tied to the story. Although most of it is negligible if you want to focus on the gameplay, it’s still something you’d want to pay attention to.


Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts takes you to five semi-open world sandbox regions with five contracts each, totaling 25 missions. Though confined to a single country/region, the areas vary in terms of landscape. Though you’ll see snow in most of them, you’ll get to explore and operate in forests, industrial compounds, and snowy mountains. Due to its semi-open and contract-based approach, there’s a clear progression path.

The best aspect of Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is its sniping mechanics. Sniping is semi-realistic and sublime, considering that you have to account for wind direction and bullet-drop. It takes a while to get used to, especially if you’re trying to take out targets more than 200m away. Thankfully, the game offers an enhanced scope wherein you can see how your bullet will drop while taking wind direction into account. It’s a must to adjust your scope’s range if you wish to hit precise shots. Apart from the great scope mechanic, you’ll also be aided by an augmented reality (or AR) mask which acts as a pair of binoculars and reveals objects you can use in the environment.

Stealth is as important as sniping in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts. However, the system is quite unforgiving to the point that it feels a bit flawed. For example, there was a scenario wherein I took out a soldier and his partner literally three seconds apart. The partner managed to see the whole thing and for some reason, it took him just three seconds to tell his mates via the radio and put the whole camp in alert mode with sirens blazing just a few seconds later.

Unfortunately, this means that a full stealth approach is nearly impossible, requiring you to go in guns blazing. Going loud and using an AK-47 means you’ll need to contend with the rather janky and unrefined gunplay mechanics, deviating you from the best part of the game: the sniping. Fortunately, you’ll have a varied selection of tools and means to kill enemies if you opt to get close while remaining stealthy at the same time. These range from stealthy knife kills, silenced pistols, and poison gas grenades.

As you progress and earn more cash, you’ll be able to unlock more equipment which opens up clear paths for you to plan a different approach. For example, you can use remote sniper turrets or even use explosive bullets. You can also upgrade your mask and suit, enabling you to be more aware of enemies or enhance your stealth capabilities. Moreover, you’ll be able to upgrade and customize your sniper or use better ones.

Apart from sniping targets, there are also a variety of side objectives you need to fulfill. These include hacking computers, planting bombs, and retrieving objects. That aside, it’s also a must to consider that even if you take an enemy from afar, you’ll need to get near them to get an object. There are also optional bounties that dish out rewards. There are also even rival snipers in some missions who are going after your target. In some cases, you’ll need to take your targets out before they do or simply just take them out on your own.

It’s also important to consider that apart from killing your targets and doing required mission objectives, you have to plan your escape. This is why stealth is extremely important. It’s doubly hard to exfiltrate when there’s a whole camp of enemies, as well as search drones, who are out looking for you.

The game is open-ended, offering multiple ways to finish contracts and objectives, offering high replayability. It’s your choice whether you want to take out a target from afar or go close. This makes it a joy to try out contracts in a different way, especially if you have new weapons and upgrades in your arsenal.


In terms of presentation, Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is absolutely fantastic and is definitely an upgrade from its predecessors. The environments are immersive and the regions are well-designed, especially the industrial areas and those with a lot of vertical places. The slow-mo kill/bullet cam is also a nice touch and a joy to watch especially when hitting precise long-range headshots. The voice acting is impeccable, and although the guards speak English instead of Russian, this won’t put a damper on the overall experience.


Though it isn’t without its flaws, Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is an outstanding experience and the game with the best sniping mechanics in the entire industry. Though it doesn’t have the best gunplay and stealth elements, it holds up well. With its high replayability, highly-customizable weapons and equipment, and open-ended contracts, it definitely is a must-play.

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by Mikhail Dec 7, 2019
Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is a stealth first-person shooter by CI Games S.A. where you assassinate targets in the cold and frigid terrain of Siberia. Play as the Seeker and take out your targets and fulfill various mission objectives while dealing with enemy troops and even rival snipers. Slow-mo bullet in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Stealth knife kill in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Using mask binoculars in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Read More
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