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Sniper Elite 4 10 rate Sniper Elite 4 is an action, stealth, third-person shooter where you take out enemy soldiers from afar and disrupt enemy operations. Set in WW2, you will be treated to rustic towns in the Italian coastline while fighting waves of German soldiers. Take part in various battles in different game modes with other players online. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sniper Elite 4 is the fourth installment of the Sniper Elite franchise and is undoubtedly the best. It blends a number of gameplay genres well, having no trouble from being a stealth game to a third-person shooter to being a rather realistic sniper simulator. It has a bit of a learning curve if you’re looking for a challenge, with its rather difficult stealth and shooting mechanics requiring time to get used to.

Like its predecessors, it has the signature x-ray kill cam which provides a satisfyingly morbid point-of-view of your kills and which part of the body you managed to hit. It has all the nooks and crannies of old Sniper Elite games, with larger campaign maps, better AI, and an improved multiplayer experience.

As one of PlayStation Plus free games of the month (alongside Wipeout Omega Collection), is it worth a download? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Sniper Elite 4’s campaign takes place in the Italian front in WW2 and right after the events of Sniper Elite 3. You’ll wear the combat boots of Karl Fairburne, who is tasked to investigate the aftermath of a freighter sank by a new Nazi weapon. Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ll get to interact with a plethora of characters and forge likely alliances with local resistance groups and the mafia.

Apart from the campaign story, you’ll end up learning about the German soldiers you’re somehow tasked to take out. When you tag them long enough with your binoculars, you’ll be able to see a little about their background information. Some are comedic, with a soldier looking for the thief (who happens to be his patrol partner) stealing his chocolates. However, some are just sad, with a couple of soldiers eagerly awaiting the end of the war to go home to their kids and loved ones. All in all, this adds a layer of humanity to them and makes it feel as if you’re killing actual human beings, not computer programs.


Sniper Elite 4’s excels in merging different gameplay elements together. In the campaign mode, the stealth elements feel like you’re playing Metal Gear and when you go loud, it feels like you’re playing a better version of PUBG. Your tasks range from complete destruction to targeted assassinations. For example, you could be tasked to destroy certain objectives while others will ask you to take out high-ranking generals and officers.

Unfortunately, the campaign can be dragging at times and unless if you’re armed with a sniper with a suppressor or suppressed ammo, you’ll be tempted to go loud most of the time. In short, the game feels more entertaining being a one-man army instead of emulating Solid Snake. Its stealth elements just don’t have the same amount of appeal as other stealth titles, though you’ll be treated to a plethora of different ways to kill enemies and finish objectives. Thankfully, the campaign has larger maps with more verticality and the AI is smarter. Moreover, the game’s signature x-ray kill camera has been enhanced and now includes trap and melee kills.

Though the game provides an already outstanding single player experience, it would be best to play it online with randoms or with friends. Apart from the co-op campaign mode, there are both PvP and PvE aspects. In PvP you’ll be treated to the traditional deathmatch and capture the flag modes. The most appealing though is the PvE horde mode called survival, where you’re tasked to battle 12 waves of enemies ranging from regular soldiers to tanks to special forces, across six varied maps. Unfortunately, network issues are common and inspite of having a good internet connection, I suffered from high ping and latency issues.

Sniper Elite 4’s gunplay is excellent, though it leans more on the realistic side instead of focusing more on fun. Depending on the difficulty settings, the way you shoot your sniper rifle varies. If you want realistic bullet physics, you’ll have to contend with elevation and wind. If you want something simplistic, it would be best to go for the less difficult modes. Weapons and snipers are highly-customizable. You can change scope reticles, adjust range compensation, and even apply skins and upgrades if you reach certain levels and objectives. You’ll also gain access to submachine guns (like the MP40 and Tommy Gun), as well as sidearms (like Lugers and revolvers) and other weapons like landmines and other traps.


Sniper Elite 4 has a large player-base today, given that it’s recently for free which makes it easy to find co-op and PvP games. In addition, there are also large swathes of fans on Steam and the Rebellion (its developer) forums.


In terms of presentation, Sniper Elite 4 rivals most of its triple A contemporaries. You’ll be treated to outstanding graphics, textures, and world design. The maps are expansive, and they fully capture the beauty of the war-torn Italian coastline. Moreover, the x-ray kill cam is as epic as always. Although it’s not age-appropriate, it’s rather satisfying to see how your shots land on your targets.


Overall, Sniper Elite 4 is a must-download. It’s well-worth its $60 price tag and it’s a boon to have it for free if you’re a PS Plus user. It provides an outstanding and unique stealth and third-person shooter experience you won’t get in any other game.

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New Game Added: Sniper Elite 4

by Mikhail Aug 24, 2019
Sniper Elite 4 is an action, stealth, third-person shooter where you take out enemy soldiers from afar and disrupt enemy operations. Set in WW2, you will be treated to rustic towns in the Italian coastline while fighting waves of German soldiers. Take part in various battles in different game modes with other players online. Using a scope in Sniper Elite 4 Shooting an explosive barrel in Sniper Elite 4 Italian village in Sniper Elite 4 Read More
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