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Smite 10 rate In Smite you get to wield the power of the gods themselves. Choose a pantheon and champion to represent you in a gorgeous and powerful MOBA game. Pick one of 60+ different characters and bring death to your hated enemies. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Can’t get enough of MMOs and MOBAs? Well then, you’ll definitely enjoy SMITE – the unique MOBA that is played like it’s an RPG! This game features a whole new MOBA gameplay from a third person view with an entire host of mythological god-themed characters that you can choose from! The combat system is as great to play and similar to TERA’s combat mechanism. Furthermore, the experience points and gold earned are shared among players in the vicinity, and the game provides an auto-purchase option for the list of recommended items, making it rather newbie-friendly.

There is also a god rank system which allows you to unlock god skins if you’re played a certain god for quite a number of times. You can get other cosmetics by spending in-game gold as well! Smite even showcases a variety of game modes, including some sillier ones like bearded mode, in which only bearded gods can be used. So, head on over SMITE to enjoy its entertaining matches now! Who knows? You may like it so much that you will decide to stay!


Being a beginner, you will start off with the basic novice or solo practice 5-vs-5 MOBA matches first before you can enter into the ‘all players’ matchmaking pool to play normal matches. This is a great move as the game forces you to train your skills up for bit, up to level 6, before facing more challenging opponents. Besides the normal conquest mode MOBA matches, SMITE currently contains quite a variety of other game modes, such as the 5-vs-5 gladiatorial-ring-like arena, “all random all mid” mode, joust, as well as some sillier match of the day modes like the bearded mode, in which only bearded gods can be used. If you don’t want to play with players from your region, you could also select the region mode and select the region you want to play in!

Furthermore, SMITE has a similar game design that you can find in your average MOBA – the three-lane maps and the same tower-pushing gameplay, for instance, but it stands out from all of the rest by providing a very special third person view and RPG controls to its players! Thus, unlike the usual click-and-move, you’ll be using WASD instead! The third person view is absolutely awesome as well! It does somewhat limit you view of the map since you cannot detach the camera from your god to survey the map. However, it provides a very distinctive perspective. This is particularly evident when you use the ultimate skill of the god, Thor, called the Anvil of Dawn. The ultimate will launch your god high up into the air before crashing down with thunderous fury upon your opponents.

For combat, you’ll find it a tad bit difficult to pick up unless you had some experience playing in TERA. As opposed to clicking to target your enemy, you will actually have to aim your god skill at the enemy. It’s also interesting to note that SMITE has an excellent line-of-sight in place. This means that if you keep your god behind creeps, your opponents will not be able to hit you (except, of course, they used a skill that can circumvent this).

That being said, SMITE is also a very newbie-friendly game. Players in this game will get experience points and gold shared from their allies from kills in the vicinity. Moreover, it provides a pretty good automated item-purchase as well as skill-leveling (you can untoggle it if you prefer to do it manually) to help new players remember to buy the recommended items once they have enough money and to level their god skills while playing. Items in this game cannot be combined to form better items like in DotA 2 or LoL. Instead, you can upgrade them with more gold.

In addition, there are also some special items that will grant your god special active abilities. For example, there’s an item in the shop called creeping curse that will allow you to have a new ability to slow down enemy gods or creeps for a nice 20%. These items are certainly not consumables as you can reuse the item’s ability after its cooldown is up. Thus, this kind of items is very good investment of your gold if you can get them as earlier as you can in the game. However, the game does not provide you with the option to get a courier to deliver the items that you want to buy from the shop. This also means that your god will need to be physically near to the shop in order to browse and buy items.

For skills, it’s pretty straightforward. Every level up will reward you with 1 skill point which you can then place to learn a new skill or to upgrade an existing one. Each god has 3 skills and 1 ultimate skill. Unlike LoL whereby you’ll only get your ultimate at level 6, in SMITE, you can learn your god’s ultimate at level 5! It’s just a little bit earlier, but it does make the match heat up faster.

SMITE also offers up to 63 uniquely different gods, based on mythology across numerous ancient civilizations and religion, for you to choose from. If you’re a free-to-play player though, you’ll get to enjoy a list of 10 free gods to play with. The 10 gods will be rotated on a monthly basis, allowing free-to-play players to experience all the gods available within approximately 6 months. If you enjoy playing a particular god and would like to have access to it permanently, you can buy the god, as well as any other gods that caught your fancy, using in-game money at a satisfying rate.

In fact, playing a god repeatedly can be very beneficial. Not only can you increase your skills, you can even unlock awesome skins for your god via the god rank system. In other words, you’ll be able to show off your flashy new god skin in the game while showing how badass a player you are!

In terms of the map, SMITE even added a couple of twists to it. The maps contain 3-lanes and each lane is lined with defensive towers. At the end of each lane, there is the phoenix-shaped inhibitor tower. After the inhibitor towers, you’ll then reach the nexus, which is the objective of your game. Nexus is not merely ‘another structure’ that your team will have to destroy in SMITE. Instead, the nexus is actually a boss-like NPC that will spring to life in style when under attack to engage the enemy. Taking a nexus on would probably feel like trying to kill the world boss Doomwalker in World of Warcraft while players from the opposing faction are harassing your team for the entire duration! There are even ‘mini-bosses’ in the jungles that when killed will award your team with some powerful bonuses as well!

When you die in the game, you can enjoy the spectator mode or if you prefer, you could also spend some gold to buy back and get right back into action like in DotA 2. However, the buyback option is not always available and it depends mainly on how the game is currently progressing. One more thing – you don’t lose gold when you die too!


As SMITE became a MOBA to be reckoned with, its player base rose alongside with it. Currently, it has around 1.3 million likes on its Facebook fan page and has reportedly claimed 4 million players since its launch last year. In addition, the SMITE community is so huge that you can find them anywhere on the internet (okay, that’s just some exaggeration). There’s a dedicated SMITE forum, SMITE community Twitch channel, community tournaments, a SMITE sub-reddit on Reddit and it even has its own SMITE community magazine! The meteoric rise of SMITE is staggering, so why not jump in with the masses now and be a part of the rapidly expanding SMITE community?

Graphics/ Sound

SMITE provides highly polished 3D graphics with impressively detailed god models and skins. The environments for each of the maps are very well-designed and it’s awesome how the game made the jungles on the map so mysterious-looking and foreboding! The game does not provide background music, but it has sound effects aplenty! The game also offers a voice-guided system that allows you to select character-voiced phrases to warn your team about dangers and which lane to push or defend.


In a nutshell, SMITE is one of the most unique MOBA around on the internet. It combines third person RPG elements to the MOBA gameplay, giving the genre a huge and very interesting revamp. The game also offers up to 63 different gods (instead of heroes) from popular myths and legends that you can control in matches. Its RPG-like combat system is very unique as well in the MOBA genre and may require some skills to master. The game is even friendly to players new to MOBA due to having shared experience and gold for team members who are within close range of each other and automated shop item purchasing and skill leveling. The large variety of fun game modes in SMITE, particularly its mode of the day, is among the long list of reasons why this game is such a huge success! If you truly want to experience a unique MOBA, SMITE is definitely the game you’ve been searching for! Play it now!

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In Smite you get to wield the power of the gods themselves. Choose a pantheon and champion to represent you in a gorgeous and powerful MOBA game. Pick one of 60+ different characters and bring death to your hated enemies. Smite Gods Fenrir in Smite Combat in Smite Read More
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