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by Aethyna
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Slaycation Paradise 10 rate Slaycation Paradise is an insane twin-stick shooter set in a dystopian future where humanity is advanced enough to tap into the multiverse, allowing them unprecedented access to various worlds and otherworldly technologies... and naturally, turning this into a sector in the tourism industry. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Slaycation Paradise is an insane twin-stick shooter that’s set in a dystopian future where humanity is advanced enough to tap into the multiverse, allowing them unprecedented access to various worlds and otherworldly technologies. In fact, they have turned this into a new sector in the tourism industry, giving their tourists the chance to cause utter mayhem on dying worlds that are doomed anyway. The tourists also have access to a fabricator device, allowing them to build a myriad of turrets and defensive structures. So, take a vacation at Slaycation Paradise and have the time of your life letting out all that pent-up rage!


In this game, you play as one of the tourists, the “dad” of a family of four. Due to a glitch which delayed your orientation, your impatient family members have already gone off on their respective Tours. However, you’ll soon be able to dive into the many worlds on offer and cause utter mayhem. Each world has multiple sightseeing points-of-interests (POIs) that you can find and interact with to collect a stamp on your stamp card. You can usually glean some story snippets about the world you’re on from these POIs.

As you play, you’ll be able to chat with a variety of characters at the hotel, and learn more about tehri respective stories. Some of them may even give you special missions to go on, each of them with very specific requirements.


With simple controls that anyone can grasp easily, Slaycation Paradise is a fairly easy game to get into, especially if you’re already familiar with twin-stick shooters in general. The game also has a dodge button – it’s the Shift key if you’re playing on keyboard and mouse – that can give you temporary invulnerability, but there’s a cooldown so you can’t just constantly spam it just to get yourself out of tricky situations. You can also play using the controllers, which is usually the best way to experience these games.

One of the more interesting highlights about this game is that it’s no mere twin-stick shooter. The game has a tower defense element, giving you the ability to fabricate and construct a variety of turrets and defenses to help you secure certain locations like the portal you need to use to get out of the place.

Naturally, you can’t just magic the stuff out of thin air – you’ll need to scavenge nearby items for scraps that you can use. You can also unlock new defensive tools by collecting their respective blueprints, which drop randomly from slain enemies, and spending enough points at the Stash ‘n’ Dash shop, which functions as a vendor in this game for you to sell off any loot you don’t need, unlock new items via blueprints

Every world you head to in this game has fun sightseeing points-of-interests (POIs) that you try to find and interact with to obtain a little insight into the world you’re on. These locations, when found, will also earn you a stamp on your stamp card. Once you hit a milestone in the number of stamps you get in total, you can redeem a prize at the resort.

Slaycation Paradise has plenty of worlds for you to experience, each with a range of missions that you can take on, just to make things a lot more fun and interesting. Each mission comes with a level indicator, letting you know the level of enemies you’ll be facing so you can get your weapons up to par before diving in.

Each mission has their objectives clearly listed, from getting you to scavenge for lost technologies or finding the portal, to simply killing an X number of enemies using a specific kind of weapon. Each mission will also indicate how many hordes you’ll need to face, but this is simply a minimum number since you can easily trigger another horde rush if you, for instance, triggered an alarm by opening a secured door.

As you build up some amount of fame as a great Slaycation Paradise tourist, the other more eccentric tourists at the resort – if you could call it that – will talk to you and give you special missions to go on. These missions usually have very specific criteria and can sometimes be more challenging than your typical missions.

As a twin-stick shooter, the weapon you use is of utmost importance here. Thankfully, the game offers a plethora of them for you to choose from and test out in the field. The weapons aren’t restricted to the typical projectiles-based ones either. There are some crazy ones like wizard wand and horse dong that is just downright fun to use. You can even shoot explosive cats out of a launcher! Most weapons can be obtained as drops from slain enemies but you can also “craft” one by unlocking its blueprint. Understandably, this is a one-off thing.

You can bring up to 3 different weapons to battle, a ranged weapon, a special weapon and a melee weapon, allowing you to easily switch between them as you rain down destruction on your enemies. However, there’s no way to swap a currently equipped weapon on the fly – you can only do so at the Stash ‘n’ Dash store. That being said, if your inventory is full, the game will let you swap your equipped weapon for whatever weapon that has just dropped, though personally, I’d recommend doing against that mainly because you won’t know what kind of stats or level that weapon has, even if you’re using a “greenie” and the dropped one is a deiform.

Each weapon in this game also comes with a range of quality or grade levels, with the Deiform quality being the best of the best. Higher quality weapons not only have better stats; they also have more socket slots for powerful modules, ranging from adding a chance of instantly killing an enemy or having a chance to stunning the enemy for a brief time.

However, unlike most loot-based games, Slaycation Paradise knows the feeling of being attached to a weapon early on. That’s why the game gives the player the option to upgrade their favorite weapons at the Stash ‘n’ Dash shop for a bunch of points, whether by quality or by level. Modules themselves can also be upgraded to higher tiers simply by having 3 of the same tier and type of modules.

Personally, I think the wizard wand is probably the best weapon there is in this game! Unlike other weapons where you have a limited clip of ammo and will have to reload fairly regularly, the wand has no clip and can shoot out bolts of magic in an almost constant stream, much like a minigun would have it have a clip with unlimited ammo. Besides having pretty high damage (comparatively), these are homing magical bolts too! Trust me, once you’ve got a good wand in this game, you wouldn’t want to use any other weapons… well, unless it’s for fun!

Progression in Slaycation Paradise isn’t limited to the level and quality of the weapons you wield or the modules you equip either. The game has a benefits board where you can purchase a variety of helpful perks (usually passive ones) and even some new active abilities such as the ability to repair damaged turrets using the points you’ve earned from completing missions. Unlocking ranked higher tickets will also unlock new worlds for you to visit, in addition to a new column of perks to buy.

Considering how important points are in this game for progression, know that you can earn more points by getting to some of the unspoken side missions like defeating a boss (or two) and well, not dying. Slaying more enemies will also earn you more points since every defeated enemy will drop some.

Talking about bosses, as an avid Diablo player, I noticed the similarity in terms of the bosses here in Slaycation Paradise and in Diablo. You see, every boss in this game has a special nameplate with all their special attributes listed beneath. The bosses here mostly look like your generic enemy, except that they have those special abilities, whether having the ability to summon more enemies or having regenerative powers.

There’s also the Disco Mime which spawns frequently enough in my runs that drop a lot of loot when slain. However, this mime is able to attract the attention of nearby enemies so despite not having summoning powers, it can be quite challenging to defeat if there are many enemies around. Needless to say, the game does provide a nice variety of enemies to keep each world fun and distinct, throwing in the bosses and the mime to spice things up now and then.

Graphics/ Sound

Slaycation Paradise spare no expense at making their game as immersive and gorgeous as possible. The visuals look incredible here, offering plenty of beautiful, scenic worlds for you to explore…well, in their respective apocalyptic way. The game also features a variety of music, from the hardcore rock ‘n roll music of Terra Feralis to a much chiller music, albeit with sinister undertones, of Metro Mexiciana, to match the different locations, be it at the resort or in the depths of Hell.


Without a doubt, Slaycation Paradise is the most fun I’ve had while playing a twin-stick shooter. The humor may sometimes be a bit crude, but it’s funny and spot-on – a Dutch-version of America? Hilarious! Progression is incredibly rewarding and satisfying, and the variety of loot is just impressive. Plus, if you love sightseeing (ahem, I meant achievements), there are plenty of stuff to look-see in this game, allowing you to glean a better understanding of the insane worlds you’re playing in. This is definitely one game you don’t want to miss if you love having a huge dollop of funny in your gaming diet and that you love playing twin-stick shooters.

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