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Sheltered 2 9 rate Sheltered 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic-themed colony management game where you play as the leader of a group of survivors. With rival factions and other real dangers out there, will you and your people be able to survive? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sheltered 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic-themed colony management game where you play as the leader of a group of survivors. In this game, not only will you have to take care of your people’s needs, you’ll also need to venture out to the devastated world to scavenge for resources and forge alliances, or even rivalries, with neighboring factions. Will you and your people be able to survive?


Sheltered 2 doesn’t has a storyline per se, but you’re free to set one up for yourself if you want. From what could be seen in the game, it’s very likely that a nuclear war had occurred and now, whoever’s left are banding together and just trying survive to the next day.


Before you start, you’ll need to first create your own faction and the character who will be leading said faction. You can even customize your two first survivors who are part of your newly-formed faction.

Appearances aside, the game also lets you customize each character’s traits and stats, which are super important if you already have in mind which “specialization” you want the characters to go into. P/S: Having someone who’s a pro at crafting would be great since the objects you craft will end up with slightly higher durability and requires fewer repairs.

Even if you haven’t played the first Sheltered game before, the game comes with a nifty tutorial that perfectly explains the basics while the game will pop up the instructions for the other features when you need to use them.

As the leader of your fallout shelter, you’ll need to make sure your survivors have everything they need to… well, survive! This means food, water, and of course unless you want your survivors to end up being unhappy and prone to diseases… proper hygiene. Thankfully, there are many “objects” that you can build and use to keep your people happy, whether it is the planter where you can grow vegetables, the stove so you could cook more filling meals, water collector to gather drinkable water from the rain, and the oxygen purifier, lest your survivors suffocate and die.

The game also allows your survivors to form relationships with each other. Good relationships will grant them bonuses when they are working together as a team, while bad relationships will result in a penalty. However, unlike Fallout Shelter, you can’t make your characters “get together” and make babies for your colony. Considering how ruthless some of the other survivors can be, it’s likely for the best.

You’ll start off with a fairly well-stocked shelter (but this depends on the difficulty you chose for your game) and as you play, you’ll need to start looking elsewhere for the resources you need. This is where expeditions come in!

In Sheltered 2, you can send your survivors out on expeditions, provided you have enough travel rations crafted. At the beginning, you can only see the area within your immediate vicinity, but as you explore, you’ll reveal more areas by pushing back the fog of war and hence, uncover possible points of interests or POIs to visit. Note that you can only scavenge at POIs but you can encounter various other enemies while roaming the map.

There are other factions out there besides yours as well, and they can be very territorial. Luckily, diplomacy isn’t dead yet even after a nuclear war has almost wiped out humanity and it is possible for you to complete jobs for them in exchange for accumulating favors. You may even get to eventually forge alliances with other factions. You can also go the other way around too, but it’s probably not wise to be making too many enemies, lest your shelter gets raided more often than you’d like.

From time to time, a trader may drop by your shelter to trade too. However, I’m a bit disappointed to find that I can’t attempt to undercut the trader in my trades. Either you make sure you sell him/her items of equal value in total, or you’ll just have to take a loss.

Crafting is a major part of the gameplay here, similar to the original title. Crafting is split into different tiers with items of higher tiers being the better versions of the previous tier. Of course, there will be new stuff introduced once a new tier is unlocked as well.

To unlock a new tier, all you need to do is to complete the associated faction goal. Some goals are easy enough to complete but you can definitely expect things to become increasingly more difficult as you reach higher tiers.

I’d also like to point out that the positioning of the objects you build in your shelter isn’t too important, mainly because you can easily move them about when you want to reorganize your shelter and add in proper rooms and such.

Combat is still turn-based in this sequel, but it feels a bit more polished. There’s a Fallout feel to it since you can choose which body part (of your enemy) to target. Plus, if you have a holding cell built, you can even haul your defeated, but not killed, opponent back to your shelter as a hostage. There are more skills per character that you can use too.

Now, as much fun as I had, there are some changes to the sequel which felt like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. For starters, map movement wasn’t as restrictive as before and you can actually travel to areas that are covered by the fog of war. Now, you have to go close enough to the fog of war to push it back before you can move another step forwards. It can be frustrating, to say the least.

I absolutely adored having pets in the original, or in any game really, and Sheltered 2 removed that feature for some reason. It’s a real downer.

Personally, I have not encountered any bugs in my playthrough so far, but players have been reporting issues here and there. I’m guessing the devs would likely be actively stomping the bugs out within the first few weeks of launch.


Sheltered has a community of avid fans and it seems like this sequel has them split into two groups – the ones who love the sequel and the ones who don’t. If you fancy pitching in, you can always do so by visiting the game’s Steam discussion page. The game itself is a single-player game, however, so there’s no multiplayer feature here.

Graphics/ Sound

For one, I’m a fan of the new and improved 3D graphics here. It’s one of the best upgrades from the original title, although the visuals from the original aren’t too shabby either. The music fits the game too. It carries with it a hint of forlorn and is slow enough to be relaxing to listen to.


All in all, Sheltered 2 is a pretty good sequel to what was a popular title and is mostly a step-up from the original. It’s likely the game won’t change any of its gameplay design but the devs are definitely actively stomping out all the bugs that are causing some of the issues highlighted by other players. Considering the replayable nature of the game, the price tag is very worthwhile as well.

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Sheltered 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic-themed colony management game where you play as the leader of a group of survivors. With rival factions and other real dangers out there, will you and your people be able to survive? Sheltered 2: Expedition Characters arguing in Sheltered 2 Sheltered 2: New compound Read More

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