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Shakes & Fidget 9 rate For a fun, tongue in cheek game look no further than Shakes & Fidget. Choose your character and then adventure through a land full of fun quests, monsters and loot. Pick up jobs at the tavern, earn coin as a guard and battle in the arena for fame and glory. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There is no real large plotline in Shakes & Fidget, rather you are an adventurer in a town full of the strange and needy with quests for you to complete. Each one is a story of its own, taking you to different locations all over the world. Despite the lack of major plotline, there is a lot of fun to be had here, with quite a few in jokes and references to gaming and popular culture.


Shakes & Fidget is a simple browser game, with easy controls and fun graphics, at first glance there does not seem to be much here, but when you start to play you will see that there are lots of quests, and some really nice fun features that make the game enjoyable to play. You begin by choosing your class, from Scout, Wizard or Fighter, each class uses a different main statistic and this determines how good in battle they are.

After you have a class you can choose your gender and race, these do not have any impact on the game other than how you look, but there are lots of fun combinations that you can use to personalize your character with. Your look is then used in your profile when other people view you so choose your avatar carefully.

When all of that is done, you can then explore the town one of the first places for you to visit is the Tavern, here you will find someone waiting to give you a quest. Quests is how you can earn experience and rewards such as money or items. Each person has 3 quests, and you can pick one of them to go and do. Each quest has a different time, experience and gold reward. Occasionally you will also get an item. Picking the best quest for you can be important, if you are low on money take a high value one, if you want experience take the one with the most experience.

Each quest will take a certain amount of time, once the time is up you will then see if you completed it, or if there was a fight that you win or lose. If you win you will gain the rewards for the quest but if you lose you won’t gain anything. Each quest that you complete will use up some of your Thirst for Adventure, you begin each day with 100, and the quests will cost you a small amount each time you go on one. You can also regain some by drinking in the tavern when you are low on your Thirst, the irony there is typical of Shakes & Fidget.

When you have some hard earned coins to spend there are a few places you can go, there is a weapon shop that has items for you to use as armour or a weapon to increase your chance in battles. There are 6 items available, and as you buy them they are replaced. However the items will remain the same for that day, so if there are things you don’t may not want to buy them. You can spend a mushroom to change all of the items in the store. The magic store works in the same way, but sells potions and non armour items.

There are also mounts available from the stable, these can be hired for a few days, and they will reduce the amount of time it takes you to travel to and from missions, each mount reduces the time by a different percentage, but they can really make a difference especially at the later levels when missions take a while.

Lastly you have the arena where you can battle other players for honour and glory. You get to preview your opponent before you fight, and you can choose to back out too. Each fight you win rewards you both gold and honour points, but if you lose a fight you also lose a few coins too, so choose wisely. There is also a hall of fame where you can see how you rank up, and who the top players are.

There are also dungeons and raids that you can unlock and take part in too, these are opened by keys and can be both very rewarding but also a bit challenging too. The raids you can take part in when you are in a guild, you can join an existing one or form your own when you have a few coins spare to spend. As you would expect the rewards for dungeons and raids are much stronger than those for normal quests.

You can also complete achievements, these are shown on your character page, and they tell you what you have completed, and what the next level is. The really cool thing about these is that that also can give you bonuses to your statistics. The higher the rank the more free points you have. They also add 1 or more to all of your numbers, which can be really strong at the later levels.

Shakes & Fidget is a really fun place to be, though it is pretty simple in how it plays, what makes it brilliant is the way it approaches things. There is a lot of humour, in the quests, what the npc’s say and the quests themselves. Their is a great feeling when you play and often the things you come across will make you laugh out loud. This attitude is really refreshing and makes the game continue to be fun for a long time.


There are quite a lot of people that play Shakes & Fidget, all over the world. The game is currently sent out in 20 different languages, and this has led to a huge player base. There are also lots of different servers available, and they are almost always full of players. You can also join or create a guild, and take part in events with you guild. There are also special weekend events held by the developers with unique challenges and fun games thrown in for extra experience and where you can meet new people.


Shakes & Fidget has a very cartoonish feel to it, but one that is deliberately funny, it does not take itself too seriously and that shows in the way the characters are drawn. Yet at the same time there is a compelling desire to carry on playing the game, to see what anecdote comes next, or what the next battle is going to be against.

While there are no flashy 3D animations and lots of smooth running over beautiful countryside, the very lack of that makes this browser game stand out. It is very unique and quite refreshing to play something with this style. There is not much to say in the way of sounds, you are notified when your quest is complete and there are battle sounds, but there is no character voicing or music.


With such a unique feeling to it Shakes & Fidget draws you into it, when really you may not understand why. The gameplay is simple, yet addictive and its casual nature just sits really well with the humorous designs and quests. It is easy to see why so many people play and love this game especially when you get to see some of the nice little details they have added. Well worth the time to explore Shakes & Fidget is brilliant fun.

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For a fun, tongue in cheek game look no further than Shakes & Fidget. Choose your character and then adventure through a land full of fun quests, monsters and loot. Pick up jobs at the tavern, earn coin as a guard and battle in the arena for fame and glory. Shakes & Fidget Treasure Hunting Over There in Shakes & Fidget Shakes & Fidget Post Office Read More
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